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The name of this terpene says it all. Have you ever heard of a valencia orange? Valencene delivers a citrus punch in both flavor and aroma. While it is found naturally in oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines, this terpene is also very commonly produced in hemp and cannabis strains. So if you catch a whiff of sweet citrus, chances are good you’ve spotted a strain with valencene.

Used in Insect Repellant

Not surprisingly, an extract of this terpene is used in many bug repellent formulas because of its insecticide qualities. In fact, a 2010 study found that it was more effective at repelling pests than DEET. And while it is also used in cleaning agents and even some skincare products, it has other applications that may benefit the body and the mind.

Provides Mood-Boosting & Energizing Effect

Aromatherapists maintain that valenecene has a mood-boosting and energizing effect on the body. Emerging research on terpenes has more claims to back this idea up. Valenecene may potentially be able to potentiate the efficacy of specific chemotherapy drugs, in addition to having anti-inflammatory properties like other terpenes. It also has a health-boosting quality by improving immune response.


Another herb that is high in this terpene is Chinese Bayberry, which is a valuable medicinal herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While there is much promise in exploring terpenes like valencene, more research is needed to confirm further its beneficial impact on our health.

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