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Zkittles - thehemphaus
fortified Zkittles COA - thehemphaus
Zkittles Delta 8 Flower 28g jar - thehemphaus
Zkittles Delta 8 Flower - thehemphaus
Zkittles D8 flower in 1 oz jar - thehemphaus
Zkittles Delta 8 bud - thehemphaus
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Load image into Gallery viewer, fortified Zkittles COA
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Zkittles Delta 8 Flower 28g jar
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Zkittles Delta 8 Flower
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Zkittles D8 flower in 1 oz jar
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Zkittlez D8 flower

A stunning indica-forward hybrid strain, Zkittlez Delta 8 THC flower combines a sweet taste with potent relaxing effects that are perfectly suited for users who desire a soothing body high that leaves the mind clear.


The strain, which also goes by the names Skittles, Skittlez, and Island Zkittlez, has built a standout reputation in the crowded indica-dominant market thanks to its extremely pleasant effects.


Zkittlez Delta 8 THC flower produces a high that comes on strong and lasts for hours. The feelings begin in the spine or back of the head and slowly spread outward, like a gentle wave in the ocean. It creates sensations of heavy limbs and unwinding muscles while imbuing the mind with a clear-headed burst of pleasant enjoyment. Negative thoughts begin to vanish as the body fully succumbs to an all-over relaxation that leaves users with a happy-go-lucky vibe. Some users report that Zkittlez boosts their creativity and focus, while others laud it as a gentle and relaxing buzz that takes the edge off harsh feelings.


Renowned for its indica effects, Zkittlez Delta 8 flower is a great early to late evening strain. It’s a great way to shake off the stress of work, relax before dinner, or settle into the couch for a Netflix binge-a-thon.


Produced exclusively with organic farming practices, this Delta 8 flower is grown in indoor light-assisted greenhouses—never outside. Each plant reaches a full and natural maturity without the use of harsh pesticides, then harvested and hand-cured over 12-14 days for maximum taste, smell, cannabinoid content and potency.


The Look, Smell, and Taste


Visually, Zkittlez buds exhibit a deep green hue with purplish undertones. The colors combine in a psychedelic swirl that can look positively beautiful. The mid-sized nugs are fluffy and adhered to a fairly tapered shape and measure between two and three inches. From stem to core, the plant is coated in trichomes that make breaking up these nugs quite sticky.


While the appearance of Zkittlez is worthy of social media likes, the strain’s real signature is its off-the-charts taste. Every inhale brings a deliciously sweet flavor profile that is reminiscent of fruit candy. Notes of grape and strawberry are immediately noticeable, with very subtle notes of wet earth upon exhale.


The smell of Zkittlez is closely related to its taste. It blends heavy citrus notes with lighter hints of berries. The smell is strong but doesn’t permeate the air like some pungent strains. Instead, it provides a pleasant background odor that disappears quickly once the smoking ends.

Zkittlez Terpene Profile Includes:

 Carene Pinene
Myrcene Humulene
Limonene Linalool
Valencene Terpinolene

What Strain is Zkittlez?

Zkittlez is a cross between two beloved strains, the dark-colored and powerful indica Grape Ape and Grapefruit, a deliciously effective sativa.


With genetics like that, it’s no wonder that Zkittlez has gone on to win awards across the cannabis space. Grape Ape has long been a favorite of indica users worldwide, leading many to incorrectly associated purple buds with ridiculously high potency. Zkittlez’ other parent, Grapefruit, is almost a polar opposite. It’s a cerebral sativa-focused hybrid that mainly affects mind and mood. Zkittlez is the rare offspring of wildly disparate parents that demonstrates how great genetics can function across generations.


Zkittlez takes the best qualities of both parents, allowing users to feel the benefits of a premium indica with the upbeat mental clarity of a high-grade sativa.


Zkittlez powerful genetics and unique taste led it to claim first prize in the Indica Division at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cups in both San Francisco and Michigan during its first outing as a contestant. The next year, it did even better, taking home the highest award at the 2016 Emerald Cup.

Who created Zkittlez?

The crazy idea to breed a heavy indica with a potent sativa to produce Zkittlez was the brainchild of 3rd Gen Fam, a company of growers on the U.S. western coast.


The growers immediately recognized the potential of Zkittlez thanks to its unique and abundant terpene profile. The high trichome count and ridiculous amount of resin the plant produced were nice touches, but it was the high-octane aroma of sweet berries that first drew attention to the varietal.


As the growers began passing out samples of Zkittlez to friends and family, they basked in the praise it received and ultimately realized they needed to begin product in earnest.


Sharing Zkittlez with the world was the right call. Even though it’s somewhat difficult to grow, and produces extra tall plants, the unrivaled taste and smell combined with deliriously enjoyable effects has made Zkittlez and instant hit.


The strain has proven so popular, it has become a solid option for breeders, who have developed entire new lineages from it, including strains like Blue Zkittlez, Runtz, White Runtz, and more.


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