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Northern Lights

Northern Lights Strain Delta 8 Flower - thehemphaus
fortified northern lights delta 8 flower certificate of analysis - thehemphaus
jar of northern lights flower buds - thehemphaus
28g jar of Northern Lights Delta 8 Flower - thehemphaus
Stardust Hemp Northern Lights Strain Delta 8 Flower - thehemphaus
Northern Lights D8 Flower bud - thehemphaus
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Load image into Gallery viewer, fortified northern lights delta 8 flower certificate of analysis
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Load image into Gallery viewer, jar of northern lights flower buds
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Load image into Gallery viewer, 28g jar of Northern Lights Delta 8 Flower
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Stardust Hemp Northern Lights Strain Delta 8 Flower
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Northern Lights D8 flower strain

Northern Lights Delta 8 Flower

If you’ve been around cannabis for any time, you’ve likely heard of the Northern Lights strain. that people return to decade after decade for its potent relaxation and feel-good effects.

Just like the visual phenomena it’s named after, this Delta 8 THC strain produces deep feelings of wonder and amazement. The blissed-out relaxation Northern Lights inspires makes it perfectly suited for evenings and nights.

While enthusiasts have flocked to Northern Lights for years for both the sedative body feelings and euphoric mind state it creates, it’s worth noting the strain produces absolutely zero negative side effects. It is a purely positive experience.

The potent one-two punch of body and mind effects comes thanks to a long and selective breeding history that spanned continents and decades before finally leading to the creation of the Northern Lights strain. Now, it has achieved legendary status, thanks to freakishly strong genetics that deliver total body highs and feelings of absolute bliss.

Looks-wise, Northern Lights is also a treat. It checks all the boxes of a classic cannabis strain, with thick and fluffy nugs covered in white crystal trichomes. Its base color is a bright green, but many plants sport purple streaks that run through the buds.

Sparking a bowl of Northern Lights flower fills the room with a woodsy aroma of an Alaskan pine forest with undernotes of moss. It’s a pungent flower that is instantly recognizable as a classic dank smell.

When it hits the tongue, Northern Lights delivers a strangely sweet taste that adds a bit of whimsy to the experience.

What type of Strain is Delta 8 Flower Northern Lights?

Northern Lights is technically a hybrid strain, but it leans heavily indica. As a cross between an Afghan indica plant and a sativa plant from Thailand, Northern Lights has genetic roots in both camps, even though many well-versed enthusiasts refer to it as an indica.

That’s for a good reason. Today’s Northern Lights buds are about 90% indica and 10% sativa. It’s practically just a rounding error away from a complete indica strain.

Northern Lights Terpene Profile Includes:

 Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Bisabolol
Terpinolene Phellandrene


How did it get that way?

It’s unclear. The strain first was first started by a breeder in the Seattle area in the 1970s. Although its exact parentage is lost to history, the original Northern Lights plants came about by crossing Afghan and Thai varietals until something special happened.

Eventually, the breeder hit upon the perfect formula, and 11 Northern Lights plant were born. They were big, bushy and covered with dewy crystals. Best of all, they were powerful beyond belief.

Word about the potent plant spread fast. Eventually, an Australian breeder made the trek to Washington to buy clones of the 11 fabled Northern Lights varietals. He took his plants to the Netherlands, where he began to further cross the clones with more Afghan stock until the genetics reached their full potential.

Although the breed first appeared in Dutch coffee shops in the 1980s, it has remained popular ever since. Breeders have taken notice, too, and have bred the potent Northern Lights genetics into many award-winning varietals, including Shiva Skunk, Big Bud, G-13, and Hash Plant.

Where did the Name Northern Lights Strain Come From?

The strain takes its name from the aurora borealis, the brightly colored natural light show that winds through dark skies in the upper latitudes.

Those lucky enough to have seen the Northern Lights describe it as large green swirls or curtains that flicker across the entire sky. Officially, this phenomenon is caused by charged particles in the atmosphere, but unofficially, it’s been attributed to everything from gods to magic.

Like its namesake aurora borealis, the Northern Lights cannabis strain produces feelings of wonder. Early rumors claimed the strain produced psychedelic mental effects, but that isn’t really accurate. The Delta-8 THC Northern Lights strain is powerful and psychoactive, but too gentle to cause LSD-like trips.

Which Northern lights strain is the best?

Of the 11 plants that made up the original batch of Northern Lights, only a few became available for purchase. Others went on to be used exclusively for breeding purpose, and others simply vanished.

Today, most Northern Lights strains are technically Northern Lights #5. This strain produces the strongest effects and, therefore, became the most popular among consumers and the most profitable for growers.

However, other chemovars, including Northern Lights #1, #9 and #2, can still occasionally be found across the U.S. and Europe. All the strains share common core elements, however, and the differences the between them are minimal.

More common these days are strains that include the words “Northern Lights” in their names as a way of showcasing their parentage. You might run across varietals called “Big Bud Northern Lights” or “Northern Lights Hash Plant” that are technically offspring strains but add in the Northern Lights name to signal their effects to consumers.


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