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Floral Scent Producing Terpene

Geraniol is a fragrant terpene that produces floral scents. The leading compound found in rose oil, Geraniol is also abundant in aromatic plants like lemongrass and geraniums.

Geraniol is a Rare Terpene

Officially, Geraniol is a minor terpene. It is relatively rare in cannabis strains and does not often appear in high concentrations. However, it has important properties that have made it an essential ingredient in a wide variety of consumer products.

Aside from being the primary constituent of rose oil, Geraniol constitutes a significant portion of palmarosa oil. It is also a leading ingredient in citronella oil, which is used to repel insects like mosquitos.

Found in Fruits

In nature, Geraniol also appears in many fruits, such as peaches, raspberries, grapefruits, blueberries, pineapples, and watermelons.

Chemical Structure

Chemically, Geraniol is both a monoterpenoid and, technically, an alcohol (meaning it has one hydroxyl group bound to a saturated carbon atom). Scientists have discovered that Geraniol plays an important role in the biosynthesis of other terpenes (particularly Myrcene), which means it may play an important function in the entourage effect in cannabis plants.

Strains Containing Geraniol

Strains the exhibit significant quantities of Geraniol include a wide variety of indicas and a few hybrids. Those strains include Haze varieties, Harlequin, Afghani types, and Black Cherry Soda.

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