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The Unique Terpene - Terpinolene

Terpinolene molecule structure

This terpene is in the terpinene and pinene family with a unique double carbon bond. It is commonly combined with CBD products because of its synergistic qualities. While it shares many characteristics with the pinene terpene, its aroma and flavor are far more complex.

Hemp Research

In addition to many cannabis and hemp strains, terpinolene is found in turnips and turpentine. What makes this terpene so unique is how it interacts with cannabinoids. Initially, research showed that terpinolene acts as a sedative because of its impact on muscle motility. However, researchers were surprised to discover that terpinolene has a stimulating quality when combined with THC. This matches the experience of cannabis smokers who felt that terpinolene-rich strains created cerebral stimulation and heightened energy.


In cannabis or hemp, the scent of terpinolene can be described as diesel, gassy, or reminiscent of Pinesol cleaner. This terpene also naturally occurs in lilac, apples, sage, conifer trees, and tea tree oil. The fragrance shows itself differently depending on which plant it presents in. It can be sharp, woodsy, earthy, floral, or herbaceous. 

Anti-Fungal Properties

This terpene has excellent anti-fungal properties. It naturally occurs in concentration in tea tree oil, for example, which is often used for anti-fungal and anti-yeast treatments. It also has been shown to have anti-microbial properties by inhibiting bacterial growth. While there is a great need for more research, terpinolene did conclusively show great potential as an anti-cancer treatment for brain tumor cells in a 2013 Turkish study.

Delta 8 Flower Strains with Terpinolene Available at The Hemp Haus

Bubba Kush Northern Lights
OG Kush Pineapple OG
Headband Strain Super Lemon Haze
White Widow with CBG Moon Rocks
Cookies Strain Biscotti Strain
Mendo Breath Incredible Hulk Strain
Space Cake Skywalker OG
Cheese Strain Cherry Cheesecake Strain
Gouda Strain Diesel Strain

Delta 8 Pre-rolled Joints

Sour Diesel Biscotti Strain - Indica Dominant Hybrid
Cherry Cheesecake pre-rolls GSC Cookies Strain
Headband - Indica dominant strain White Widow CBG - Sativa Pre Rolls
Space Cake Indica Hybrid Mendo Breath D8 Pre-Rolls
Bubba Kush D8 Pre Rolls Gouda Pre-Rolls

HHC Flower Strains

Sour Diesel HHC Flower
Northern Lights HHC Flower
Super Lemon Haze HHC Flower

Delta 8 Concentrates

Strawberry Cough

Sour Tangie
Mango Kush Lemon Haze
Gelato #33 OG Kush
Slurricane GSC Cookies
Purple Punch

CBG Flower

Jack Frost
White Widow

CBN Flower

Northern Lights CBN flower
White Widow CBN flower

CBD Flower & Prerolls

Joe Exotic
Pineapple Haze
Hawaiian Haze
Suver Haze

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