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Cannabicyclovarin (CBLV)

CBLV (Cannabicyclovarin)

Cannabicyclovarin, or CBLV, is a minor, non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in cannabis or hemp. It is specifically located in the resinous trichomes of the plant. As a lesser-known cannabinoid, research on its properties and potential therapeutic uses is still in its research infancy. Therefore, we do not have much direct research on this particular cannabinoid, however, as it is in the CBL class, which means that it is derived from the cannabinoid CBC.


While there haven't been extensive studies into CBLV, have more research on CBC. It is assumed that CBVL could help the body with essential functions like increasing the levels of certain endocannabinoids, like anandamide. Like many other cannabinoids, this one has the potential to support the body as an anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant, nausea aid, and pain relief.

CBLV History

In fact, this is how CBLV was first identified in which CBC was irradiated. In 1972, researchers identified CBVL optically colorless and inactive needles. But since then, there have not been considerable efforts to learn more about this varin cannabinoid. However, since there is growing interest in CBL, plus reduced restrictions on marijuana research, it is likely that more information about this cannabinoid will emerge in the coming years. 


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