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The Hemp Haus Guarantee

The Hemp Haus Guarantee


Quality—If we wouldn’t put it in our bodies, it’s not getting in our store. (Are we CBD snobs? Maybe. We prefer to think of it as just having high standards.)

Transparency—If we’re selling it, we’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about a CBD product—from where it was sourced, to 3rd party lab testing, to a brand’s origin story.

Education—We know it’s important to share our knowledge and experience. That’s why we’re always ready to talk CBD with anyone who wants to know more!


We LOVE IT that so many people are talking about CBD. There’s so much buzz—a ton of information popping up everywhere. And while we love the attention CBD and hemp are getting, and the change in so many attitudes (including politicians!), with great hype, unfortunately, comes a great deal of misleading and, sometimes, just plain wrong information.


It can be difficult to wade through.


Fortunately, we’ve already done that for you. And because of our extensive experience within the hemp industry, we can spot the imposters a mile away, and we know how to put a product to the test.


Here’s some of what we require from our brands:


  • Hemp products are grown on farms compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill
  • Hemp products are grown on farms that are either: certified organic, grown to organic standards, grown to food grade standards
  • Products contain 0.3% THC or less
  • Products are produced in GMP compliant facilities OR commercial kitchens that are registered with the FDA and state health departments
  • Certificates of Analysis for source CBD
  • Certificates of Analysis for finished product (when applicable)
  • 3rd party testing for: potency, purity, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, residual solvents and pesticides