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This terpene is acyclic diterpene alcohol that is produced by the degradation of chlorophyll. This green and grassy flavored terpene is commonly found in green tea, cannabis, and hemp. The citrusy and herbaceous flavor is not as aromatic as other terpenes found in the cannabis family. However, it is one of the more researched terpenes, so there are many reasons to get excited about it.


Phytol is a terpene that has been the subject of various studies exploring its potential supportive qualities. Some research has looked into its antioxidant properties and its potential role in promoting cellular health. Additionally, there’s interest in phytol’s potential to support comfort, possibly due to its association with promoting a healthy inflammation response.

In hemp or cannabis, some believe that phytol might offer a sense of relaxation. Given its properties, vaping might be a method to experience phytol, especially considering its lower burning temperature. While phytol is present in hemp or cannabis in limited amounts, it’s sometimes added to vape pens for its unique flavor and potential supportive qualities.

Phytol continues to be a topic of interest in research circles for its potential benefits. Its flavor in hemp or cannabis is often described as citrusy and green, offering a refreshing taste experience.

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