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GMO Cookies Strain

GMO Cookies Strain - thehemphaus
GMO Cookies Strain - thehemphaus
GMO Cookies Strain - thehemphaus
GMO Cookies Strain - thehemphaus
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Indica-Dominant GMO Cookies Strain CBD Flower

Don’t let this name fool you. GMO is a 100% organic indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs a strong smell and even stronger effects.

In some circles, this strain goes by the name Garlic Cookies, due to its strong aroma and savory taste. Just opening the packaging of GMO will release a pungent aroma that combines the familiar weed skunk with notes of coffee. It’s so powerful, it’s been known to fill rooms. When GMO flower is lit, the smell is even stronger.

When inhaled, the GMO bud unleashes a garlic flavor with a slightly sweet undercurrent. Upon exhaling, notes of pepper appear in the mouth. After the peppery flavors finish, the savory garlic flavor rebounds and lasts in the mouth well after the smoke is blown out.

But, while the smell and taste are of GMO are unique, what really sets it apart from other strains is what can do to users. As soon as it hit shelves, GMO became a go-to option for fans of heavy indicas, who seek out the deeply tranquil feelings it inspires.

People who want help going to sleep can benefit from the chilled-out sensations this herb inspires. Just a few moments after inhaling, the cannabinoids start hitting, causing pleasantly relaxed feelings that gradually grow stronger as time goes by.

This CBD flower can also help with physical sensations of discomfort through the gentle feelings it creates. It’s a perfect nighttime strain, well suited for anyone who wants a little help nodding off.

The flower itself produces large buds that are thickly packed. The nugs turn a vibrant green color when they reach maturity and grow orange pistil hairs on their outermost layers. A closer inspection will reveal that small crystal trichomes coat the buds, but remain hidden due to their tiny size and dark brown coloring.

The GMO strain boasts a traditional tapered bud structure, even though most of its nugs will only reach a medium size.

GMO is a hybrid strain, but only technically. Its genetic makeup is 90% indica, which helps explain why its most powerful effects are sedative and soothing.

Many people are surprised that discover that GMO, with its savory taste and Italian-dinner aroma, is a direct descendant of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. GSC has a sugary sweet flavoring and a dessert-like smell, but the genetic resemblance is clearer in the relaxing effects they create.

GMO’s other parent is the potent hybrid strain Chem Dawg. The Chemdawg parentage not only provides the pungent aspect of GMO’s unique flavor profile, it’s also where GMO gets its potency. Chemdawg has been known as an intensely powerful strain, a trait that is has been passed down to GMO.

Although it boasts a famous family, GMO is more than the sum of its parts. It has surpassed its parentage when it comes to inspiring relaxing feelings and get-ready-for-bed vibes. The chilled-out and blissful feelings it inspires in users are 100% its own creation.

Garlic Cookies Terpene Profile Includes:

Carene Humulene
Limonene Bisabolol
Eucalyptol Phellandrene

The Best CBD Flower

We take pride in providing the best CBD flower to customer, and that means sourcing our products from growers who follow the highest standards of care.

Each batch of GMO flower we sell has been raised exclusively with organic farming practices. The plants are grown inside, in light-assisted greenhouses, and fed a steady diet of 100% organic food.

Each plant is grown to full maturity and hand-trimmed by expert cultivators to ensure they develop to the best of their ability.

Once the plants are fully grown, they are individually selected for the final product. Only the best flowers make the cut. The chosen few are slow cured over 12-14 days before being tested for accuracy in labeling and packaged for consumption.

The end result is a safe, highly potent, and healthy flower that produces the best effects possible while helping grow houses maintain sustainable hemp production.

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