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The Unique Terpene – Terpinolene

This terpene is in the terpinene and pinene family with a unique double carbon bond. It is commonly combined with CBD products because of its synergistic qualities. While it shares many characteristics with the pinene terpene, its aroma and flavor are far more complex.

Hemp Research

Terpinolene is a terpene found in various plants, including certain cannabis and hemp strains, as well as in turnips and turpentine. Its interaction with cannabinoids has garnered interest. Some studies have explored its potential effects, noting that, on its own, terpinolene might have certain properties. When combined with THC, it might offer a different experience, aligning with some cannabis users’ reports of feeling energized with terpinolene-rich strains.

The aroma of terpinolene in cannabis or hemp can vary, with descriptions ranging from diesel-like to reminiscent of certain cleaners. This terpene is also present in lilac, apples, sage, conifer trees, and tea tree oil, each imparting a unique fragrance that can be woodsy, earthy, floral, or herbaceous.

Supportive Qualities

Terpinolene has been associated with certain supportive qualities. For instance, it’s found in tea tree oil, which some people use for its potential to promote skin health. Additionally, some studies have explored terpinolene’s potential effects on cellular health, though more comprehensive research is needed to fully understand its range of potential benefits.

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