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CBTV, or cannabitriolvarin, is a cannabinoid which is connected to cannabitriol, or CBT, and is a component of CBD. It was only recently discovered, and oddly enough, it is not actually known who made this discovery or when the discovery was made.

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Like CBT, the effects of CBTV are virtually unstudied thus far. This lack of research is due in part to both the current federal legal status of cannabis and the fact that the cannabinoid is difficult to produce in sufficient quantities for meaningful research.

Chemical Makeup

Little is known about CBTV at the moment, so information regarding its chemical makeup and how the compound is formed is limited. However, it is known that CBTV is formed from precursors of CBD, and this process occurs after exposure to light and heat.

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CBTV Effects

It is not known whether CBTV is psychoactive, which has led some to call for its prohibition, even in spite of the lack of research on the cannabinoid. It is also not known whether there are any potential medical benefits connected to CBTV, but there are some people who speculate that it may have similar effects to CBD.