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Sweet Smelling Terpene

The terpene Delta-3-Carene is a sweet-smelling terpene that adds notes of damp cedar to cannabis strains. Also found in bell peppers, turpentine, oranges, and basil, delta-3-Carene is a non-psychoactive terpene.

Used in Everyday Products

Most notably for the woodsy scent and lemon flavor it produces, delta-3-Carene has found many uses in everyday products. It is commonly found in over-the-counter treatments for respiratory illnesses, such as sinus infections and colds, and in many antihistamine products. Cannabis urban legends claim that delta-3-Carene is responsible for the feeling of dry mouth that can accompany certain strains.

Natural Flavoring in Foods

Because of its high concentration in popular foods, it’s also a frequent addition to natural flavorings, perfumes, and aromatherapy products. It is commonly used in many salad dressings and teas. It is also a regular component of many high-grade insect repellents, thanks to its presence in turpentine.

Delta-3-Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene, meaning it contains only one isoprene unit. When extracted and isolated, delta-3-Carene presents as a non-water-soluble colorless liquid. It is chiral, meaning that it is not symmetrical to its mirror image. This is important chemical property that helps explain how delta-3-Carene can have several properties that seem to stand in opposition, such as how it produces a cedar scent but a citrus taste. This also makes delta-3-Carene a vitally important part of producing the entourage effect.

Strains with Delta-3-Carene

Although research has not progressed to the point where health claims can be made about delta-3-Carene, users who discover a preference for strains with high concentrations of the delta-3-Carene terpene may find they enjoy similar varietals. Strains that are high in delta-3-Carene include Super Lemon Haze, Skunk, OG Kush, and Jack Herer.

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