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Keeping up with the Kush's

What Makes a Strain Kush?


The Kush Family Cannabis Strains

You've heard the term "Kush," but do you know the origins of this word? Get ready to learn something about cannabis history! Did you know that Kush is short for Hindu Kush? This term refers to the mountain range that stretches between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This arid mountainous region is one of the few places where cannabis grows wild. 

That’s right wild! There are cannabis plants growing in the mountains of Central Asia, which is where this plant originates.

A modern strain is in the Kush family if it derives from one of the landrace strains, Hindu or Afghan Kush. A landrace is a term to denote that it is an native strain that growers have not altered or intentionally hybridized. Today, cannabis botanists also classify Hindu and Afghan Kush plants as heirloom strains.

The Kush cannabis plants themselves are hearty with broad leaves, short structures, and dense flowers. Their ability to survive in this climate makes it easy for them to grow in other places. However, be mindful of humidity during the growing and curing process as they are more prone to mold.


Is a Kush an Indica or Sativa?

There are a few things that make a Kush. For starters, often the smoke they produce is a bit on the harsher side. Appearance-wise, the Kush nugs are classically dense and bulbous. These flowers can create the old "couch lock." That's right! Given that all Kush strains derived from landrace Kush cannabis strains Afghan and Hindu Kush, they are Indica-dominant and known for making you melt.

Types of Kush

Get excited about the array of Kush options available today. There are an incredible variety of Kush phenotypes that all claim lineage to one of the two landrace strains. You can learn more about those two famous parent strains below, along with other award-winning phenotypes from this proud cannabis family.


There are many Kush strains to choose from today. Are there any common threads between them all? The Kush strains have many common threads, but each one provides a unique experience. The scent of these strains can vary, but you can note earthly, floral, incense, spicy, gas, and sometimes fruity aromas as well.

The flavors are herbaceous, spicy, and sometimes harsh on the lungs (but not always, as you'll see below!). Some strains produce a grape or floral note that is very appealing. Visually Kush strains are often deep green with hints of purple. The buds are chunky, popcorny, and grow in a range of sizes.

Hash production often includes Kush strains because they are incredibly resinous and decked in trichomes. In modern times, Kush strains are also often used in producing concentrates because of the rich resin content.

As an Indica-dominant strain, it may go without saying, but these strains are known for producing a heavy, sedating quality. However, this experience is combined with a lovely euphoric sensation in the body. Introspection, relaxation, and meditation are well suited for enjoying these strains.

Classically, Kush strains are hearty due to their origins. In the arid mountains of their native land, these plants are well adaptable to surviving a harsh climate. They can survive with scant water sources and endure frigid temperatures.

Mango Kush

Ready for something truly delicious? Get ready for a flavor sensation that will delight your taste buds and be the real life of the party. Mango Kush is a mouthwatering combo of two fantastic strains: Mango and Hindu Kush. The Mango strain is expressed beautifully in this Indica-dominant Kush phenotype.

Mango is a strain that first appeared in America in the 1960s and was beloved for its fruity tang. Hindu Kush is a landrace strain that appeared in the USA in the 1970s. Growers combined these two heritage strains to create a fun, fruity plant that combines the best of two tried and true Indicas.

Covered in bright orange hairs, this strain matches its namesake almost too well. The dense oblong buds are richly covered in trichomes. The juicy flavor of mango is expressed in both the scent and the taste of this beloved strain. However, you'll also notice a note of banana, which complements this tropical flavor bomb perfectly. You can recognize a sweet, tropical flavor that is complemented with a smokey herbaceous and woody taste.

Mango Kush provides an uplifting and euphoric buzz coupled with a deep sense of relaxation. Useful for body pain and insomnia, this strain can help you settle down after a long day while putting a smile on your face. In addition, the delicious tropical flavor is a crowd-pleaser, providing a tasty option at more relaxed social gatherings (but still lets you be talkative and social).

Bubba Kush

Famous for its heavy tranquilizing effects, Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid with somewhat mysterious origins. An OG Kush pollinated an unknown Indica, likely Northern Lights, but the genetically ambiguous plant was just called Bubba. Bubba Kush was born, and fans are delighted with the results.

The bud structure of this plant is distinctively bulky, with leaf coloring varying from dark green to pale purple. Coated in a layer of sticky trichomes, this phenotype is also a great candidate for making hash or concentrates. You'll know Bubba Kush by its distinctive sweet hash flavor with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee. In addition, this earthy strain exudes a piney scent that has a hashy and spicy taste when combusted with a kick of pepper on the exhale.

When you partake of this Kush, get ready for a blanket of euphoria with a side of couch lock. Bubba Kush is a profoundly relaxing cannabis strain that can relieve stress and uplift the mind. While it can bring a soothing physical heaviness, the mind feels calm and clear.

Many folks enjoy Bubba Kush for the therapeutic and luxuriating quality it brings to the body. If you need to relieve pain or get ready for a deep, restful night's sleep, this strain can do it all. It is not recommended to partake during the early part of the day unless you have a long day of feeling cozy and unproductive ahead of you. This Indica is not to be missed!  

OG Kush

OG Kush Strain

Synonymous with world-famous go-getter strains like White Widow or Pineapple Express, OG Kush is one of the most popular strains available today. Loved by newbies and die-hard fans alike, OG Kush has an ambiguous lineage, but smokers everywhere are grateful for the happenstance pollination that brought this strain into existence.

Experts believe this Indica-dominant strain to be a cross of Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, and Lemon Thai. The scent of these bulbous and frosted buds is wood, pine, and earth. The flavor, however, opens up into a spicy lemon taste with a hint of citrus. With a unique terpene profile, this strain contains myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Green leaves and orange pistils are coated in ample trichomes. The crystals are dense and can sometimes be mistaken as mold by newbies. However, don't throw these buds out! They are simply sticky with crystalline trichomes, giving them the traditional markings of a Kush (and making them have a high THC count). 

This strain provides an incredible mood uplifting and body melting experience. Fans cannot get enough of the delicious flavor of OG Kush and the potent smoke that it produces. You will enjoy a case of giggles and a stupid smile as the effects slide over your body and bring you to a deep place of contentment and relaxation.

One might even go as far as to call this plant legendary, as it is the parent strain of many other cannabis strains. OG Kush is the backbone of many West coast varieties and is enjoyed heavily throughout this region. This fan-favorite is an absolute must-try!

Purple Kush

Feast your eyes on these beautiful buds! With vibrant colorations, this strain has a great pop of flavor that you'll notice as soon as you open the container. These attention-grabbing nuggets are made by two famous Central Asian landrace strains: Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This strain is no hybrid! This strain is 100% Indica cannabis.

The medium-sized bulbous buds have purple and green leaves. The purple-toned leaves occur naturally when the plants are exposed to cooler temperatures, which would be the case in the parent plants' natural environment. However, it does create an eye-catching effect that is lovely to behold.

The colorful flowers are dense with a heavy bud structure. You'll notice these buds are sticky with resin and rich in trichomes. These potent nugs are frosted with a white sheen of crystals with bright orange pistils shining through.

Not surprisingly, there is a fruity grape note associated with this strain because of the purple flowers. As is typical for Afghan Kush phenotypes, there is also a hint of sandalwood. The sweet and hashy flavor is complemented by a sugary grape exhale. You may also notice a burst of dessert wine or cough syrup left in your mouth.

Be forewarned that this strain can cause heavy coughing but is well worth the effort! The medicinal effects The delicious and appealing buds provide a blissful, long-lasting relaxation coupled with a euphoric coziness. Melt away body aches and pains and give your mind a sweet boost of elevated positivity with this popular strain.

Hindu Kush

Presenting one of the mother plants herself! Hindu Kush is a landrace strain that hails from the Hindu Kush mountains that run through Afghanistan and Pakistan. This region has a unique history of being possibly the birthplace of Buddhism and also the birthplace of this incredible cannabis plant.

Classified as one of the purest cannabis strains on earth, Hindu Kush has a 100% Indica content. Found in dispensaries across the country, originally this strain came to America in the 1960s. It has been a staple ever since, being the mother strain for many other popular strains that are enjoyed today.

With large clusters of green and purple buds, these flowers have a heavy sheen of trichomes. This strain produces dense and sticky nuggets, which is classic for a Kush Indica. Brassy orange pistils thread through the frosty nuggets.

Before you get started, take a minute to enjoy a piece of botanical history. Hindu Kush is a legendary strain, harkening back to the golden age of cannabis culture in America and then even further into the Central Asian past. When you open the container, you'll notice the scent is sweet and musky with pine, wet earth, and spice notes. Once smoked, the flavor of pine and citrus spreads smoothly through your mouth.

You'll enjoy the deep relaxation that an Indica provides, possibly leading you to a very cozy couch lock. However, you will also enjoy an uplifted state of mind that can take away stress and leave you in a state of blissful contentment.

Afghan Kush

Presenting another incredible landrace strain! Afghan Kush also hails from Central Asia in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Lucky residents of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan historically were able to find this plant growing abundantly in the wild. Because it is native to the area, this plant grew not through the careful cultivation of genetic breeding as many strains in America do. Instead, evolution and the plant's ingenuity is the master of this perfect cannabis plant.

While this strain is also 100% Indica, it does contain higher levels of CBD than Hindu Kush. This can provide a lovely boost of additional cannabinoids and encourage more profound levels of body relaxation--which is absolutely what this strain will provide! In addition, this potent Indica works on the body quickly, creating a muscle-melting and tranquil state that will eventually lead you towards a cozy spot for a nap.

The resinous and large almond-shaped buds are dense with broad green leaves and rusty red pistils. The abundant trichomes give these nuggets an almost shiny appearance. Afghan Kush is

often used in hash production because of its high THC content and the presence of abundant sticky crystals.

The scent of Afghan Kush evokes the image of a smokey hash bar. There are notes of spice, incense, and citrus that will entice your nostrils. The taste of the smoke is powerfully flavored by notes of hash with a subtle layer of fruit.

Enjoy this potent bud to help wind down after a long day or to find relief for body pain. The high THC levels and unusually high CBD content also provide an extra layer of fun. With Afghan Kush, you are ready to immerse yourself in a part of cultural history (be prepared to find a comfortable spot to relax in while you do it!).

Orange Kush

Winner of the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, Orange Kush is a classic Kush that enthusiasts have enjoyed for years. Known for its sedative but creativity-fueling effects, this strain can be enjoyed in good company or solo for a relaxing night on the couch.

The bright citrus flavor might make one think this strain leans towards a Sativa, but it is Indica-dominant. OG Kush and Orange Bud are the two parent strains, creating an incredible blend of two power hitters that fans are still enjoying decades after its introduction to the market. Orange Bud is an Indica-dominant strain, but it does have a streak of Sativa. That Sativa is felt in Orange Kush, providing a bright pop of creative focus and mental curiosity.

The dense, heavy, and long buds have dark green leaves with classically bright orange pistils. Glittering with crystalline trichomes, these nuggets are a feast for the eyes and a delight for the senses.

You'll notice the aroma of these flowers immediately. The buds exude notes of sweet orange dessert with vanilla and a hint of earthy funk. Some smokers may also notice an element of pine due to the presence of alpha and beta-pinene terpenes. The flavor that spreads through your mouth is earth and spice with a hint of citrus that lingers after you finish smoking.

If you're looking for a tasty and sweet flower to help you ease into a state of relaxation and sweet satisfaction, Orange Kush is a great option. Like many Kush strains, this bud is great for supporting sleep and stimulating the appetite. So enjoy the delicious aroma and sink into a blissful puddle as your mind explores new ideas and reasons to delight.

Connect to History With An Incredible Kush

Find yourself time traveling through botanical history by trying a Kush strain. Learning about the region where they grow natively can provide insight and an added layer to the experience. You can marvel at how these cannabis strains have been growing wild in the Hindu Kush mountains for countless years, honed by evolution and their hardy nature.

If you are looking for a sweet sedating strain that will melt your cares and leave you smiling and sleepy, welcome to the Kush family! You'll love getting to know them and thrill at the varieties that this incredible lineage has produced.


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