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Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie - thehemphaus
Sour Tangie - thehemphaus
Sour Tangie - thehemphaus
Sour Tangie - thehemphaus
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Delta 8 Dabs - Sour Tangie 

Sour Tangie has become one of the most popular Delta 8 dab strains thanks to its super-powered sativa effects. It produces an energizing, creative buzz that’s perfect for daytime and social occasions. The cerebral high matches the dabs’ bright flavor, making Sour Tangie a must-have for users seeking a clear-headed, joyful experience.

These Delta 8 dabs deliver an orange-centered citrus flavor over the familiar weed taste of diesel. As powerful sativa, it’s best used during the day. Its energizing and mood-lifting powers can keep night time users awake hours after bedtime.

Experience users recommend can use Sour Tangie in lieu of a morning cup of coffee.Taking dabs of a shatter like Sour Tangie is the most potent way to experience Delta 8 THC. The high comes on fast and strong, usually hitting before the exhale is completed. Users feel a pleasant rush of energy that persists for about 90 minutes.

The high itself is energizing and clear-headed. There are no feelings of brain fog or forgetfulness. The lucid and motivating high remains consistent throughout its two-hour duration without leading to a crash. It creates an instantly jovial mood and leads to feelings of positivity for the duration of the effects.

Sour Tangie Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Terpinolene
Phellandrene Caryophyllene

The wax itself is a dark tan color with a uniform buttery consistency that doesn’t crumble. It has a tart citrus flavor, like pulpy orange juice, with just a hint of skunky diesel underneath.

Like other dab, this Sour Tangie wax can be combined with cannabinoid isolates to produce different effects or increase potency.

If you’re looking for an even more uplifting experience, dipping a dab into a CBG isolate powder before smoking is the way to go. Combined with CBG, Sour Tangie Delta 8 dabs become turbocharged. The energizing effect is more powerful and lasts longer. Powdered CBG (cannabigerol) also gives a boost to the anti-inflammatory and pain-reliving effects naturally found in Sour Tangie. If you’re using Sour Tangie for medicinal effects, dipping the wax into CBG isolate is a great way to boost its efficacy and experience better results.

For users who prefer a more relaxed high, mixing a bit of CBN isolate with the Sour Tangie shatter produces great soothing effects while still leaving you feeling energized. Just a little bit of isolate powder adds a boost of body-relaxing calmness to the Sour Tangie experience. It’s the perfect way to use Sour Tangie if your goal is to watch a movie or enjoy a low-key evening with friends. Even when CBN isolate is added to the dab, Sour Tangie’s energizing effects remain, but they’re accompanied by a gentle body high. The result is a simultaneous relaxing and energizing experience that leaves your mind clear, your body relaxed, and your outlook positive.

There are virtually no side effects to Sour Tangie. It delivers a potent, clear-headed high that reliably energizes and boosts moods. It’s great for social occasions, as a midday break, or as an early morning wake-and-bake for experienced users. Medicinal uses include treatment for depression, social anxiety, negative thoughts, stress, and pain relief. Most commonly, however, it’s used to combat fatigue.

 What Type of Strain is Sour Tangie?

Sour Tangie, also known as “Sunva,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It was created by cross-breeding the powerful sativa known as East Coast Sour Diesel with citrusy-tasting Tangie strain. Sour Tangie has also been used to create sativa-dominant strains like Citrus Punch and Sour Star Head.

 The flower of Sour Tangie blossom into large, olive-green buds. Each leaf is covered purple hairs and crusted with a layer of clear crystal trichomes, which hint at its superb potency and make the nugs sticky when picked apart.

While it’s technically a hybrid, Sour Tangie is 80% sativa and 20% sativa. Its parentage ensures that the sativa effects are so potent, even experienced users have trouble detecting any hints of an indica.

 The name “Sour Tangie” comes from a shortened version of “tangerine” and refers to the lemon-lime citrus taste of the plant. The terpene Myrcene leads off its lengthy cannabinoid profile, which also includes

 Although Sour Tangie has been around for more than two decades, its popularity waned because it’s difficult to grow. They reach heights of more than 10 feet when grown outside and emit a strong odor that attracts the attention of wildlife. When produce inside, Sour Tangie plants flowers in about nine weeks and requires a high degree of maintenance to keep from growing too tall and not flowering correctly.


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