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The Mother of All Terpenes – Mercene

Often called “the mother of all terpenes,” Myrcene makes up over 20% of the terpene profiles in many cannabis and hemp strains. This peppery, spicey terpene is responsible for offering a woodsy, clove-like flavor to cannabis and hemp strains. If you catch the taste of musky ripe mango or juicy guava, you are likely enjoying a strain with high myrcene levels.


Myrcene is named after a medicinal shrub native to Brazil called Myrcia Sphaerocarpa. However, many other plants and foods contain myrcene, which can give us some insight into its medicinal or therapeutic potential. Other plants with myrcene include thyme, lemongrass, hops, and clove. These herbs are traditionally used to help with sleep support and immune-boosting. Additionally, it is found in mangos and guavas, which can account for the tropical flavor notes that can be found in some cannabis and hemp strains.


While comprehensive studies on myrcene’s effects on humans are limited, some animal studies have explored its potential qualities. Some findings suggest that, in high doses, myrcene might have properties that promote relaxation. There’s also interest in myrcene’s potential role in supporting the body’s natural mechanisms. It’s important to note that research is ongoing, and more studies are needed to confirm these findings. Additionally, some studies have looked into myrcene’s interaction with certain compounds in foods, but further research is essential to understand its full implications.


While it isn’t true across the board entirely, it is noticeable that many Indica strains have high levels of myrcenes compared with Sativas. So, is myrcene responsible for the classic “couch-lock” we associate with Indica strains? Hopefully, the increasing interest in terpenes will inspire more research to answer this important question.

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