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Powerfully Scented Terpene

Eucalyptol is a powerfully scented terpene that naturally occurs in cannabis plants. Also known as cineol, the molecule can also be found in tea trees, rosemary, mugwort, bay leaves, cinnamon, and sage.

Found in Eucalyptus

Not surprisingly, Eucalyptol is the primary terpene in eucalyptus. It produces a cooling and mint-like taste that often forms the core of breath-freshening products, such as mouthwashes and toothpastes. It’s also a common addition in topical aromatherapy oils, lotions, and rubs.

Found in Health Care Products

Consumers may be most familiar with the taste and smell of Eucalyptol from its inclusion in cough drops. The medicinal, spicy cold flavor that marks traditional cough drops is largely due to the presence of this terpene. It’s also a primary component in menthol cigarettes and can be found throughout the food and beverage industry across a wide variety of products. Additionally, Eucalyptol also has insect-repelling properties and can be found in many mosquito repellents.

These properties make Eucalyptol an important and interesting agent when combined with other cannabinoids. Its taste and smell alone can help conjure feelings of healing and relaxation thanks to its association with so many over-the-counter health products.

Eucalyptol is a monoterpenoid and a bicyclic ether, meaning it has two isoprene units. When extracted and isolated, Eucalyptol is non-water-soluble liquid that is completely colorless.

Strains Containing Eucalyptol

Like most terpenes, the research behind Eucalyptol has not yet reached a point where conclusive health claims can be made. But users who discover they particularly or benefit from strains high in Eucalyptol may find similar outcomes from similarly composed strains, including Girl Scout Cookies, Super Silver Haze, GMO CookiesHeadbandBubba Kush, and Haze varietals.


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