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Tangie Strain

Tangie Strain - thehemphaus

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Tangie Strain Delta 8 Flower

 A clear-headed and productive high heightened by warm feelings of happiness and an “everything is all right” vibe is what users can expect from the Tangie Delta 8 THC flower. 
A true daytime strain, Tangie’s biggest selling point is the incredibly focused and motivated high it delivers to users. It’s the kind of strain that can help you get your head back in the game, whether you’re putting your nose to the grindstone in the office or cleaning out cobwebs from the attic during a yearly spring clean. 
Originally created in Amsterdam, the Tangie strain is fast becoming a favorite of cannabis users across the globe thanks to the high it produces. Not only does the high boost moods and rocket energy levels into the stratosphere, it has absolutely zero side effects. Powerful sativas can sometimes lead to feelings of anxiety or spaciness, but the 30% indica side of Tangie works to eliminate any cerebral backlash, leaving users happy and content to enjoy the experience. 
Produced exclusively in indoor light-assisted greenhouses, this Tangie strain is made with 100% organic farming practices. Each plant grows to full maturity without the use of harsh chemical pesticides and protected from outside contaminants. The purely natural grow cycle allows each Tangie plant to reach its maximum potential. The organic taste, smell, and potency shines through in every inhale. 

What Strain is Tangie?

Tangie comes by its powers naturally. As a cross between the evenly split hybrid California Orange and the legendary Skunk #1, Tangie is heir apparent to the sativa-dominant hybrid crown. 
Tangie gets its energizing and uplifting powers from the slightly sativa-dominant Skunk #1 and its delicious taste and clear-headed effects from California Orange. But where Tangie succeeds beyond its powerful parents is in the combination of relaxing vibes coupled with a cerebral high. 
Sometimes, users confuse Tangie with another great-tasting strain, Tangerine Dream. However, there are important differences between the two. Tangerine Dream is the product of G13, Afghani, and Neville’s A5 Haze. While it’s also a hybrid strain, Tangerine Dream has more indica genetics than Tangie does, and while it also provides a clear-headed and uplifting high, Tangerine Dream delivers a more potent body experience with less-intense mind effects. 

The Smell, Taste, and Look of Tangie

Tangie is a delight to the senses. From the moment a jar of Tangie Delta 8 flower is opened to long after it’s been smoked, its citrus aroma will fill the room. For users who are familiar with Tangie, the smell of tropical tangerines acts as a neon sign, announcing “Come on in, the flower’s fine!” 
Luckily, Tangie’s taste is just as evocative as its smell. Led by a deep terpene profile that includes high amounts of Limonene, Myrcene, and Linalool, each hit of Tangie delivers a mouth-watering blast of sweet and creamy tangerine flavor. Its decidedly dank aftertaste hints at the earthy indica genetics that help even out the strain’s cerebral effects. Other terpenes included in this strain include: Carene, Pinene, Ocimene, Humulene, Bisabolol, Valencene, Terpinolene, Phellandrene, and Caryophyllene
Looks-wise, Tangie produces lime green buds that tend to be smaller than average and very dense. Small dark orange or reddish hairs run through the plant’s buds, and it carries an abundance of sticky trichomes throughout its core and outer layer. Tangie plants tend to grow very tall and prefer warm, slightly moist climates. 

Tangie Terpene Profile Includes:

Carene Pinene
Myrcene Ocimene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Bisabolol
Valencene Terpinolene
Phellandrene Caryophyllene

Award-Winning Effects

Tangie’s high can start out subtly. It’s well known as a creeper strain that can take 10-20 minutes to kick in. Users frequently find themselves in the midst of a new activity before realizing they’re under the full sway of Tangie’s cerebral effects. 
As a slow-build sativa, novice smokers are urged to take their time when using Tangie. The side effects are virtually non-existent, which makes the cost of overdoing Tangie low, but for a premium experience, but sure to wait a few minutes between hits. Best of all, Tangie doesn’t produce a crash when the high is finished. Instead, it lightly fades away. This adds to its daytime appeal, allowing users to get a quick pick-me-up when needed without worrying that they’ll pay for it later. 
The undeniably potent and amazingly uplifting effects of Tangie have led it to an impressive streak of wins in cannabis competitions worldwide. In its first year on the market, Tangie took home the honor of First Place in the Sativa Division at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup. The same year, the strain earned a third-place finish in the overall category of Best Cannabis. In 2015, Tangie placed second in the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup, held in Spain. It went on to take home top 10 finishes in 2014, 2017, and 2018 across a wide variety of contests. 

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