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Try These Delta 8 Indica Strains to Add Some Chill to Your Weekend!

Have a Chill Weekend by Trying these Delta 8 Indica Strains

Indica strains are prized for their relaxing, full-body effects. Users searching for a chill, easygoing high or and those who want a clear-minded opt for indica strains.

But the term “indica” doesn’t refer to effects. It refers to the species. Cannabis indica is a different kind of plant than cannabis sativa. This explains why some indica plants have energizing effects and some sativa plants produce chill feelings. Indica plants tend to be shorter with wider leaves, while sativa plants usually grow taller.

These days, however, people are more interested in a plant’s effects than its genetics. Indica has become a shorthand way to say, “sedative and relaxing.” So, if you’re on the hunt for chill weekend vibes or want a way to unwind after work, pick up some indica strain Delta 8 flower and get ready for a pleasant, relaxing high that soothes away stress and relaxes the body.

Here are a few of the best Delta 8 indica strains:

Moonwalker OG

With a mix of piney and earthy aromas, the Moonwalker OG Indica strain delivers relaxing body effects.  At As one of the most potent Delta 8 THC strains on the market, Moonwalker OG has become a favorite for users who want to low-key and relaxed experience.

Moonwalker Delta 8

Recommended for during the evening or nighttime, Moonwalker also has sedative effects. It can help users get to sleep and fight insomnia.

As an Indica-dominant strain, Moonwalker’s primary effects soothe the body. However, it also delivers mental effects. Moonwalker helps to alleviate stress and workday worries, but it also lifts moods and spark creativity.

Moonwalker OG has a delicious taste of citrus and sugar. Its buds have a fluffy, rounded appearance and range from olive to dark green. It was created as a cross between Triple OG and Tahoe Alien.

Side effects from Moonwalker OG are limited. The biggest side effect is drowsiness, but it can also cause couchlock and the munchies. It’s a great strain for watching movies or enjoying a night at home.

Bubba Kush Indica Strain

This indica strain is as relaxing as it gets. It’s a potent strain helps conquer sleep troubles and turns any bed into the epitome of comfort. A strain custom-built for night use, Bubba Kush hits quickly and lasts a long time. The effects begin by relaxing the extremities and progresses throughout the body, leaving a permeating feeling of calmness and total serenity. Just a few hits of Bubba Kush leaves users happy and relaxed without the mental fog that can come from sativa strains.

Bubba Kush Indica Strain

It’s the right strain for a clear-headed segue into sleep or for experienced users who want a more powerful kind of sedative. It’s been a popular choice for insomniacs and people with ADHD who want a way to relax without mental effects.

Bubba Kush’s large, dense buds are colored green with hints of purple. Short amber hairs run across a cratered surface dusted with white trichomes. It has a sweet flavor that tastes almost like chocolate with under notes of coffee, while its aroma is closer to a damp pine forest.

Bubba Kush’s roots are uncertain. It was created during the mid 1990s, when a breeder called “Bubba” crossed OG Kush from Afghanistan with an unknown indica strain from New Orleans. The result was so potent and tasty that the breeder name it after himself. Since its inception, many growers have speculated that the second parent could have been a Northern Lights varietal, but the true strain may never be known.

This Delta 8 strain indica strain is grown indoors in light-assisted greenhouses. The plant itself grows very tall and is usually harvested in October.

Cookies Strain

The Cookies Indica Strain lives up to its name by delivering a delicious taste and fun effects. An indica that’s relaxing without causing drowsiness, it’s a great choice for a relaxing time with friends. It both relaxes the body and energizes the mind, leaving users perfectly at ease and ready to enjoy socializing. Although it’s relatively new, the Cookies Indica strain has already gained an ardent following. It was so popular out of the gate, it took first place in the “Best Coffeeshop Strain” at High Times’ 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

Cookies Strain

Although it’s often confused with other similarly named strains, such as Lemon Cookies or Girl Scout Cookies, this indica varietal stands out from the crowd. It was created specifically for coffeehouse meetups. It has a modest amount of Delta 8 THC and CBD and boasts a 70-30 indica-sativa split, making it both de-stressing and energizing.

Best known for its delicious and sweet taste, the Cookies Indica strain produces dense broccoli-shaped buds with a light green coloring. It has a pleasing aroma that smells like fresh-baked cookies and sugar, with subtle traces of vanilla and cherry.

The strain the result of breeding the indica OG Kush with a sativa called Durban Poison, which hails from Africa. It can be enjoyed at any time of day without negative side effects.

Mendo Breath Strain

Mendo Breath Strain is the go-to strain for users who want to feel great. It causes giddy, euphoric feelings making it a popular medicinal choice. Because of its potency, Mendo Breath is often best used after work or at night.

Mendo Breath Strain

Mendo Breath was considered a rare strain until recently, when users began reporting that its powerful body effects. 

Composed of dark green dense buds that are covered with orange hairs and frosty white crystals, Mendo Breath emits an aroma that smells of caramel, vanilla, and pine. Mendo Breath was created by crossing the sedative OG Kush Breath with a powerful 50-50 hybrid Mendo Montage. The result surpasses both parents in terms of sheer potency.

This Delta 8 indica dominant strain works on two fronts at once, sinking the body into deep relaxation while flooding the mind with a hazy euphoria. Some people find that Mendo Breath puts them directly to sleep, while others say it animates their mind too much for a quick rest. First-time users should approach Mendo Breath with caution and stick to the evening trial run to see how they experience it.

Side effects include drowsiness, couchlock, and red eyes.

Headband Strain

Headband Strain is a hybrid Delta 8 THC strain that ramps up creativity while being more clear-minded. At a near-even mix of 60% indica to 40% sativa, Headband manages to deliver the best of both worlds without overpowering either. Headband is a powerful strain that creeps up slowly and last a long time, so new users should make it a point to wait for a few minutes after their first consumption before doing more.

headband strain

Even though it leans indica, Headband best known for its unique cerebral effects. It creates feelings of creativity and happiness that come on strong. The name Headband refers to a sensation some users experience of feeling as though a headband has been stretched across their forehead, delivering light pressure. Headband is recommended for after-work or during artistic work. While it powers up creativity, it can leave users feeling spacey and make regular tasks a chore.

Headband is the product of famous parents OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which helps to explain its potency and extremely pungent smell. It has a lemony scent underscored by diesel, which will pervade any room you’re in. Its taste is a bit sweeter, with the lemony smell giving way to notes of cream and vanilla. Headband’s buds are bushy and dense and tend to range from light to forest green. The indica flower is also very sticky.

The biggest side effect associated with Headband is couchlock brought on by taking too much. Its slow onset and extended release mean that it’s important to limit initial intake.

Slurricane Strain

Incredibly flavorful and evenly balanced between indica and sativa, Slurricane is the best Delta 8 flower for an easy, relaxing experience. It begins with a light tingly sensation that steadily grows into a euphoric feeling as the body relaxes deeply into a blissed out total body relaxation. It’s a great evening strain for users who want to sink into the couch and enjoy a night in.

Slurricane Strain Delta 8 Shatter

As a powerful indica Delta 8 hybrid, Slurricane comes on a bit slowly, but lasts for hours.

Flavored with a sweet taste of grapes and berries, this Slurricane has a spicy scent that can border on pungent. The Delta 8 bud that makes up Slurricane is characterized by its dark green color, purple undertones, amber hairs and white trichomes. Made with Delta 8 THC in flower, the buds are usually oval shaped and only slightly sticky.

This 60% Delta 8 indica strain was made by crossing the hybrid strain Do-Si-Dos with the heavily sedative Purple Punch. The resulting Delta 8 hemp flower gained attention for the good mood it creates while completely relaxing the body to the point of overwhelming couchlock.

If you’re looking to cure insomnia with a smile should, look for the Slurricane Delta 8 hemp flower near me.

Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch Strain is a hybrid Delta 8 THC flower that split 80% indica and 20% sativa. It’s a fast-acting strain that goes to work immediately, delivering calming body sensations and a heady high. Most often used as a cure for insomnia and stress, this strain is composed of a high level of Delta 8 THC and relatively modest amount of CBD.

Purple Punch Strain

Named partially for its looks, Purple Punch flower is composed of large, bright green buds overlayed with bright orange hairs and a light dusting of white crystals. The purple coloring comes from its high amount of a type of flavonoid called anthocyanin. These flavonoids are responsible for adding vibrant color to a wide variety of fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

The other part of the strain’s name, the “punch,” comes from the swiftness and power of its effects. Just one puff results in a rapid onset of a Delta 8 high and soothing physical sensations. Many users describe the feel as starting in the mind and then swiftly moving onto the body.

Purple Punch’s taste is very sweet and reminiscent of small fruits like grapes. It’s sometimes likened to blueberry tea. The aroma is floral and herbal, with a bit of a piney undertone. The strain was created by crossing Larry OG with the heavy indica Grand Daddy Purple.  

Purple Punch is best reserved for nighttime use, but if you’re in need of a quick way to summon the sandman or to get back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night, there’s no better strain to knock you out quickly.

Gouda Berry Strain (Weed Cheese Strain)

Gouda Berry Strain, or Goudaberry as its sometimes listed, is an exotic strain of Delta 8 CBD flower that is easily identified by its unique flavor, smell, and terpene profile. It delivers creativity-boosting and mood-lifting effects that leave users happy and inventive. Even though it’s only 30% sativa, this strain creates powerful energizing effects while delivering the relaxing sensations indicas are famous for. This strain is a great for any time use, with many users preferring to use it during the daylight hours. 

Gouda Berry Strain Delta 8 Flower Bud

Goudaberry is characterized by its super dense bud structure, mint green coloring, and flaky dusting of trichomes. It’s a has a sweet and cheesy flavor with funky gas undertones, but the real star is the smell. As its name suggests, Goudaberry emits a unique and pungent scent of cheese and gas with a subtle hint of berries. Be careful: the smell can fill an entire room quickly.

A cross between Rainbow Chip and Red Pop, Goudaberry inherited a robust terpene profile fronted by Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Humulene. The unique combination gives Goudaberry its signature scent and taste and contributes to its relaxing effects.

While it’s noted for its sativa effects, the dominant indica should not be overlooked. Too much Goudaberry has been reported to cause couchlock, and some users note that they use it to help drift into sleep.


Northern Lights Strain

One of the most famous indica varieties in the world, Northern Lights has long been a go-to for serious cannabis enthusiasts seeking relief for the body and mind. As a 100% pure indica, Northern Lights has amassed a cult-like following across the years for its medicinal and recreational uses. 

Northern Lights Flower Bud

Northern Lights is both powerful and gentle. While it heals the body with potency, its effect the mind is mellow and enjoyable. Some users find it produces feelings of euphoria, while others say it’s just a pleasant high.

Named for its appearance, Northern Lights buds are dark green and shot through with streaks of purple and blue. Its aroma is heavily piney and woodsy, and powerful enough to fill rooms. When inhaled, Northern Lights produces a sweet, confectionary taste.

Legend has it that Northern Lights was first created in United States’ Pacific Northwest some time in the 1970s. What’s known for sure is that it began to be cultivated in Holland during the mid 1980s. Northern Lights is the product of crossing Afghani landrace strain with a powerful Thai indica. Best of all, it has no problematic side effects. You could also try Northern Lights Moon Rocks.

It’s easy to see why Northern Lights became so beloved. Growers have long adored Northern Lights because it’s hardy, produces a lot of usable bud, and grows quickly. Recreational users value the strain for its fun, mellow effects. 



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