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CBD Delivery Format

CBD Delivery Format

A Quick and Dirty Guide (on how to get it in you).

Not sure how to go about using CBD? Let us walk you through it (we love talking CBD). We’re here to make you comfortable with and confident in your CBD experience. Once you become a little more familiar with the basics, you’ll be able to consider which method(s) best suits your needs. Remember, The Hemp Haus is always here to help, so you’re never alone during your CBD journey.

Good-to-Know Terms

Delivery Format = How you take your CBD: edibles, topicals, vapes, etc.

Bioavailability = How efficiently a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream

Time to Onset = How quickly you will feel the effects

Duration of Effects = How long the effects will last

Pre-dosed = Product has a fixed quantity of CBD in it, per serving. No need to measure.

Discretion = Easy to keep to yourself. Or not. Do you.

Now for a Fun and Friendly Rundown

Get to know your CBD delivery options with this quick and dirty guide. We broke it down so you can quickly compare the available formats and see what speaks to you!


Want to talk it out some more? Contact us! We’re always glad to share our CBD knowledge and passion!

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