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Cream Knock Out THCP Live Resin Disposable Rechargeable Vape


Cream Knock Out Strawberry Cough THCP Disposable Vape 2.2ml

The sativa-dominant strain Strawberry Cough powers this THCP disposable vape by adding a heady and energizing feel to the normal THCP experience.

This smooth-hitting vape boasts a delicious flavor of sun-ripened strawberries and an aroma of open fields and sweet earth, but its real gift is the combination of muscular sativa genetics alongside THCP, the most potent cfvannabinoid ever discovered.

Together, they combine to produce a truly unique experience. The high is heady and intense. It bolsters energy level and shifts the mind into high gear. It’s a perfect day time option for advanced cannabis users who are accustomed to strong highs.

Thanks to its psychedelic edge, the Strawberry Cough THCP disposable vape is a favorite among creative workers, who enjoy the imaginative feelings it produces.

Great for passing among friends or enjoying the afternoon sun, Strawberry Cough’s effects are primarily in the mind, but its indica side can be felt as a light body buzz that engenders feelings of blissful relaxation.

What Strain is Strawberry Cough?

Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its genetic makeup is comprised of 80% sativa genes and 20% indica genes, making it one of the most heavily tilted hybrid varietals.

While its exact parentage is unknown, Strawberry Cough is most often thought to be a cross between the sativa-heavy hybrid strain Haze and an indica-dominant strain called Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Cough takes its name from its fruit flavor and its tendency to induce bouts of coughing thanks to a dense bud structure and stickiness that makes it rough on the throat. In vape form, however, the strain loses its throat-irritating qualities while retaining its delicious flavor and mind-altering abilities.

The strain features classic sativa traits, including intense feelings of euphoria and a jolt of energy that can elevate moods and unlock creative juices. A single puff from this Strawberry Cough THCP vape will have you smiling from ear to ear and deliver a rousing jolt of energy to your system.

Cream Mango Kush Disposable Knock Out THCP Vape

Bolstered by the of the world’s most potent cannabinoid, this Mango Kush THCP vape is a potent reminder of everything great about cannabis.

A delicious flavor of tropical mango begins every hit, and the experience only gets better from there. The sleek and compact vape is convenient for home or on-the-go use, and the premium vape juice guarantees smooth pulls on each inhale.

The strain itself is an indica-dominant hybrid that is best known for produces uproarious bouts of laughter while creating pleasant, calm sensations in the body.

Mango Kush TCHP is a strain that works perfectly for users who want to feel better fast. Almost instantly, euphoric sensations begin to buzz in the mind and the body starts to tingle. As the high progresses, users can look forward to a flood of creative thoughts that can make everything seem funny, and a buzzing body high that feels like your muscles have turned into melting butter.

It’s a great choice for daytime or early evening use and can make even the worst day seem not so bad. Vaping a few puffs before turning on a movie or hanging out with friends can ratchet your enjoyment up to 11 and turn a mundane night into an unforgettable experience.

What is the most dominant strain in Mango Kush?

The genetics of Mango Kush run deep. As a 65% indica, 35% sativa hybrid strain, it should be no surprise that Mango Kush delivers a relaxing and fun high. But that doesn’t tell the complete story.

Mango Kush was created by crossing the legendary Hindu Kush strain with the delicious and mood-elevating Mango strain. Both of these popular and long-heralded varietals are nearly pure indicas, which explains the raw power behind Mango Kush’s high.

By drawing from the body-melting feelings of Hindu Kush and the laugh-out-loud feelings inspired by Mango, the new strain achieves a kind of high that blends relaxed vibes with mental stimulation in a new and enjoyable way.

Part of that comes from Mango Kush’s 35% sativa genetics, which gives it a more energizing feeling that either of its parent strains.

So, which parent strain is more dominant in Mango Kush? From a pure feeling standpoint, it’s got to be Mango. While the Hindu Kush feeling is definitely there, the euphoric and energizing sensations MK delivers are more in line with the high from Mango, which is also laughter-inducing.

However, fans of Kush strains will still find a lot to enjoy with this strain, as it keeps the core components of the legendary indica alive. It just elevates the high to a more cerebral space.


Cream Knock Out Berry Gelato THCP Disposable Vape 2.2ml

Berry Gelato THCP Disposable Vape is a powerhouse strain that’s perfect for fans of heavy indica experiences with a psychedelic tinge. On its own, the Berry Gelato creates sensations of calm relaxation that ripple throughout the body. When combined with the most potent cannabinoid in existence, the feelings go nuclear.

This 2.2ml vape is best suited for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts who understand their limits and desire high-wattage effects. It delivers the kind of deep, smooth-hitting pulls that can make novice users feel sleepy or provide a psychedelic good time for those with more experience.

A true nighttime or evening strain, Berry Gelato THCP is best enjoyed once all responsibilities are completed and all that’s left of the day can be spent relaxing. Its intense THCP effects create sleepy sensations that create calming sensations almost instantly and leave you ready for bed as the high wears off.

Some users report feeling couchlock from this strain, while others say it simply creates extremely good feeling sensations in the body. How it affects you will depend on your tolerance level and the way you typically respond to strong indicas.

What strains make up berry gelato?

Berry Gelato was created by crossing two immensely popular strains. The union that produced Berry G came from potent hybrid strain Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, a phenomenal tasting indica.

The genetic material passed down by Blueberry easily explains the sweet fruity taste that characterizes Berry Gelato. But it contributes to the mighty potency. Blueberry has been a massively popular strain over the last two decades. It first surged onto the scene in the year 2000, when it claimed the title of “Best Indica” at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Blueberry Gelato inherited a lot of what makes Blueberry so great. And, thanks to the addition of the world’s most potent cannabinoid, it’s even more powerful. If you’re in the mood to chill out after work, enjoy a long movie, or simply get lost in an easygoing vibe, this sleek vape is your chance.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies or Thin Mint GSC also passed down premium genetics to Berry Gelato. The GSC line is famous for its powerful and evenly balanced high, which includes muscle-melting sensations and a blast of euphoria. It’s safe to say that Berry Gelato possesses both of those attributes in spades. Just like Thin Mints GSC, it’s powerful and calming, providing a sublime and relaxing vibe to permeate throughout the body while a sense of calm spreads.


Cream Knock Out Sour Tangie THCP Disposable Vape 2.2ml

This Sour Tangie THCP vape is powered by a deliciously upbeat strain that creates intense effects in body and mind.

From the very first hit, users will instantly recognize the unmistakable citrus flavor that has made the Sour Tangie flower so popular. The normal Sour Tangie high is a perfect mix of indica and sativa sensations that creates soothing, relaxing feelings in the body and energizes the mind. With the addition of THCP, the high is roughly the same—but exponentially stronger.

Thanks to a sleek and easy-to-conceal delivery system, this disposable vape allows users to take the potency of THCP with them wherever they go. Whether on the couch or on a hike, it’s never been easier to enjoy an extra smooth and full-flavored hit of cannabis.

THCP, the most potent cannabinoid in existence, is a naturally occurring molecule that functions like a more efficient kind of THC. Most experts peg the THCP’s as five to ten times more powerful than regular Delta 9 THC. While THCP’s effects are similar to those created by THC, it’s important to note that strong doses of THC can create psychedelic experiences.

In the case of this Sour Tangie THCP disposable vape, that means that users can expect a dialed-up experience. The high buzzes in the mind, leading to intense feelings of euphoria, and soothes the body, causing sensations to spread throughout your core and limbs like.

What is Sour Tangie?

Sour Tangie, which is also called Sunva, is a hybrid strain with a genetic makeup that is 80% sativa and 20% indica. It’s the product of crossing East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie and delivers a mouth-watering flavor of tangerine.

But while its citrus flavor may be its most noticeable characteristic, its genuine appeal lies in the balanced effects it delivers. A perfect strain for afternoons and evenings, Sour Tangie both elevates and calms. It’s a perfect for choice for users who want to experience the full-spectrum of cannabis effects at their highest levels.

Whether you plan to watch a movie, hang out with friends, finish up some household chores, or enjoy a hike, Sour Tangie is a versatile strain that works for almost any occasion. It’s a great option to enjoy with friends or on your own, thanks to its evenly balanced powers that can elevate moods and calm the body.

In a high-powered THCP form, Sour Tangie starts out strong and slowly levels off. Even during the comedown, the experience never descends into couchlock or full-blown lethargy, but your energy levels may dip as the energizing buzz fades.

Cream Knock Out Grape Goji OG THCP Disposable Vape 2.2ml

An energizing, laughter-inducing strain, Grape Goji OG THCP is a sativa-forward hybrid in a convenient vape form.

The best way to describe the high is heavy. The intensity of THCP, the most potent cannabinoid in existence, adds extra strength to this already powerful strain. The result is an experience that makes heavy users feel like newbies.

With a flavor reminiscent of sweet Asian fruit and an extra-smooth pull, this Grape Goji Berry THCP vape delivers all the fun of a typical OG with an added punch of THCP. That means the traditional extreme body high is augmented by a full dose of euphoric, mind-expanding effects thanks to the world’s strongest cannabinoid.

Simply put: this disposable vape creates a high that makes your body feel good and will your head crackling with energy. Many users report bursting into fits of laughter or following their thoughts into deep rabbit holes of odd curiosities.   

Its unique combination of high-wattage sativa genetics and premium THCP means this product is best suited for use during daylight hours. Taking a few puffs from a Grape Goji OG THCP vape late in the evening can leave your mind with too much energy for sleep.

What strains make up Grape Goji OG?

Experienced users will quickly spot the OG at the end of this strain’s name, a reliable sign of high-quality genetics. The OG comes from Nepali OG (sometimes called Nepali Kush), which is a sweet-smelling pure indica strain that delivers an astonishing body high.

Grape Goji OG’s other parent is Goohead (also called Snow Lotus), a hybrid strain composed of 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics.

So how does a strain like Grape Goji, composed of the cross between a pure indica and a true hybrid, end up delivering premium sativa effects? Some of it has to do with the recessive genetics, but another clue comes from a quirk in the way Goohead operates. Although it’s a 50/50 hybrid, it behaves like a classic sativa, creating a euphoric head high that leaves users buzzing with good vibes.

From the first hit, you’ll be able to tell that the ability to highlight sativa feelings has been passed down to Grape Goji OG. The difference is that Grape Goji OG combines its mood-elevating sativa effects with a resounding body buzz that will leave you feeling like you’re on a fun vacation. The calming sensations in the body combine with the energized head high to create a vibe that is pure fun.

Cream Blue Zkittlez Disposable Knock Out THCP Vape

The Blue Zkittlez disposable THCP vape is a delicious, convenient, and extra potent way to experience the ultimate cannabinoid.

This discrete and easy-to-carry vape pen dispenses smooth drags bursting with the delicious candy flavor of Blue Zkittlez flower and the intensity of a THCP. Every delicious pull fills your mouth with the taste of blueberry candy while sending a high-wattage dose of active cannabis molecules into your system.

A true indica strain, Blue Zkittlez produces relaxing sensations, appetite stimulation, and loads of positive energy. In THCP form, the effects are cranked up to extreme levels, making it a great choice for relaxing in the evening, enjoying social events, watching TV, or relaxing on the beach.

Blue Zkittlez creates a cheerful mood that helps to ease unpleasant mental sensations and reframe your outlook to be more positive. Unlike traditional indicas, it tends to be mentally stimulating and can leave you feeling social and ready to chat. At the same time, it delivers potent feelings of relaxation. The result is a calm and happy outlook that crackles with mental energy.

What makes Blue Zkittlez so popular?

Blue Zkittlez is one of a handful of strain created by crossing the ultra-popular Zkittlez strains with other varietals. But while most of the other Zkittlez strains have received less-than-stellar receptions, Blue Zkittlez has become a mainstay in dispensaries across the world. What’s different about it?

Blue Zkittlez is one of the few Zkittlez flavors that manages to be even more potent than its tasty predecessor. Its power comes from Blue Diamond, its other parent. That strain was first created by growers focused on breeding new varietals for medical marijuana patients. It was bred to be potent, and it exceeded expectations. In fact, the strain proved so popular, seed growers began selling Blue Diamond to recreational dispensaries, whose customer base had been clamoring for more powerful varietals.

With genetics like that, it’s no surprise that Blue Zkittlez took the world by storm. Its high is unique. It leaves you feeling upbeat and energized in a calm manner. Some users feel extra social while taking Blue Zkittlez, while others say it’s more about a positive and joyful relaxation.

Even though it’s an indica, it won’t leave you with feelings or couchlock or extreme tiredness. Instead, it delivers a low-key energizing experience that is both fun and stress-free.


What are THCP Vape cartridges?

THCP vape cartridges are the simplest and most convenient way to experience the extreme highs of THCP. If you’ve been searching for the most potent cannabinoid in existence, look no further than THCP. 

Our THCP vape cartridges are formulated to deliver effective, measured doses of THCP. Each cartridge is filled with a specially formulated blend of premium hemp-produced cannabis oil and THCP. It produces effects that are virtually identical to regular (Delta 9) THC, but at a much higher intensity. 

First discovered by accident in 2019, THCP has quickly become one of the most popular cannabinoid products on the market. The molecule itself occurs naturally within cannabis flower, but remained undetected for decades until a group of scientists from Italy stumbled across it while searching for something else. 

The THCP molecule itself is like regular THC, but with two added carbon atoms on its alkyl chain. Those extra atoms allow it to interact with your endocannabinoid system more efficiently, like adding Red Bull to your coffee. The result is a tremendously powerful high that feels like a regular THC on steroids. 

What is the Strength of THCP Vapes?

THCP vapes are powered by the world’s strongest naturally occurring cannabinoid. They deliver effects that are 5 to 10 times more potent than traditional THC. 

Users describe THCP as a more intense and mind-blowing version of THC. Because of the extra power, THCP vapes are recommended for experienced users. Those who are new to cannabis products should start with something less potent to keep from experiencing overwhelming effects. 

The added horsepower of THCP comes courtesy of the molecule’s unique chemical structure, which allows it to interact with the CB1 receptors in your endocannabinoid system 33 times more efficiently than THC does. That statistic leads many people to assume that THCP is 33 times stronger than THC, but that’s not accurate. 

The human endocannabinoid system can only process so many effects from the CB1 receptor. You can think of it like pouring water into a glass; eventually the glass becomes full, and any extra water spills out. The same is true with your system. Your body can only handle a certain number of cannabinoids at a time. It’s thought that THCP may max out your system’s ability. So even though it’s 33 times more efficient, it only generates effects that are 10 times more potent. 

What are the Effects of THCP Vapes?

The potency of THCP vapes has quickly become legendary. Even users with high tolerances will experience intense effects. A single puff or two on a THCP vape is usually enough to provide a premium-quality high, while multiple hits can deliver truly mind-bending experiences. 

THCP affects the body in the same that regular Delta 9 THC does. Working through your CB1 and CB2 receptors within your endocannabinoid system, it affects many body processes, including those related to pleasure, sleep, and hunger. This effect is commonly known as a high—and THCP’s high is extremely potent. 

Because it’s several times more powerful than THC, but creates similar effects, every toke on a THCP vape is the equivalent of taking five to ten tokes on a regular THC vape. The extra power of THCP can result in semi-psychedelic effects that can elevate the sensations. 

For cannabis users who haven’t tried THCP before, the best advice is to start with a single hit and wait a few minutes before taking another. The extreme potency of THCP products can cause even experienced to get higher than expected. If you want to be sure to avoid getting too high, wait 15 minutes between hits. 

Where to buy THCP in store and online

Because it’s so new, THCP is more difficult to find than many other cannabis products. Worse still, some products claiming to be THCP products are actually fake products that simply repackage Delta 8 or Delta THC.

If you’re wondering where to buy high-quality THCP products, look no further than the Hemp Haus. If you’re near the Kansas City, Missouri, area please stop by the storefront location at 1708 W 39th Street to browse the wide variety of THCP products available. 

Or, if you’re too far away, you can shop The Hemp Haus’ full inventory of THCP and other products at 

How Does THCP Work with Other Cannabinoids?

Like all natural cannabinoids, THCP functions in harmony with other cannabis molecules. When it is paired with CBD, CBG, Delta 8 THC, or other molecules that are commonly found in hemp and cannabis plants, the results are often more than the sum of their parts. 

This is commonly known as The Entourage Effect. 

While THCP is a recently discovered molecule, it’s always been a part of the cannabis plant. There is a very high likelihood that people who have cannabis products have already tried very small doses of THCP in other products, such as full-spectrum cannabis oil. It may even be an essential element in creating a high. 

For this reason, it’s common for THCP products to combine feature other cannabinoids. Combining multiple active cannabinoids leads to a better experience that takes full advantage of the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect leads to a better high, one that is more enjoyable, balanced, and less prone to produce negative side effects like paranoia or anxiety. Cannabinoids have a way of naturally equalizing each other out, allowing their effects to shine at the height of their abilities. 

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