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Sour Diesel THCO Flower

Sour Diesel THCO Flower - thehemphaus
Sour Diesel THCO Flower - thehemphaus
Sour Diesel THCO Flower - thehemphaus
Sour Diesel THCO Flower - thehemphaus
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sour Diesel THCO Flower
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sour Diesel THCO Flower
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sour Diesel THCO Flower
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THCO Flower Sour Diesel


What is there to say about Sour Diesel that hasn’t already been conveyed? Sour D lives up to every bit of hype it has received in its long and distinguished history as one of the most potent and well-known strains on the market. While it is technically a hybrid strain, it’s significantly sativa-dominant, with a genetic profile that consists of 90 percent sativa genetics and only a hint of indica.



Sour Diesel, like so many famous strains, has an origin story that is the subject of serious debate and shrouded in mystery. Many breeders and master growers believe Sour D is the offspring of a Mexican sativa varietal and a phenotype of the Chemdawg strain. Others insist that it must have descended from a strain called Skunk 41 and a different varietal of Chemdawg. But no matter how it came into being, one thing everyone agrees on is that Sour D is one heck of a sativa experience.


The Sour Diesel plant produce lumps, mid-size buds that are varying shades of light green and brown. Its most identifiable characteristic is its trademark smell, which produces the famous smell of funky gasoline. Its taste combines a bright lemon flavor over a damp and dank earthen element, which isn’t exactly appetizing. But what it lacks in deliciousness, it more than makes up for in potency.


The nugs of Sour D are dotted with tiny crystalline resin nodules that give it a sticky feeling and a slightly scruffy appearance. The THCO that sticks to the outside is made from 100% organic hemp flower which is applied through a special solventless process that uses our premium multicannabinoid isolate, which kiefed and applied to the flower.


What is Sour Diesel strain good for?


If you’re searching for an otherworldly experience that rockets your mind into the nether regions of outer space, Sour Diesel THCO is your ticket to ride. The high is lively, psychedelic, and extremely fun. It’s a favorite of creative types, who enjoy the spark of new ideas Sour D delivers and the energy it provides to seem them through. For fans of the mental effects of cannabis products, it doesn’t get any more potent than Sour Diesel THCO flower.


This strain is also perfect for go-getters and morning smokers. The energizing properties make it a great choice for daytime use. There are no sluggish feelings after the comedown; the strain simply returns you to your previous state with no uncomfortable side effects.


The strain is also renowned for its social effects. Because it gets creative juices flowing and fills users with high amounts of plant-based energy and positive moods, many people find themselves happy to converse and connect with others while under the influence of Sour Diesel THCO flower. That makes it a great choice to pass around at parties or enjoy with a friend or partner during the day.


It’s not a great time flower for nighttime use because it can keep users awake well past bedtime. New users should also be careful with this bud, as the power of THCO is up to three times the potency of Delta 9 cannabis. The THCO high is also more psychedelic and can be intense for those aren’t used to powerful cannabis products.


Our best advice is start with just a small amount and wait 20-30 minutes before trying any more.


Solventless THCO Flower


Our proprietary process for creating THCO flower is unlike any other on the market today. It’s why our THCO products feel more intense, smoke more smoothly, and deliver better effects than any other product on the market today.


We begin by growing 100 percent organic greenhouse-grown bud that is hand-trimmed and slow cured to perfection. Once the plant is harvested and ready for use, we glaze every flower with a kiefed isolate loaded with cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN to add an extra kick to the plant’s effects.


Each bud of our THCO flower is hand-glazed to ensure that every nug we sell is up to our standards. That’s why this THCO flower is the most powerful you can find anywhere. Our organic farming processes and specialized THCO process ensures that each plant matures to perfection and is ready and able to deliver maximum




Sour Diesel Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Bisabolol
Terpinolene Phellandrene
Caryophyllene Carene

What Strains Make Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel Strain coming soon.

Is THCO a form of THC?

TCHO description is coming soon. 

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