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Delta 8 flower

What are Delta 8 THC flowers?

Delta-8 flower

Delta-8 flowers refer to cannabis flowers that are high in delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8-THC), a compound found in the cannabis plant. In addition, Delta-8-THC has psychoactive effects and is similar in chemical structure to delta-9-THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Delta-8 flowers are gaining popularity among cannabis aficionados because they are supposed to give a more mellow and relaxing high with less stress and paranoia than delta-9-THC. It's crucial to remember that delta-8-THC is still a psychoactive substance and can have negative consequences, especially in large doses. Consuming delta-8 flowers properly and moderately is vital, just as you would any other cannabis product.


How to Use Delta 8 Flowers

Delta-8 flowers can be used in several ways, depending on your preference and available equipment. Here are a few common methods for using delta-8 flowers:

Smoking: You can use delta-8 flowers through smoking. You can roll the flower into a joint or smoke a pipe or bong. Keep in mind that smoking can be harsh on the lungs and may produce a strong smell. If you already have smoking experience, this is often the best way to consume delta-8 products or hemp products.

Vaporizing: Another method of using delta-8 flowers is vaping them. Take a vape pen or vaporizer to heat the flower to a particular temperature. The vape pen vaporizes the delta-8 THC without burning it. Vape products can be easier for certain individuals.

Edibles: Delta-8 flowers can also be taken in the form of edibles. You can use the flowers to make cookies, brownies, or even gummies. However, you first need to decarboxylate the flower by heating it in the oven. Then, you need to mix it with any fat like oil or butter so that delta-8 THC gets infused into the recipe.

Tinctures: Lastly, you can also use delta-8 flowers as tinctures. Tinctures are basically concentrated liquids used for adding to food or beverages. To make a delta-8 tincture, you must infuse the delta-8 THC into a high-proof glycerine or alcohol solution.

It's important to start with a low dose of delta-8 flower and gradually increase it as needed to avoid overconsumption and potential side effects. Additionally, always consume delta-8 flowers responsibly and legally, following local laws and regulations.

How Delta 8 Flower is Made

Delta-8 flower is made by extracting Delta-8 THC from a cannabis or hemp plant and infusing it into dried flower material. The extraction process involves several steps. First comes the harvesting process, where the hemp or cannabis plants are harvested. Next, the delta-8 THC is extracted using numerous extraction processes. Hydrocarbon extraction, CO2 extraction, or ethanol extraction processes are used. These methods involve using solvents to extract the Delta-8 THC from the plant material. Next comes the refinement process where the delta-8 THC extract is refined to remove impurities. Here, different processes are used like winterization, decarboxylation, and distillation. Once the Delta-8 THC extract is refined, it is infused into dried flower material. This is typically done by spraying the extract onto the flower material or by soaking the material in the extract. Last comes the testing process where the extract is thoroughly tested before being sold to the market. Testing for THC content, as well as other cannabinoids, along with testing for dangerous components, dangerous chemicals, harmful chemicals, harmful components, and potential contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. Third-Party Laboratory Testing is always recommended. It is crucial to remember that manufacturing Delta-8 flowers is a difficult production process that calls for particular tools, knowledge, and heavy machinery. To ensure its quality and safety, it is advised to buy Delta-8 flowers from reliable vendors who use open-sourcing and testing procedures.

Different Types of Flower

There are several different types of Delta-8 flower available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics and effects. For instance, Indica Delta-8 flowers are widely used for their sedative and relaxing effects. Similarly, Sativa is another common type used for its uplifting and energizing effects. High-CBD delta-8 flowers are also quite common and are mostly used for addressing pain, discomfort, inflammation, or anxiety. They do not have the psychoactive effects of THC. There are also flavored delta-8 flowers that are infused with artificial or natural flavors. The citrus flavor is quite common among those who enjoy flavored products.

Delta-8 flowers on Reddit

Many subreddits for Delta-8 flowers on Reddit serve as an online forum for discussions. For instance, r/delta8 is a subreddit dedicated specifically to delta-8 THC and includes discussions about delta-8 flowers. Similarly, r/hempflowers is yet another subreddit focused on hemp flowers. Discussions about delta-8 flowers may be found in this subreddit. Another quite popular subreddit is r/trees, a general cannabis-related subreddit that covers a wide range of topics related to cannabis, including delta-8 flowers and Third-Party Testing. Lastly, you may check out another subreddit to learn more about what Redditors have to say about delta-8 flowers is r/CBDhempBuds. Here, users talk about CBD-rich flowers, delta-8 flower for sale, delta-8 flower products, delta-8 flower brands, and much more.

Delta 8 flower reviews

To learn about Delta-8 flower reviews, there are many reliable sources that you can check out. Firstly, FDA's official website is a great source for finding information related to strains of delta-8. Users can find a lot of information about different delta-8 THC flower strains, and the website also includes data about the strain's effects, flavors, and THC and cannabinoid content. Similarly, you can check out vendor websites to get specific product reviews. It can be difficult to find other users who have experiences with cannabis or delta-8 strains, but websites like these can help you get an idea. Reddit can also be a great source for reviews, thanks to the many subreddits dedicated to delta-8 flowers and cannabis products, in general.

Remember that everyone's experience with delta-8 flowers may vary, so it's a good idea to experiment with a new strain in modest doses first to determine how it will make you feel before consuming more. Remember to always consume safely and lawfully in line with local laws and regulations, and be aware of any dangers and adverse side effects related to delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 flower FAQs

Here we have discussed some delta-8 flower FAQs.

Can D8 flower get you high?

Yes, Delta-8 flower can get you high, as it contains Delta-8 THC, a psychoactive compound that can produce a range of effects, like euphoria, relaxation, and altered perception. Although Delta-8 THC shares structural similarities with Delta-9 THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, it is less strong and has a potential for gentler effects. The strain, dose, and mode of administration are some of the factors that might affect how intense the high is from Delta-8 flowers. 

How long does a delta 8 flower high last?

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis and hemp and is known for offering a milder high compared to its more commonly known cousin, Delta 9 THC. It's important to note that individual experiences with cannabis products, including Delta 8, can vary widely based on factors like personal tolerance, the specific product used, and the method of consumption.

When smoked or vaped, the effects of Delta 8 THC typically set in within a few minutes to half an hour, peaking around 30 minutes to 2 hours after use. The high from inhaled Delta 8 THC might last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours for most people.

Edibles or tinctures, however, have a longer onset time but may also provide a longer-lasting high — often anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. This is due to the different ways the body metabolizes these products.

Again, these are general ranges and can differ greatly from person to person. Factors affecting duration include metabolism, body mass, frequency of use, dosage, and the strain or concentration of Delta 8 in the product being used. It's also important to note that Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive substance and should be used responsibly. Always start with a lower dose and gradually increase it until you understand how it affects you personally. And always be sure the product you're using is from a reputable source and has been third-party tested for safety and potency.


What is the difference between delta 8 flower and regular?

Delta 8 THC flower and regular cannabis flower (which predominantly contains Delta 9 THC) indeed have several differences. Their effects, cultivation, and production processes set them apart.

Typically, the "regular" cannabis flower you might encounter in a dispensary is high in Delta 9 THC, the primary psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. It can produce a strong, euphoric high and has a wide range of effects on the body and mind, including increased heart rate, enhanced sensory perception, and altered perception of time.

On the other hand, Delta 8 THC flower refers to hemp flowers that have been treated with Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC is a different type of cannabinoid that occurs in much smaller quantities in the cannabis plant. Because it doesn't naturally occur in large amounts, producers typically extract it from hemp plants or synthesize it from CBD, another compound found in hemp.

The Delta 8 THC is then added to hemp flowers, effectively transforming them into a psychoactive product, albeit one with a more mild and clear-headed high compared to regular Delta 9 THC. This is the reason why you might see these products marketed as "Delta 8 flower."

The resulting Delta 8 THC flower provides a unique experience that combines the effects of Delta 8 THC and the other naturally occurring compounds in the hemp flower, like CBD and terpenes. Some people find this results in a more balanced and less anxiety-inducing experience than regular cannabis flower.

It's important to note that despite these differences, both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are psychoactive and should be used responsibly. Always start with a lower dose and gradually increase until you understand how these products affect you personally. Also, ensure that any products you use come from a reputable source and have been tested for safety and potency by a third party.

Which Delta 8 flower is the strongest?

The potency of Delta-8 flowers will likely differ between those with greater and lower THC content. A few strains, like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and White Widow, are also renowned for their extreme potency and powerful effects. It's vital to remember that each person's definition of strength may differ from another, so what one person considers strong may not be the same for another. Therefore, you may need to check the THC content of the strains and try it out for yourself to decide which one works the most for you.

Where to buy Delta-8 flowers?

Online sellers, dispensaries, and smoke shops are just a few places where you may get Delta-8 flowers. You can shop delta-8 flower from a variety of places like convenience stores or gas stations but to guarantee their safety and quality, it's crucial to buy Delta-8 flowers from reputable brands that use organic ingredients and natural ingredients and have a safe manufacturing process and cultivation processes. Consider parameters including a company's standing, the quality of its offerings, and adherence to regional rules and regulations while searching for Delta-8 flowers. Seek out businesses with open-sourcing and testing procedures like Third-Party Lab Testing and are upfront about the amount of THC and other cannabinoids in the products they offer. Lastly, also try to find a vendor that offers fair prices and customer satisfaction with its excellent customer service. Make sure that they have excellent product quality and consistent quality.

Is Delta-8 flower Legal?

Yes, Delta-8 flower is legal in certain states of the United States, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. It is presently legal in 38 states out of 50 states. States like Arizona, Alaska, Montana, California, and Nevada have not legalized the compound. Therefore, before you decide to consume delta-8 flowers, it is very important that you look into the legality of the particular state you are from.

How to dose?

Delta-8 THC can be potent, and it's important to start with a low dose and gradually increase it as needed to avoid overconsumption and potential side effects. Depending on certain factors like your weight, tolerance, as well as desired effects, the dose of delta-8 THC is determined. Firstly, you must start slow with a small dose like 5-10 mg and continue with that dosage for a few days to understand how it works for you. Increase the dosage gradually. Secondly, consult the method of consumption since it often determines the speed and potency of onset. You need to pay attention to your body and listen to what it has to say to you. In case you feel like the compound is not working for you and you are experiencing side effects, it is recommended that you lower the dosage or stop taking it. Lastly, you can always reach out to a professional in case you are not sure about how to proceed. A professional like a cannabis specialist will be able to guide you, depending on your particular situation and even tell you how much dosage you need.

What are the benefits of Delta-8 flower?

There are many benefits of delta-8 flower including medicinal purposes. Here, we have discussed a few of the positive health effects:
Pain relief: Studies have suggested that Delta-8 flowers have analgesic effects and can help with pain and inflammation. Therefore, individuals with chronic pain can use the compound to treat their pain.

Anxiety reduction: Delta-8 flowers have also been shown to have anxiolytic properties, meaning that it can promote relaxation and reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. Individuals who suffer from anxiety symptoms or disorders can benefit from the compound.

Appetite stimulant: Delta-8 flowers have also been shown to increase your appetite. Individuals suffering from appetite loss due to conditions like HIV, AIDS, or cancer can benefit from this.

Anti-nausea effects: Delta-8 flowers can help with reducing vomiting and nausea. For instance, those going through chemotherapy or other treatments can benefit from this.
Improved mood: Lastly, another proven benefit of delta-8 flowers is the mood-enhancing effects since they can promote happiness and euphoria.

However, just like delta-8 flowers have many benefits, they can sometimes have severe side effects when taken in high doses. Therefore, it is always recommended that you start the dosage slowly and monitor how the compound works for you.

Is Delta-8 flower safe to consume?

Essentially, high-quality delta 8 flower is believed to be no more harmful than premium-grade delta 9 THC buds. However, due to the complex process of creating delta 8, there's a risk of encountering substandard D8 flowers in the market.

Is Delta-8 harmful?

Based on current knowledge, the delta 8 molecule seems to have a safety profile similar to delta 9 THC. These two cannabinoids are almost identical, leading us to conclude that they likely interact with the body similarly.

The potential toxicity of delta 8 arises mainly from subpar production methods. Delta 8 is typically derived from another cannabinoid through a conversion process, which can be either safe or unsafe depending on the procedures followed.

Is Delta 8 flower sprayed with distillate?

Yes, to attain the necessary levels of delta 8 THC that can produce discernible effects, hemp flower is often treated with a delta 8 isolate or distillate. Top-notch delta 8 flower is usually treated with D8 distillate containing other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing both flavor and impact.

Where does Delta-8 flower come from?

Delta 8 flower doesn't naturally exist in large quantities. It's typically produced by breeding special hemp varieties to yield high amounts of CBD, which is then chemically converted into Delta 8 THC in a laboratory setting.

How is Delta 8 flower made?

Delta 8 flower is made by applying a thin layer of Delta 8 distillate onto CBD-rich hemp flower and then allowing it to dry. The Delta 8 distillate is produced through a chemical conversion process from CBD.

Does Delta-8 induce side effects?

Scientific studies suggest that the side effects of delta-8 THC are likely similar to those of delta-9 THC, which are generally mild. However, THC may not suit everyone, regardless of whether it's in its delta-8 or delta-9 forms.

Remember, D8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid, distinct from CBD, CBG, and other non-intoxicating hemp cannabinoids. Always be informed about the differences when making a decision that best fits your needs. Opt for high-quality hemp products for the safest and purest experiences.

Is Delta 8 flower synthetic?

No, Delta 8 flower is not synthetic. Delta 8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, although it appears in very low concentrations. It is often produced through a chemical conversion from CBD in commercial products.

Does Delta 8 flower smell?

Yes, Delta 8 flower does have a smell. It typically retains the aroma of the original hemp flower used in its production.

What does Delta 8 flower smell like?

The smell of Delta 8 flower can vary widely based on the strain of hemp flower used. However, it often retains the terpene profile of the original hemp flower so that it may have a range of smells, including earthy, herbal, floral, spicy, or citrusy notes.

How to make Delta 8 flower?

As mentioned earlier, Delta 8 flower is made by applying a Delta 8 distillate to hemp flower. However, the process of extracting and converting CBD to Delta 8 THC is complex and should be performed by professionals in a controlled environment to ensure safety and efficacy. It involves specialized knowledge in chemistry and the use of professional-grade equipment.

Where does Delta 8 flower come from?

Delta 8 flower comes from industrial hemp plants. Delta 8 itself is usually derived from CBD, which is extracted from the hemp plant and then chemically converted to Delta 8 THC. The resulting Delta 8 THC distillate can be applied to hemp flower to create Delta 8 flower.

Is Delta-8 more like an indica or sativa?

Delta 8 THC, like its more well-known cousin Delta 9 THC, is not inherently an Indica or Sativa. These terms are traditionally used in the cannabis community to describe the physical characteristics of the cannabis plant (Indica plants are typically short and bushy, while Sativa plants are tall and thin) and the effects they are believed to have on the user (Indica is often associated with relaxing effects, while Sativa is associated with more energizing effects).

Delta 8 THC, being a specific cannabinoid, can be extracted from both Indica and Sativa strains, and thus does not inherently lean towards being an Indica or Sativa. The effects of Delta 8 THC tend to be described as clear-headed, anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing), and less psychotropic compared to Delta 9 THC, but these effects can vary greatly depending on the individual and the specific product formulation.

For example, if a Delta 8 product is combined with terpenes that are more commonly found in Indica strains, the effects may be more similar to what is traditionally expected from an Indica. The same goes for Sativa and hybrid strains. As such, the effects of Delta 8 THC products can often be fine-tuned based on the other compounds they are formulated with, allowing for a wide range of potential experiences.

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Key Considerations when Purchasing Delta-8 Flower

When you're shopping for Delta 8 flowers, several factors warrant your attention. It's crucial to buy from a brand that values transparency and has earned a strong reputation. Taking the time to do some preliminary research is always a wise move.

Ensure the flower you select aligns with the federal Farm Bill stipulations and comes with a third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA). This Certificate provides a detailed breakdown of the cannabinoids present, including THC, CBD, and Delta 8. 

Reliable brands will readily share information about any added preservatives or additives, the origin of their products, and a complete cannabinoid profile. Armed with this information, you can verify if the potency of the flower matches the advertised claims.

Delta 8 Flower Strains

 Moonwalker Delta-8

Bubba Kush

OG Kush

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)

Mendo Breath

Space Cake strain

White Widow CBG

Diesel strain

GSC Cookies strain

Cheese strain

Gouda strain

Chem Dawg strain

Incredible Hulk strain

Biscotti strain

Sour Lifter strain

Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Exotic Alpen Gleaux purple weed

Kush Mints

Cherry Cheesecake strain

Super Lemon Haze

Pineapple OG


Orangelato delta-8

Northern Lights delta-8

Skywalker OG delta-8

Tangie delta-8

Purple Punch delta-8

Headband delta-8


 Can you bring Delta-8 flower on a plane?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revised its policies in 2019 following the 2018 Farm Bill's endorsement of hemp and its derivatives.

Before this change, all "marijuana and cannabis-infused products" were strictly forbidden. However, the updated rule makes an exception for "products encompassing no more than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight or those approved by the FDA", with a nod to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 for further clarification.

Under these regulations, hemp-based products, including cannabinoids, isomers, and additional extracts with less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC, are considered lawful at the federal level. This update also expunged tetrahydrocannabinols in hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.  

This signifies that Delta-8 is not categorized as a Controlled Substance but as a lawful hemp product, and no explicit restriction prevents you from taking Delta-8 on an airplane. Essentially, TSA's main focus isn't on detecting cannabis products. However, if they incidentally discover illegal substances during a baggage search, their policy is to hand it over to local law enforcement.

Moreover, if your Delta-8 items are mistakenly identified as Delta-9-THC products, be prepared for questioning while the products undergo testing.

It might be useful to carry proof of purchase (and any relevant test results) that validate your Delta-8 is indeed a legal hemp product. In the worst-case scenario, your hemp products might be seized, but it's improbable that you'd face arrest or prosecution.

This underlines the vital importance of procuring Delta-8 only from a reliable and credible source. If you possess Delta-8 products exceeding the legal Delta-9 limit, you might find yourself in a more difficult predicament.


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