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Verdant Leaf Mushroom Tinctures

Lion's Mane Tincture - thehemphaus
Agarikon Tincture - thehemphaus
Focus mushroom tincture - thehemphaus
mushroom tincture for gut health - thehemphaus
Immunity health mushroom tincture - thehemphaus
Reishi Tincture - thehemphaus
Vitality tincture from Verdant Leaf - thehemphaus
Cordyceps Tincture - thehemphaus
Chaga mushroom tincture - thehemphaus
Turkey Tail Tincture - thehemphaus
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What are Organic Mushroom Tinctures? 

Verdant Leafs Mushroom Tinctures have an unmatched collection of powerful, organic mushroom extracts now available at The Hemp Haus. Offering a diverse range of 6 individual strains and 4 carefully crafted blends, each tincture is uniquely designed to unlock the powerful health benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

  • At the heart of these transformative tinctures is our proprietary Mycosonic Extraction Technology. This breakthrough technique allows them to break down the adaptogenic compounds of the mushrooms into nanoparticles, enhancing absorption rates and ensuring maximum potency. As a result, you will experience the restorative benefits of these mushroom tinctures more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Their Mycosonic Extraction Technology sets us apart, making our products the fastest and most potent mushroom supplements on the market. This isn’t just marketing - it’s backed by science.

The Verdant Leafs Mushroom Tinctures offer options:

Mushroom Tincture options:

Choose from six unique mushroom strains, each packed with beneficial compounds to support your specific health needs. Whether you're seeking to enhance mental clarity, boost immune function, improve energy levels, or reduce stress, there's a perfect strain for you.

Reishi Tincture

This potent mushroom tincture, derived from Reishi mushrooms, supports the immune system, stress relief, and promotes overall wellness. Known for its adaptogenic properties, it’s an excellent choice for balancing body functions.

Lion's Mane Tincture

An ideal supplement for cognitive health, Lion's Mane Tincture supports memory, focus, and nervous system health. Its neuroprotective properties are perfect for maintaining brain health.

Cordyceps Tincture

Extracted from Cordyceps, this tincture offers energy support, improving stamina and athletic performance. It also supports lung health and the body's response to stress.

Turkey Tail Tincture

Rich in antioxidants, Turkey Tail Tincture provides immune system support. It's renowned for its potential benefits in supporting gut health and promoting healthy cell growth.

Chaga Tincture

Chaga Tincture, made from the Chaga mushroom, offers antioxidant properties and immune support. Known for its potential to support skin health and overall vitality.

Agarikon Tincture

Agarikon Tincture supports respiratory health and immunity. This rare mushroom extract may offer antiviral properties, supporting the body's natural defenses.


Mushroom Tincture Blend options:

If you're looking for a more comprehensive health solution, explore the four meticulously formulated blends including Vitality, Immunity, Gut and Focus.  Each blend combines the power of different mushroom strains to target specific wellness goals, delivering a potent synergistic effect.

Focus Tincture

Focus Mushroom Tincture is designed to provide that necessary mental boost needed throughout your day. Formulated with USDA Organic Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Reishi.  This blend was made to help reduce mental fog, disarray, and stress, enabling you to retain your focus effectively.


Gut  Tincture

Gut Mushroom Tincture combines USDA Organic Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail to help improve digestion, increase metabolism, boost immune system, lower anxiety, improve sleep and decrease stress.  This blend is was made help you save time and money by combining these three power houses.


Vitality  Tincture

Vitality Mushroom Tinctures are made of USDA Certified Organic Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion's Mane to help give you that immune system boost combined with at caffeine-free jolt of energy, increase focus and retention.

Immunity  Tincture

Immunity Mushroom Tincture combines the benefits of USDA Organic Agarikon, Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail to elevate the immune system's natural abilities. By combining these four power house mushrooms the body is fully equipped to fight viruses and bacteria in the body, improve the respiratory system, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, reduce stress and aid in quality sleep.


Verdant Leaf's Mushroom Tinctures

All of Verdant Leafs tinctures are Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, USDA Certified Organic, and Oregon Kosher Certified, adhering to the strictest quality standards and offering peace of mind along with wellness.

Discover the difference of Verdant Leafs Mushroom Tinctures today. Harness the power of mushrooms and elevate your wellness journey with us!


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