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Powerful Minor Terpene Profile

A lesser known but extremely powerful terpene, Camphene occurs naturally in many strains of the cannabis plant. Named for its high concentration in the camphor tree, Camphene is commonly found ginger, nutmeg, and many conifers such as the Douglas firs many people use as Christmas trees.

 Camphene Terpene molecule structure

Camphene is best known for its powerful smell, which is often described as mossy, damp, or piney. It is a common part of many perfumes, natural flavorings, and essential oils like cypress. Historically, Camphene was used as a substitute fuel for whale oil lamps in the 1800s until a less-flammable substance called kerosene took over the market.


Today, Camphene is a common component of citronella oil, which is used as a mosquito repellent. It is also regularly added to luxury skincare products. It is also regularly a part of natural or herbal remedies that tout health-boosting powers.


In cannabis plants, Camphene is known as a minor terpene. It is found in numerous strains, but in relatively small quantities. The best way to identify Camphene in cannabis is to search for hybrid strains that have a high amount of Kush genes, contain a THC level of 20%, and emit a smell of damp woodiness. Some common strains that have decent amounts of Camphene include Kush varietals, White Widow, and some Diesel varietals.

Delta 8 Flower Strains with Camphene Available at The Hemp Haus

Bubba Kush Northern Lights
OG Kush Pineapple OG
Headband Strain Super Lemon Haze
White Widow with CBG Moon Rocks
Cookies Strain Biscotti Strain
Mendo Breath Incredible Hulk Strain
Space Cake Skywalker OG
Cheese Strain Cherry Cheesecake Strain
Gouda Strain Diesel Strain

Delta 8 Pre-rolled Joints

Sour Diesel Biscotti Strain - Indica Dominant Hybrid
Cherry Cheesecake pre-rolls GSC Cookies Strain
Headband - Indica dominant strain White Widow CBG - Sativa Pre Rolls
Space Cake Indica Hybrid Mendo Breath D8 Pre-Rolls
Bubba Kush D8 Pre Rolls Gouda Pre-Rolls

HHC Flower Strains

Sour Diesel HHC Flower
Northern Lights HHC Flower
Super Lemon Haze HHC Flower

Delta 8 Concentrates

Strawberry Cough

Sour Tangie
Mango Kush Lemon Haze
Gelato #33 OG Kush
Slurricane GSC Cookies
Purple Punch

CBG Flower

Jack Frost
White Widow

CBN Flower

Northern Lights CBN flower
White Widow CBN flower

CBD Flower & Prerolls

Joe Exotic
Pineapple Haze
Hawaiian Haze
Suver Haze

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