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White Widow CBG D8

White Widow CBG delta-8 flower bud - thehemphaus
White Widow CBG D8 - thehemphaus
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White Widow CBG flower with Delta-8

As one of the best-known strains in the world, White Widow CBG with delta-8 flower lives up to its reputation as a creativity-boosting, energizing varietal perfect for both day-time and evening use. Named for the abundance of white trichome crystals that cover its green, tapered buds, White Widow has long been a favorite of cannabis consumers.

White Widow strain delta-8 THC flower

This White Widow strains is a hybrid strain that is just slightly sativa-dominant and is fortified with delta-8 THC. Grown in indoor greenhouses without the use of harsh chemicals, then hand-trimmed and cured over 12-14 days, this strain takes advantage of a robust terpene profile that creates a pleasing, piney scent along with a smooth taste with notes of fruit and pepper.

Originally created in a Dutch coffee house in the 1990s, White Widow is a cross between a Brazilian sativa plant and an indica from Southern India. The result is a resin-heavy hybrid whose uplifting and creativity-unlocking powers has become legendary. For consumers who crave a great time without the psychotropic effects of THC, Delta-8 White Widow CBG flower is the perfect option.

Through a solvent-free process, the CBD is converted into Delta-8 THC distillate. The White Widow CBG is then  glazed  in delta 8 thc then kiefed and placed inside a pressurized container that bonds it to the White Widow CBG bud strain. The end product is a potent, smokable Delta-8 flower.


What is White Widow delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a psychotropic molecule that occurs naturally in both hemp and marijuana plants. But it’s not what people refer to when they talk about THC. That THC is shorthand for Delta 9 THC, the famous and mostly illegal substance that creates a high in marijuana users. Delta 8 THC is almost exactly like Delta-9, only less powerful.


On the molecular level, delta-8 is an isomer of delta-9. It contains all the same elements put into a new configuration. That results in a chemically distinct cannabinoid that interacts with the body in similar, but not exactly the same, ways. It’s comparable to the difference between drinking a regular beer or a high gravity ale. They do the same thing, but one hits harder.


In the natural world, delta-8 makes up about 1% of the hemp plant. So instead of growing full plants to extract that tiny bit, growers instead convert CBD into THC delta-8 through a process involving acid and heat. The result is chemically the same as its naturally grown counterpart.

White Widow Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Carene
Terpinolene Phellandrene


Where to Buy  White Widow CBG Near Me

Because CBG strains like White Widow are hemp based, they are completely legal in the United States. Users who wonder “Where can I find CBG flower near me?” should look no further than the Hemp Haus at 1379 W 39th St., Kansas City, Mo. Visitors to the shop can look, see, and smell CBG products and others for themselves, providing the best possible buying experience.


However, for those who do not live close enough to Kansas City to justify a visit, sells CBG hemp flower online. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal at the federal level, so consumers in the United States can buy CBG cartridges and flower online and have it legally shipped to their homes.

Looking to purchase delta-8 THC nearby?

No matter where you live, there you can encounter Delta 8 THC near me. It’s legal in 38 states and can be legally shipped through the U.S. mail.

 Of course, it’s harder to find Delta 8 THC near me if you happen to live in one of the 12 states that have passed laws specifically outlawing its sale and consumption. Those states (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Utah) include areas that have legalized recreational marijuana use and those that haven’t. The only commonality is that each state enacted laws that included language to prohibit “isomers of Delta 9 THC,” which includes Delta 8.

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