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Super Lemon Haze HHC Flower


HHC Flower Super Lemon Haze

With uplifting effects, a strong aroma, and a powerful punch of natural HHC power, Super Lemon Haze HHC flower makes for an intense experience.

Each nug of this hybrid strain is grown with organic farming practices and hydrogenated through a proprietary, solvent-less process to ensure maximum potency and effects.

Since its creation in the late 2000s, SLH has racked up an impressively winning resume. It won back-to-back first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009. In 2011, it placed second at the Indoor Hydro Cup. And, in 2014, it was awarded top honors in the Medical Sativa category of the Seattle Cannabis Cup.

Sour Lemon Haze produces an energizing lemon scent that fills up rooms with a fresh and clean citrusy aroma. Taste-wise, it delivers a sharply sweet-and-sour mix of lemon and grapefruit flavors on the inhale. When it’s exhaled, the notes of earth and pepper leave a dank aftertaste. 

The look of Super Lemon Haze is pure cannabis nostalgia, with the traditional swirls of greens and browns over thick and airy tapered buds. Its outer layer is coated in resiny trichomes while its inside is stickier than average.

A Sativa Made for Daytime

Those looking for a strain to smoke while the sun’s out, Super Lemon Haze is the one to choose.

Its blend of clear-headed energizing cerebral effects with a touch of body-calming indica produces a mental state that leaves users clear-headed and ready to focus on their tasks.

It’s ideally suited for a quick lunch break toke or a cure to the midday slump.

The mood-enhancing and energizing effects make it a great social smoke to share with others because it will keep you in good spirits without any mental fog or sleepiness.

In addition, SLH delivers long-lasting effects. Just a few hits can keep you going for hours. It’s not just powerful, it’s economical.

Although it’s technically a hybrid strain, Super Lemon Haze leans heavily indica. Officially, it’s composted of 20% indica genes and 80% sativa genes, leading to an overwhelming sense of cerebral goodness.

SLH is a crossbreed of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, two knockout hybrid strains that have long been admired for their potency. But the reason SLH has been so decorated and so in demand is what it brings to the table on its own.

Its heavy terpene profile is responsible for its zesty scent and contributes to its long-lasting cerebral effects.

Terpenes in SLH HHC Profile

The following terpenes are included that give the flavor to Super Lemon Haze:

HHC Flower Effects: How Does it Make You Feel?

HHC stands for hexahydrcannabinol and it’s the center ingredient in this SLH flower.

HHC is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally. It’s found in the seeds and pollen of the hemp plant. However, it occurs in such small amounts that it’s not worth harvesting HHC from legally grown hemp plant.

Instead, the HHC that powers this flower is created from hemp-grown CBD. Through a special process that involves no harsh chemicals, CBD is hydrogenated to produce HHC.

HHC is more potent than the high experience from Delta 8 THC, but not quite as much as Delta 9 (or regular) THC. But don’t be mistaken. This is not just a more powerful Delta 8. HHC is a completely different experience.

Most users describe the HHC high as a little headier and more cerebral than Delta 8, which tends to affect the body more heavily.

That might seem like HHC produces sativa-like sensations while Delta 8 feels like an indica, but that’s not quite true. It’s good rule of thumb, but every HHC strain is different. In the same way that some sativa strains are more physical than mental, some HHC strains produce more body effects than heady feelings.

Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test? 

On its own, HHC does not show up on drug test—but don’t celebrate just yet.

Even though modern tests don’t detect the presence of HHC in the bloodstream, most HHC products still have a chance of blowing a screen.

How? HHC flower, even hemp-flower like this product, contains trace amounts of THC.

The risk is the same as most CBD products. Legally, hemp-derived CBD products can contain up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC. While that may not always be enough to register positive on drug screens, it remains a possibility—especially for consumers who use large quantities. 

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