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Delta 10 Flower - Orangelato Strain

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Orangelato Delta 10 Flower 

As a CBD-dominant strain, Orangelato infused Delta 10 flower is perfect to induce a relaxing and sedating feeling with a touch of creativity. Originating from a blend of oranges and sherbet, it delivers a fresh yet powerful experience to even seasoned cannabis users. 

Appearance-wise, Orangelato's pungent green flowers are compact and medium-sized, beautifully dusted by a fine coating of resin glands from the trichomes and further beautified by orange pistils. The strain has a distinct and enticing sweet tropical aroma. While the enticing aroma makes it neighbor-friendly, the earthy yet fresh citrus taste leaves quite an impression on the mouth. 

What strain is Orangelato?

The actual Orangelato's lineage is traced to Orange Push Pop X Sherb Bxc. And it leans towards Sativa at a percentage rate of 60 to 40 to Indica. In other words, the variety can be regarded as hybrid cannabis but also qualifies as Cannabis Ruderalis. That is so because of its richness in CBD, sometimes close to 20%, and little THC content, often less than 1%. 

Boasting concentration just less than 20% of CBD and low concentration of THC, Orangelato infused with delta 10 with no artificial additives is an excellent choice to unwind after a long day. 

How is Delta 10 Flower Made?

Though fast becoming the toast of stoners, Delta-10 is found in cannabis plants only in traceable amounts. In addition to the psychoactive feeling, many users have reported the cannabinoid to possess great therapeutic benefits, sedating and energizing like the regular Cannabis Sativa strains. Combining Delta 10 THC with hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes promotes creativity, productivity, and overall wellness. 

The process of extracting the cannabinoid directly from natural hemp stains requires high-end technology and enormous resources, making it not commercially feasible. Producing Delta 10 cannabinoids via extraction from CBD, which is the 2nd most active ingredient in cannabis plants, seems the most logical move for manufacturers. The categorization of Delta 10 remains a subject of controversy. Naturally occurring in Cannabis plants in a tiny amount, but synthetically produced hemp-derived CBD, which is considered federally legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill. As at the moment, Delta 10 THC, like other derivatives from hemp (a cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC), remains in the gray area as it is explicitly not prohibited in the bill. 

The final and similarly crucial step is deeply coating with a matching profile Orangelato flower grown indoors with entirely organic practices and dried under controlled conditions with the extracted purest form of Delta 10. The flower is then kiefed for increased and pressurized in a tight container.

The Best Delta 10 Flower Direct from the Source

Not many shops sell Delta 10 flowers at this moment. Considering the increasing popularity, it may not take long before we start seeing Delta 10 products at many gas stations, head shops, and online stores. While buying from the most convenient store is tempting, off-market companies and stores have no reputation for complying with the industry's standard manufacturing practices. 

As with other Delta 10 varieties and Cannabis products, buying from a top store is the only is guarantee that the Orangelanto Delta 10 flower is top quality, safe and legal. That comes with buying at a store like The Hemp Haus, with a standard and reputation to uphold. All cannabis products on display at the online store are sourced directly from 17 farms that employ indoor or light-assisted greenhouse farming and 3 accredited labs certified by cGMP

Pesticide Free Growing Practices

Due to the extraction process used in making Delta 10 flowers, it's pertinent to be pretty sure the delta 10 glazed Orangelato is free from no pesticide/herbicide and artificial additives. Get ready to get your mind blown with unforgettable that get you bursting with energy and a sudden surge of creativity when you smoke Orangelato infused Delta 10 flower. 


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