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In a highly unregulated industry, we only offer you the best CBD oil that is doctor-formulated and backed by scientific studies. Ananda Hemp CBD tinctures provide powerful relief in a sublingual form with a range of strength. Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD is the only scientifically proven, highest absorbing water soluble CBD on the market. 


Ananda Hemp

At the helm of this number 1 research farm and the best natural CBD oil is Dr. Capano. She’s the first person to earn a Ph.D. in cannabinoid science, working closely with Thomas Jefferson University to research CBD medicine. This is the kind of expert formulation we demand from a CBD tincture—and so should you.

Puffin Hemp

It’s the only liposomal CBD that we’ve found that has a peer-evaluated medical study supporting its higher absorption claims. Puffin Hemp formulator, Dr. Emek Blair is a Caltech graduate and award-winning chemist. Call us uppity—but we prefer that kind of resume behind a CBD tincture.