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$99 Ounces of Delta 8 Flower

Our highest quality CBD flower is infused with the purest Delta 8 THC distillate, then kiefed to a maximum frost level.  With our proprietary solvent free method of application, not only do you get higher levels of Delta 8 THC, but also the cleanest, solvent free flower on the market. 

Buy Hemp Flower with Delta 8 THC Online

Need to order delta 8 thc flower online?  The Hemp Haus carried a varied of Delta 8 Flower strains from their own Stardust Hemp Brand, and will ship it to the 38 states that Delta 8 is legal to purchase in. 

Delta 8 Flour Ounce

Buy Delta 8 Flour Ounce from one of the best CBD Delta 8 Flower strains on the market for only $99!  

Flower Strains

Moonwalker Delta 8

Bubba Kush

OG Kush

Grand Daddy Purple

Mendo Breath

Space Cake

White Widow CBG

Diesel Strain

Cookies Strain

Headband Strain

Kush Mints

Gouda Strain

Chem Dawg Strain

Cherry Cheesecake Strain

Biscotti Strain

Sour Lifter Strain

Delta 8 Moon Rocks

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