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Cheese Strain

Cheese strain delta 8 flower - thehemphaus
Cheese Strain - thehemphaus
3.5g container of cheese delta 8 flower - thehemphaus
7g jar of cheese strain delta 8 - thehemphaus
Cheese Strain - thehemphaus
Cheese Strain - thehemphaus
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Load image into Gallery viewer, 3.5g container of cheese delta 8 flower
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Cheese Strain D8 flower

Cheese Strain Flower Information

Who doesn’t love cheese? Even if you’re on a diet or you’re lactose intolerant, you probably still dream of a fine smoked gouda or extra sharp cheddar every once in a while. 

The Delta 8 Cheese strain is just about as blissful and tasty as its namesake, and anyone can partake in it without worrying about any guilt or gastrointestinal distress. 

It’s a potent, pungent 18% indica-dominant hybrid that will have you feeling chilled out and ready to kick back for an evening of euphoric relaxation. Perhaps when the munchies kick in, you’ll feel inspired to break out the cheeseboard and indulge yourself, diet or dairy digestion issues be damned.

The Delta 8 Cheese Strain

Our Cheese strain is the Delta 8 offshoot of the popular cannabis Cheese strain, which has been coveted in the world of weed since the late 1980s. 

One thing that’s truly fascinating about the cannabis plant is its ability to provide us with a tremendous array of totally different smells, and there are few better examples than the aroma that Cheese has to offer. 

As you may have guessed, it has a particularly strong scent that’s reminiscent of a fantastic parmesan. You may be more interested in the floral, fruity, or earthy scented strains, but this one will absolutely grow on you if you give it a chance and a toke.

The Cheese cannabis strain is a descendent of Skunk 1, which helps explain its pungent aroma at least a little bit. Skunk 1 has been around since the late 70s, when it was brought to life through the combination of some of the absolute dankest strains known to man — at the time, at least. 

These include Colombian Gold, Afghani, and the legendary Acapulco Gold. This strain is a potent one, with much more sativa to it than Cheese has, which means it provides much more of a buzz and a cerebral rather than a body high.


Cheese earned its name more for its aroma than its appearance, so you won’t find any large holes or waxy outer coatings on these buds. 

What you will find is a beautiful green base decorated with bright orange hairs that are kind of cheese-colored if you really want to reach for a connection, as well as a beautiful dusting of cannabinoid-filled trichomes.

Aromas and Flavors

It’s fairly easy to guess what sort of aromas and flavor you’re going to get from the Delta 8 Cheese strain, but you may still be surprised at just how sharp, sour, and cheese-like it really is when you break open the bag and take a good whiff. 

Interestingly, the most abundant terpene found in this strain is myrcene, which is responsible for the more subtle peppery and earthy scents and flavors that you’ll find beneath the pungent base. It’s also got a fair amount of pinene, which is responsible for the wonderful scent of pine.


The Delta 8 Cheese strain is a hybrid that’s indica-dominant. Indica strains are known for their relaxing effects, as well as the euphoric body high that they provide. 

You may experience some of the sativa side, too, which includes a burst of energy and creative thinking, but for the most part, this strain is best for a chilled-out evening with a small group of friends. 

It also induces hunger, so if you suffer from appetite loss, or if you just enjoy a nice appetite every once in a while, then you’ll find this Delta 8 strain all of the more wonderful.

Cheese Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Carene
Terpinolene Phellandrene

Our Delta 8 Flower

When you purchase Delta 8 THC flower from The Hemp Haus, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a high-quality product that is totally safe, highly effective, and grown using organic farming practices. 

We don’t use pesticides or dangerous chemicals when cultivating our CBD flower, nor do we use solvents in our Delta 8 distillation process.

Our Delta 8 Cheese strain is created using our organically grown CBD flower, which is double glazed in Delta 8 isolate for extra high potency. 

After the double glazing process, we roll the buds in a cannabinoid-loaded CBD kief that adds to its efficacy and provides even more flavorful terpenes. Finally, we place the flower in a pressurized container that causes the isolate to bond with it, resulting in an aromatic and powerful Delta 8 flower that rivals the original Cheese cannabis strain.

Will Cheese strain Delta 8 flower Get Me High?

It may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t: Delta 8 will, in fact, get you high. This cannabinoid cousin of Delta 9 THC provides similar effects to cannabis, meaning you’ll feel a euphoric mood boost and an altering of your perception. Depending on the strain, you may feel extremely relaxed and content (indica) or uplifted and energized (sativa).

The big difference between Delta 9 and Delta 8 is that Delta 8 isn’t quite as strong.

Although there are no definitive numbers on this at the moment, Delta 8 is generally considered to be about 75% as strong as Delta 9. Another big difference is Delta 8 doesn’t come with any of the paranoia or anxiety that cannabis has sometimes been reported to induce 

Those two big distinctions between Delta 8 and Delta 9 make Delta 8 a great starting place for anyone curious about cannabis, but you should always keep in mind that it’s impossible to predict someone’s reaction to a psychoactive substance perfectly. 

The general description of Delta 8’s effects should prove accurate to just about anybody, but all bodies are different, and some are more sensitive than others, so make sure to start low and go slow when testing it out for the first time.     


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