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Pineapple OG D8 Flower

Pineapple OG Delta 8 Flower bud - thehemphaus
3.5g of Pineapple OG Delta 8 Flower - thehemphaus
Pineapple OG D8 Flower - thehemphaus
Pineapple OG D8 Flower - thehemphaus
Pineapple OG D8 Flower - thehemphaus
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pineapple OG Delta 8 Flower bud
 - thehemphaus
Load image into Gallery viewer, 3.5g of Pineapple OG Delta 8 Flower
 - thehemphaus
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pineapple OG D8 Flower
 - thehemphaus
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pineapple OG D8 Flower
 - thehemphaus
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pineapple OG D8 Flower
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Pineapple OG Delta 8

For a potent hybrid strain that tastes like summer vacation, check out Pineapple OG Delta 8 flower. This relatively rare strain is sativa-dominant, so you can expect a heady, cerebral high that’s energizing and inspires creativity but also offers a healthy body high that can inspire you to sink into the sofa for the evening.


Pineapple OG

Pineapple OG is a cross between the famed Pineapple Express and OG Kush strains, so you know you’re getting something truly special when you dig into these glowing green buds decorated with shimmering trichomes. 


Our proprietary solvent-free method of applying the Delta 8 to the Pineapple OG strain makes it some of the safest Delta 8 buds on the market.


We begin with some of our top-quality organically farmed CBD flower, glaze it generously with our solvent-free Delta 8 distillate, and roll it in some kief for an extra cannabinoid kick.


Then we throw it into a pressurized container, which helps all ingredients bind together to form our super potent, delicious Pineapple OG Delta 8 flower.

The Pineapple OG Strain

Pineapple OG is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid resulting from a cross between two famed strains: Pineapple Express and OG Kush.


Pineapple Express, best known for its role in the 2008 comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an energizing, creative high that’s long-lasting and helpful for relieving symptoms of depression and fatigue.


OG Kush is an international cannabis staple that has given birth to countless strains since it first hit LA in 1996. It offers a healthy mix of head and body high and a unique and complex terpene profile that makes its smell and taste stand out from the crowd.


Although it’s a sativa-dominant strain, the appearance of the Pineapple OG flower is more similar to what can be expected of an indica plant. These buds are absolutely beautiful.


From the leaf shape to the bright green nugs to the glowing red hairs to the generous coating of potent trichomes, you might have trouble burning this Delta 8 flower out of respect for its gorgeous appearance.


Pineapple OG’s sweet-yet-sour scent is an interesting blend of OG Kush and Pineapple Express. Breaking up one of these sticky buds will fill the air with heavy diesel fuel and tropical aromas, and lighting some up will give you an almost spicy pineapple taste that is simultaneously delicate and potent.


The smoke is easy and light, making it a very palatable option for rolling up a nice joint.


The high from Pineapple OG Delta 8 begins in the head. It activates the senses and gets your mind working and your creativity flowing. You should feel more energized and alert as the high continues, but at some point, you’ll start to experience the indica side of this hybrid strain.


When this hits, you’ll find yourself more than happy to kick back and relax in a comfy spot, throw on some TV or some tunes, and just take it all in. This mood makes Pineapple OG a great strain to enjoy later in the day so that once the indica takes hold, you’ll be right on time to wind down and relax.    

What is Delta 8 THC in Pineapple OG Strain?

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as Delta-8 THC or Delta 8, is one of the many cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis plants.


Just like the more well-known (and widely illegal) Delta-9 THC, Delta 8 has psychoactive properties, meaning it gets you high. However, the high differs from that of Delta 9; it’s milder and does not tend to cause paranoia and anxiety.


Delta 8 has recently exploded in popularity due to a rapid increase in the availability of several different products containing the cannabinoid hitting the market.


This proliferation is thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which made hemp production federally legal in the United States. This law made it legal to create Delta 8 products using legalized hemp.


Fans of these products will tell you that they love the more casual high it has to offer and the wide array of popular terpene-packed strains, such as Pineapple OG, that are currently available. 

Delta 8 Flower Buds

If you’re looking to enjoy the unique psychoactive experience that Delta 8 THC has to offer, but you prefer the more traditional methods of cannabis consumption to vaping or dabbing, you really can’t go wrong with Delta 8 flower.


This amazing cannabis alternative is created using organically grown CBD flowers and our proprietary solvent-free Delta 8 distillate. It’s safe, effective, and doesn’t come with any of the anxiety and paranoia that traditional cannabis is sometimes known to produce.


With Delta 8 flower, you get all of the sensory experiences you’re used to from traditional cannabis flower — the feel, the smell, the taste, and most of the buzz — but it’s legal in 38 of 50 states.


So grab some of this Pineapple OG Delta 8 flower, throw it in the grinder, and pack it into your bong, bowl, or bubbler, or simply roll it up and enjoy a cannabinoid experience that is at once totally familiar and something unto itself.

Will Pineapple OG Delta 8 Get You High?

While it is made from CBD flowers, Delta 8 is decidedly more psychoactive than its cannabinoid cousin.


Yes, you will get high from smoking or vaping this Pineapple OG Delta 8 flower, and it will be somewhat similar to the high offered by Delta-9 THC. However, the high from Delta 8 is not quite as intense, which can be a good thing if you’re not looking to dedicate your day to a psychoactive experience.


Delta 8 can be quite enjoyable for those looking to enhance an experience or induce some relaxation and euphoria at the end of a long day. You don’t have to worry about getting uncomfortably nervous or scared either, as Delta 8’s mellow high isn’t known to induce anxiety and paranoia.


If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is illegal, or you’re simply looking for a lighter and less panic-inducing high than traditional cannabis has to offer, Delta 8 is what you’ve been missing. If you want to have the conventional experience of smoking green terpene-packed buds, Delta 8 flower is as close as it gets.

Pineapple OG Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Humulene
Limonene Linalool
Terpinolene Caryophyllene

Is Delta 8 Really Legal?

It’s a worthwhile question to ask, especially because a product this awesome just feels like it must be illegal. The answer is primarily a “yes,” only with a caveat.


While the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized the production of hemp in the United States of America, which in turn allowed for the production of Delta 8 products, there has since been legislation passed in a few different states that outlaw all “isomers of Delta 9 THC” which of course includes Delta 8.


In total, 12 states prohibit the sale of Delta 8 products. Those states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Utah.


It’s unclear whether any others plan on following suit, so you should always be aware of the current legal status of Delta 8 in your state before you purchase any or carry any on your person.

Where Can I Find Delta 8 THC Near Me?

If you’re looking for the best Delta 8 flower around and more, come check out The Hemp Haus. Our organically farmed, solvent-free Pineapple OG Delta 8 flower is some of the cleanest and most potent on the market, and it’s only one of the many incredible products that we have to offer! Check out the rest of our products at


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