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What is CBGVA?

Cannabigerovarinic acid, or CBGVA, is the carboxylic acid precursor to CBGV. This varin cannabinoid is part of the CBG class. The chemical structure of varin cannabinoids varies from that of other cannabinoids, as varin molecules have shorter carbon atom side chains. However, research has not noted many differences between the pharmacokinetics (how a chemical moves through the body) between varin and conventional non-psychotropic cannabinoids.

Carbonic Acids

Carbonic acids are abundant in hemp/cannabis plants, though they have molecularly unstable structures. When CBGVA is exposed to heat, a process called decarboxylation occurs, after which the acid becomes a more stable cannabinoid. Several other cannabinoids are a byproduct of decarboxylation, which is why CBGVA is known as a “stem cell” cannabinoid. It is the precursor to CBDVATHCVA, and CBCVA, which are all major cannabinoids.

CBGVA History

CBGVA was first isolated in 1972. While it has a significant prominence as a precursor to several other essential cannabinoids, very little research has gone into its own unique properties and effects on the human body. However, in the future, more development will likely go into CBGVA because it can be synthesized to create THCV. This cannabinoid is considered to be a lesser intoxicating form of THC.