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If you’re ever in the market for cannabinoid gummies, you may come across the term “pectin” on the product packaging. No, pectin is not yet another new cannabinoid that you need to study and store in your memory banks; it’s just the substance used to give your gummies their gumminess.

Pectin is a naturally occurring starch that can be found in a wide variety of different plants, including many fruits and vegetables. It is often combined with sugar and acid and used in jams and jellies to give them their gel-like texture, and it can also be used in cooking to thicken up a recipe.

In many gummy candies, such as gummy bears and gummy worms, pectin is the ingredient that produces a gummy texture. When it comes to products containing cannabinoids, pectin also serves a great purpose. It’s a crucial element of creating vegan gummies, as it is a naturally occurring, plant-based substance.

Gelatin, another common ingredient used to thicken foods and gummy products, is made from bones. That’s why you’ll most likely see a vegan-friendly seal on any cannabinoid gummy that uses pectin.

And if you were wondering — no, pectin does not take away from the flavor, texture, or any other enjoyable aspect of a gummy candy. It only makes the product more widely enjoyable.