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Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch Strain - thehemphaus
Purple Punch Strain - thehemphaus
Purple Punch Strain - thehemphaus
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Delta 8-THC Shatter Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch is a sweet and sedating combo known for being as delicious as it is potent. If you want a well-balanced shatter to finish your day off right, this is the perfect option you can get at The Hemp Haus.


What strain is Purple Punch?

Purple Punch is a cross of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. This Indica-dominant strain has large fluffy nugs that are bright green and purple leaves. The red-orange pistils are sparse throughout, but the buds are frosted completely with amber trichomes.


This is a beautiful bud to cultivate—the plants like a sunny and humid environment producing a moderate to high yield of flowers. Exposing the plants to cooler temperatures during the flowering stage brings out those rich purple hues.


How does Purple Punch Shatter smell and taste?

The Purple Punch shatter smells incredible. Once you open the container, you’ll notice the aroma of bright grape kool-aid and sweet blueberry. This shatter has added steam-derived terpenes to enhance the delicious fragrance of this strain.


After the shatter is heated, the rich smoke has a taste of tart citrus. On the exhale, you’ll notice a smooth, sweet candy and berry flavor.

Purple Punch Terpene Profile Includes:

 Carene Pinene
Myrcene Ocimene
Geraniol Humulene
Limonene Linalool
Bisabolol Terpinolene
Phellandrene Caryophyllene

How does Purple Punch Delta 8-THC Shatter make you feel?

Purple Punch is an Indica-dominant strain that will relax your muscles and allow your mind to lift. This strain is excellent for the end of the day or when you want to take a load off.


Purple Punch is especially great for folks experiencing anxiety or overwhelm because it can soothe your system and give you a break from racing thoughts. Because of this quality, this strain can help you focus on tasks and bring a creative approach to whatever has your attention.


For an additional relaxing effect, you can add a CBN isolate to your smoking experience. This cannabinoid is lovely for inducing relaxation. However, if you’d like to bring an energizing quality to your dab, dip your shatter in CBG isolate instead. CBG, also known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” is a lovely way to influence mental alertness and excitement in your body.


To add isolate to your shatter, dip it in the powder before placing it in your dab rig. Or you can mix it with your crushed shatter if you are sprinkling it into a bowl.


How do you smoke Purple Punch Shatter?

While you can consume shatter in various ways, the most common way is to use a dab rig. A dab rig is a specialized bong created specifically to burn concentrates like shatter or wax.


The rig uses a unique tool called the dab nail. This metal platform is heated to a high temperature with a butane lighter, though electric ones are also available.


Once the dab nail is heated, place the shatter onto it and watch as it quickly vaporizes. Placing a special glass dome on top will trapping the resulting smoke, ready for you to inhale. The smoke will travel through a water bubbling chamber which cools and cleans it further.  


Using a dab rig produces cleaner smoke, making it ideal for people with sensitivities or physical concerns that make smoking flower an impediment to their health. Additionally, a little goes a long way. You can smoke a much smaller amount of concentrates and still achieve a significant effect on your mental/emotional state and body. 

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Purple Punch

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