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Elevate Your Experience with Delta 10 Flower

Unveil the power of Delta 10 Flower, a groundbreaking addition to the cannabis market that promises an unparalleled experience. Our collection at The Hemp Haus spans a variety of strains, each offering its own unique profile of effects, from serene relaxation to invigorating euphoria. Whether you’re seeking to enhance creativity, unwind after a long day, or simply explore the nuanced world of cannabis, our Delta 10 Flower selection has something for everyone. Explore our range today and find your perfect match for a truly elevated experience.

Delta 10 Flower


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Discover the Unique Euphoria of Delta 10 Flower

Delta 10 flower is the latest sensation in the world of cannabis, offering a unique and refined experience for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. At The Hemp Haus, we’re proud to introduce our carefully curated selection of Delta 10 strains, each designed to provide a distinct euphoria, relaxation, and creativity boost. Dive into our diverse range, from the calming effects of Skywalker OG to the uplifting vibes of Bubba Kush, and discover the perfect strain to elevate your well-being.

Buy Skywalker OG Delta 10 Flower Online

A long time ago, in a dispensary far, far away, a cannabis enthusiast came across an indica dominant hybrid that offered such a relaxing and euphoric high that it made them feel as though they were strolling through the clouds.

This potent strain’s name, Skywalker OG, is an homage to not only that feeling but to one of the best possible film trilogies to watch while locked into the couch with your head in another world.

Much like that film trilogy, Skywalker OG has now been reinvented for a modern audience in the form of this Delta 10 flower from The Hemp Haus, and you can enjoy it totally legally. This is the bud you are looking for!

The Skywalker OG Strain

This strain is the Delta 10 version of the famed Skywalker OG cannabis strain, which is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush. The original strain is tremendously popular due to its high potency and its euphoric effects.

You’ll find that our Delta 10 strain offers much of the same, only you don’t need to be in a state where recreational cannabis is legal in order to enjoy it.

The original Skywalker strain, which is the father of Skywalker OG, is a perfect 50/50 hybrid that is fairly common in west coast dispensaries. It’s actually quite mellow in terms of potency when compared to the Skywalker OG strain.

OG Kush is a massively popular cannabis strain of mysterious origins that offers high potency as well as a few different medical benefits. It’s a hybrid strain that’s very slightly sativa dominant, with a ratio of 55/45 sativa to indica.

While Skywalker OG received its laundry list of potential medical benefits from the Skywalker strain, it earned its super strength from OG Kush. It clocks in somewhere around 20% to 26% THC and offers an uplifting and cerebral high that will have you feeling sociable and eager to converse.


Just taking a quick glance at the Skywalker OG Delta 10 strain should immediately tip you off to its potency. Big luscious buds offer a range of greens that make them reminiscent of the forest moon of Endor. Bright red hairs are generously interspersed throughout, and it’s topped off with a coating of icy trichomes.

Aromas and Flavors

Take in some of the pungent aromas that this Delta 10 strain has to offer, and you’ll know right away that the force is quite strong with it.

The bouquet is an eclectic one, with dashes of citrus, earthy spice, diesel, sweet fruit, and pine. Break up a bud and pack it into your piece of choice, then light it up for a smooth and flavorful hit with a soft piney aftertaste.


This Delta 10 strain is an 85/15 indica dominant hybrid, meaning you can expect a super relaxing, euphoric body high that makes you feel like you’re kicking back on a cloud hammock.

You’ll be feeling quite lazy (in a good way!), and you’re likely to be couch-locked and ready for some imaginative entertainment to sweep you away into another world. It also offers a host of potential medical benefits.

Skywalker Og Terpene Profile Includes:


What Does the OG in Skywalker OG Mean?

If you’re even casually interested in cannabis culture, you’ve likely heard others use the term “OG” countless times before when describing strain names.

It’s incredibly common that a type of cannabis will have a moniker that includes those two letters, and while it is known that the original “OG” strain was OG Kush, there’s actually no real agreement upon what that OG stands for.

Various theories exist about the real meaning of “OG,” but there isn’t necessarily a definitive answer. Some believe it means the same thing it does in hip hop culture, which is “Original Gangsta,” a term coined by weed-loving California rap group Cypress Hill.

Others believe it’s a reference to, a popular weed cultivation website that was highly popular in the early 2000s. Then there are some who believe the term is connected to a NorCal pot grower named Kush Dawg and that it actually means “Ocean Grown.”

Regardless of where the term “OG” comes from, it’s generally agreed upon that OG Kush was the original strain to bear the mysterious acronym. Because Skywalker OG is a hybrid strain that is 50% OG Kush, it inherited the OG name, and so the mystery carries on.

What Is Delta 10 THC?

We know, we know. You just got a grasp on the whole Delta 8 THC thing, and now you’re being hit with a whole new cannabinoid to try to understand. Well, not to worry, The Hemp Haus is here to help you get the hang of things.

Much like Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is actually present in both the hemp and cannabis plants, only in very small amounts. Such small amounts that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy its effects by simply smoking either plant. It must first be isolated and concentrated.

Prior to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it wasn’t legally possible to create Delta 10 isolate, which could then be turned into Delta 10 flower strains like our Skywalker OG, but now that hemp production is federally legal in the United States, all kinds of hemp-derived Delta 10 products have begun to pop up across the country.

What’s the Difference Between Delta 8 and Delta 10?

Delta 8 and Delta 10 are quite similar to one another chemically. They’re variations of the same cannabinoid, but there is a difference between them, and that difference is most notable in the effects that they provide.

You will feel a sense of euphoria from both cannabinoids, but Delta 8 is said to lean more towards the relaxed and laid-back indica side, while Delta 10 is said to be more in the energized and uplifted sativa camp.

Delta 10 usually comes in a blend with Delta 8 to encourage the entourage effect, as each chemical targets a different part of the brain.

Will Delta 10 Get Me High?

Yes, Delta 10 THC will absolutely get you high. It’s psychoactive, just like Delta 8 and the primary high-providing compound in cannabis, Delta 9 THC. The biggest difference between Delta 10 and Delta 9 is that Delta 10 is not as strong, which is actually a great thing if you’re new to psychoactive cannabinoids.

You can expect a powerful sense of calm and a euphoric glow from Delta 10 THC, and you can also anticipate a shifting of your perception. There are multiple other effects that Delta 10 can provide, but those can vary depending on strain and dosage.

Is Delta 10 Legal?

It may seem hard to believe, considering the long and arduous battle towards federal legalization that cannabis continues to endure, but delta 10 is, in fact, federally legal and legal in most states.

This legality exists because it’s derived from the hemp plant, and cultivating hemp in the United States was made federally legal with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Now, there are certain states in which Delta 10 is considered illegal and others in which there are ongoing conversations among lawmakers concerning the cannabinoid’s legal future, so it’s important to stay on top of your state’s particular legal stance on delta 10.

Laws are subject to change, and you don’t want to get yourself in any unnecessary trouble by assuming you’re in the clear with your cannabinoid exploits.

Bubba Kush Delta 10 Flower

Bubba Kush Delta 10 flower is built for those who desire a tranquil, relaxing experience.

Easily identified by a fierce aroma of citrus, chocolate, and coffee, the only thing stronger than the smell of Bubba Kush Delta 10 flower is the intensely calming experience it delivers.

The high from this flower inspires happy feelings and serene sensations. It’s the cannabis equivalent of a warm bubble bath on a Friday evening after a long week of work.

If you’re searching for a supreme body high with a slightly cerebral edge that lasts for hours, Bubba Kush or BK is the strain for you. The feelings begin at the base of the neck, then radiate through the spine and into the extremities, fueling a deep-seated relaxation.

Inhaling BK brings a rush of sweet and sugary flavor. Users with a sharp palette will notice hints of spice and chocolate on the exhale.

Our Delta 10 varietal is grown with strict organic farming practices. Each batch of flowers is produced in light-assisted greenhouses and without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Delta 10 THC itself is applied to the cannabis flower through a solvent-free glazing method that bonds the molecules with the herb.


What Strain is Bubba Kush?

Bubba Kush is a hybrid strain of Delta 10 THC flower with a mysterious past.

If it’s not obvious from its physical effects, genetic testing confirms that BK is 80% indica and 20% sativa. But despite the popularity the strain has earned since it debuted on the scene in the mid-1990s, its parentage is partially unknown.

Expert breeders agree that Bubba Kush is the product of a cross between OG Kush and an unknown plant. Some speculate the other parent is likely an Afghani strain, judging by the effects and bud structure of BK.

What is clear, however, is that Bubba Kush’s popularity has remained intact for 25 years, thanks to its unique smell and knockout effects.

Bubba Kush Terpene Profile

The following are the terpenes that are included in Bubba Kush strain:

  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Ocimene
  • Camphene
  • Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Terpinolene
  • Phellandrene
  • Caryophyllene

Where is Bubba Kush From?

No one knows exactly who first cultivated Bubba Kush or how they did so. But that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying.

The best-known origin story of Bubba Kush goes like this. A cannabis breeder was
experimenting with OG Kush in 1994 or ’95. The experiments led to a flavorful, great-smelling, and long-lasting indica-heavy hybrid that had potential.

Realizing the potency of the strain, the breeder sent plants or seeds to the United States, entering the port of New Orleans. From there, an American grower embraced the plant and named it Bubba Kush after its parent and their own Southern heritage.

That may not be true, but what is confirmable is that Bubba Kush began showing up in 1996 across the U.S. and Europe and quickly established itself as a powerful indica-heavy hybrid.


Orangelato Delta 10 Flower

As a CBD-dominant strain, Orangelato infused Delta 10 flower is perfect to induce a relaxing and sedating feeling with a touch of creativity. Originating from a blend of oranges and sherbet, it delivers a fresh yet powerful experience to even seasoned cannabis users.

Appearance-wise, Orangelato’s pungent green flowers are compact and medium-sized, beautifully dusted by a fine coating of resin glands from the trichomes and further beautified by orange pistils. The strain has a distinct and enticing sweet tropical aroma. While the enticing aroma makes it neighbor-friendly, the earthy yet fresh citrus taste leaves quite an impression on the mouth.

What strain is Orangelato?

The actual Orangelato’s lineage is traced to Orange Push Pop X Sherb Bxc. And it leans towards Sativa at a percentage rate of 60 to 40 to Indica. In other words, the variety can be regarded as hybrid cannabis but also qualifies as Cannabis Ruderalis. That is so because of its richness in CBD, sometimes close to 20%, and little THC content, often less than 1%.

Boasting concentration just less than 20% of CBD and low concentration of THC, Orangelato infused with delta 10 with no artificial additives is an excellent choice to unwind after a long day.

The Best Delta 10 Flower Direct from the Source

Not many shops sell Delta 10 flowers at this moment. Considering the increasing popularity, it may not take long before we start seeing Delta 10 products at many gas stations, head shops, and online stores. While buying from the most convenient store is tempting, off-market companies and stores have no reputation for complying with the industry’s standard manufacturing practices.

As with other Delta 10 varieties and Cannabis products, buying from a top store is the only is guarantee that the Orangelanto Delta 10 flower is top quality, safe and legal. That comes with buying at a store like The Hemp Haus, with a standard and reputation to uphold. All cannabis products on display at the online store are sourced directly from 17 farms that employ indoor or light-assisted greenhouse farming and 3 accredited labs certified by cGMP.

Pesticide Free Growing Practices

Due to the extraction process used in making Delta 10 flowers, it’s pertinent to be pretty sure the delta 10 glazed Orangelato is free from no pesticide/herbicide and artificial additives. Get ready to get your mind blown with unforgettable that get you bursting with energy and a sudden surge of creativity when you smoke Orangelato infused Delta 10 flower. 

Pineapple OG Delta 10 Flower

7 reviews for Delta 10 Flower

  1. Mike Morongell (verified owner)

    Another great recommendation by Eric. Great flavor. Nice and smooth no matter how you smoke it. I like a water pipe. Very nice body relaxing high. I rate this a solid 10.

  2. Mike Morongell (verified owner)

    Another great recommendation by Eric. Great flavor. Nice and smooth no matter how you smoke it. I like a water pipe. Very nice body relaxing high. I rate this a solid 10.

  3. Rod (verified owner)

    I found this citrusy on the exhale. Long lasting, relaxing, yet focusing was not a problem. This ranks up there with some lower thc cannabis strains from my reading about them only. I felt happy and relaxed at the same time. Still trying to block pain. Appreciate any suggestions as to strains that do this. This does a fair job

  4. Jon (verified owner)

    This delta 10 flower is very good. Works great. I love it

  5. Jon (verified owner)

    This delta 10 flower is very good. Works great. I love it

  6. pete serven (verified owner)

    so, like a mild wine, so the delta 8,9,10-
    use throughout the day w/o immobilizing your life-
    addiction potential still low- i hope.

  7. pete serven (verified owner)

    so, like a mild wine, so the delta 8,9,10-
    use throughout the day w/o immobilizing your life-
    addiction potential still low- i hope.

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