CBD Dosing

CBD Dosing 101

The Fundamentals

1. There’s no catchall dose with CBD. How much, what type and what method
works best will be unique to you.
2. Our bodies’ do their own thing. Depending on certain criteria, like age, weight
, and diet, we all process CBD differently.
3. Your target dose may vary. It all comes down to the condition—and its
severity—that you want to address. (That’s the beauty of CBD … it’s

Getting Started

1. Ease into it. Start with a base dose and keep it up for seven days. After that,
increase 1-2mg a day until you find that “just right” result.
2. Stick with the sweet spot. Studies show that taking more than your optimal dose
can possibly reduce the effectiveness of CBD.
3. Keep it consistent. The best results from CBD come with regular use.
4. Have concerns? Ask your doctor. Questions about how CBD with interact with
your daily meds, vitamins, etc. should be discussed with a physician.
Microdosing Cheat Sheet (or Microdosing at a Glance or Microdosing—A Quick Look
or Microdosing Hack or Microdosing Strategy)
Microdosing = A small amount of CBD, several times per day
Microdosing can clue you into how very specific doses of CBD throughout the day can
make you feel, and what the resulting cumulative effect is at the end of the day. People
who practice microdosing believe that the less CBD used, the more effective it is.

Standard Dosing Cheat Sheet

Standard Dose = Single amount of CBD, once per day
Remember: Try to stick with a 7-day regimen before tweaking your does. More CBD
does not always = better.
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