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This terpene is a real treat for the nose. Found in floral plants such as rose, jasmine, and orange blossoms, this terpene is used in fragrances and skincare products because of its lovely scent. The aroma of trans-nerolidol in hemp or cannabis presents as a light floral or orange fragrance that may create a soothing and uplifting quality.


Trans-nerolidol, like many terpenes, has been studied for its potential supportive qualities. Some research has explored its potential anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. A 2016 study suggested that nerolidol might have properties that support protection against oxidative stress, indicating potential antioxidant-like qualities. However, more comprehensive research is needed to fully understand its range of effects.

Soothing Qualities

There’s interest in nerolidol’s potential to promote relaxation based on anecdotal reports. Some studies, including a 2016 study on mice, have explored its potential calming effects. Additionally, research on rodents has looked into its possible sedative-like qualities.

Nerolidol has also been noted for its ability to enhance the permeability of substances through the skin, making it a component of interest in some skincare formulations. Its floral scent further makes it a popular choice for perfumes and skincare products.

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