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This is a photo of 2 Stardust Hemp Delta 8 Pre Roll Glass containers with Delta 8 pre rolls in a Raw cone filled with sticky green Delta 8 Bubba Kush strain.   The best delta 8 flower strain is Bubba Kush and is a delta 8 indica.   Regardless if you searched delta 8 pre rolls, delta 8 pre roll, delta 8 preroll, or delta 8 pre-roll we all have to agree that pre rolled joints are one of the most convenient ways to consume Delta 8 Flower. - thehemphaus

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Delta 8 Pre Rolls - Bubba Kush Strain Indica

Bubba Kush is a highly popular Indica strain renowned for its ability to induce a state of deep relaxation. Believed to have originated from the Afghani Hindu Kush mountains, this well-known form of flower popped up in America in the late 1990s and has been a big player in cannabis culture ever since.


Now, it’s available as a delta 8 flower pre-roll that offers much of the same relaxation and euphoria and none of the anxiety or paranoia of its delta 9 counterpart.


Our delta 8 Bubba Kush strain is made from an indoor or light-assisted greenhouse CBD flower that is grown using organic farming practices. Upon maturation, the CBD buds are slow-cured for 12-14 days and are then hand-trimmed with great precision to ensure that the beauty of this strain is put on full display.


The Bubba Kush is turned into delta 8 flower using a 100% solvent-free method. The delta-8 THC isolate is melted onto the flower, which is then covered in a layer of CBD kief for added terpenes and extra cannabinoids. Next, it is placed in a pressurized container to force the distillate into the flower. Next, we take raw cones and create some of the best delta 8 pre-rolls available.


Bubba Kush has that classic pungent, piney Kush smell. It offers an earthy, spice-filled, hashish taste upon the inhale and subtle notes of coffee and chocolate upon the exhale. 


These hemp flower buds are deep green or purple in color with orange hairs and plentiful trichomes throughout. They have a beautiful appearance that is indicative of their quality, which also helps to explain the popularity of the strain. 

Origins of the Bubba Kush Strain

The Kush strain from which Bubba Kush descended has its origins in Afghanistan, Northwest India, and Northern Pakistan. The name itself is derived from the Hindu Kush mountains, which is where a group of cannabis-loving travelers from Amsterdam would get a hold of some Kush seeds sometime during the late 70s or early 80s and bring them home to grow their own. This eventually led to the strain’s worldwide popularity and to the birth of Bubba Kush in America in the 1990s.


Many cannabis strains are created with great care, consideration, and intent, but not Bubba Kush. The strain that would eventually become this amazing type of delta 8 hemp flower was actually created entirely by accident.


Its creator, Matt “Bubba” Berger, was experimenting with the genetics of the Kush strain indoors when a crop—believed to be of the popular Northern Lights strain—that Berger had in the vicinity wound up crossbreeding with a Kush plant, birthing a brand-new strain. It was eventually named Bubba, after its incidental creator.


According to Berger, the Bubba Kush strain has been around since 1996, but he is not entirely sure what it’s a hybrid of. It’s most certainly part Kush, but the knowledge of what that Kush was crossed with is not much more than an educated guess.


Berger received the seeds of that mystery plant from a fraternity brother in New Orleans, who claimed that they were of the Northern Lights strain from Humboldt, California. Without any way to verify these claims, Berger had only the frat brother’s word and a considerable knowledge of the cannabis plant, to go on.


While the origins are somewhat murky for this particular strain, it is with absolute certainty some of the best delta 8 flower around. It’s a beautiful looking, incredible tasting, deeply relaxing, euphoric Kush strain whose worldwide popularity speaks for itself.

How Do Delta 8 Pre-Rolls Make You Feel?

If you’ve never tried delta 8 pre-rolled joints before, you’ve probably got a few questions you’d like to have answered before you give it a go. Chief among those questions is most likely, “How does it make you feel?”


Here, we’ve provided a basic description of the effects of this newly harnessed cannabinoid, along with some of the finer details about what makes it unique from the other active ingredients found in CBD flower.


As you may have guessed by the name, delta 8 THC is a similar cannabinoid to delta 9 THC, which is the component in cannabis that gets you high. The effects are somewhat similar, as well.


For starters, they are both psychoactive, which means that you will get high from delta 8 prerolls. However, although they are alike in name and structurally similar, there are some significant differences in the effects that delta 8 has.  


Delta 8 THC is not as potent as delta 9, which means it offers a more mellow and easygoing experience for beginners and those who are not looking for a strong high. It also makes delta 8 a great option for users who are seeking medical benefits such as pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and anxiety relief, all without affecting an ability to function for day-to-day tasks.


You won’t experience the paranoia or anxiety that can come with delta 9 when you smoke delta 8 pre-rolls, either. If you’re the type of person who enjoys delta 9, but you sometimes have a bit of a freak out from it, then delta 8 may be the perfect option to consider.


Your delta 8 pre-rolls will have a variety of cannabinoids in them that can interact better with your cannabinoid receptors, thanks to the presence of THC, which serves to open them up.


This blend of cannabinoids makes for an experience that is unique from that of a traditional marijuana pre-roll. It may even be more beneficial physically and mentally.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC, or delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid present in both the marijuana and the hemp plant. It was discovered sometime in the 1940s but only recently has it been harnessed for consumption.


The 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp production in the United States, incidentally legalized the production of delta 8, as well. This has led to a rapid refining of the process through which the cannabinoid is isolated, concentrated, and turned into a variety of different products.


CBD flower -- which is what delta 8 isolate is melted onto in order to create smokable delta 8 flower -- was also made legal with the 2018 Farm Bill. While it does tout a variety of medical benefits, it is not psychoactive and therefore quite a different product from delta 8 THC, which offers a high that’s devoid of the paranoia and anxiety that can come with delta 9.    


It’s important to note that the rising popularity of delta 8 has led some states to outlaw products containing the substance. Currently, 38 states allow the sale of delta cartridges and other delta 8 products. Make sure your state is one of them before making a purchase. 

Does Delta 8 Get You High?

Yes, delta 8 is psychoactive, which means that it gets you high. The high is not as strong as it would be with traditional cannabis, but it is nonetheless euphoric. Many people find it to be quite enjoyable. Some even find it more enjoyable than delta 9, as it does not cause any anxiety or paranoia.

Delta 8 THC Near Me

Whether you’re looking for this particular delta 8 pre-roll Indica, a delta 8 sativa, or any other products containing this amazing cannabinoid, you can find it at The Hemp Haus. Order online today or visit our store in Kansas City to get your hands on some of the best delta 8 flower around!



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