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Best Water Filtered Glass on Glass Gravity Bong

 Chronic and Ash bring their take on an all glass gravity bong.  Made entirely of high strength borosilicate glass and water filtration this gravity bong delivers massive hits but incredibly smooth.  Call to Pre-Order this unique gravity bong made from Boro Glass that you won't find anywhere else!

Glass Gravity Bong

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite flower? Want to try a modern iteration of an old school fan favorite? If so, then it is time to try a glass-on-glass gravity bong.

While they are not nearly as common as traditional gravity bongs, glass gravity bongs are a great way to change things up so you can enjoy a unique smoking experience. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about this awesome science experiment gone right.

What Is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong, or a geeb, is a method for consuming cannabis that uses two empty plastic bottles—one small bottle and one large bottle or bucket of water. To use it, you take the small bottle with a bowl of cannabis on top and push it into the larger bottle or bucket of water. This process funnels smoke into your lungs.

What Is a Glass on Glass Gravity Bong?

As its name implies, a glass-on-glass gravity bong is made almost entirely out of glass. Gravity bongs can be made from a variety of materials, even from a water bottle if you’re in a pinch. Actually, there are two main types of homemade gravity bongs—waterfall and bucket bongs. Both types use a combination of water and air pressure, but more on these options a bit later.

However convenient, homemade methods hardly provide tokers with a high-quality smoking experience. High-strength borosilicate glass works the best.

A glass-on glass-gravity bong provides a safe and clean smoking experience. As we mentioned already, glass is a far better option than plastic. In fact, smoking with plastic material releases harmful chemicals into the air. These will not only put you at risk of health issues, but they will ruin the taste of your favorite flower, too.

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Unlike a traditional bong, a glass gravity bong includes two separate chambers that work together to create a unique smoking experience. These bongs rely on gravity to draw smoke into the smaller chamber and eventually into your lungs.

The larger chamber of the gravity bong holds water while the second chamber accommodates your bowl and captures that precious smoke. When you inhale, the smoke will rise up in the bong. These bongs are much easier to use because you do not have to force smoke bubbles through the water.

For the sake of comparison, let’s go over how a traditional bong works. A traditional bong is a cylindrical tube that is filled with water. It also has a stem to be packed with your favorite flower. Once you light the bong, you must draw the smoke through the water by inhaling from the mouthpiece. These devices only have one glass component and require you to manually draw out the smoke.

How to Use a Gravity Bong

Do not let the second set of glass scare you away from enjoying a superior smoking experience. Glass-on-glass gravity bongs are extremely simple to use once you get some practice.

To begin, simply fill the bowl with your flower of choice. Raise the smaller glass component slightly out of the water and light your bowl. The heat present when you light the flower will create a vacuum due to the water pressure. The pressure will actually suck the smoke out of your bowl and straight into the large chamber.

After the smoke has filled the chamber, remove your bowl and inhale. Simultaneously push the inner chamber downward into the water. When you inhale and push the chamber downward, smoke will be forced into your lungs. This process gives you an intense rip that is second to none.

Be sure to give the glass gravity bong a slow, steady pull. This will create a consistent drag and will allow you to control how much smoke you take in at once. Be prepared and hold onto your seat. Once you have switched to a glass gravity bong, you won’t want to smoke your flower any other way.

How to Clean a Gravity Bong

If you want your glass gravity bong to keep providing smooth, clean hits every time, then you will need to keep it well maintained. Take care of your bong and it will take care of you (and your flower).

If you notice that a ring has started to develop near the waterline, then it is time for a cleaning. The presence of resin or residue floating in the water is another sure sign that you need to give your glass bong some TLC. Those small particles and mildew growth are what contribute to that notorious bong smell.

If you want to prevent these issues from ever arising, plan on cleaning your bong about once a week. The most dedicated glass gravity bong owners clean theirs daily. However, bear in mind that these folks are also using theirs practically every single day—not everyone has that much money to burn on flower.

When it comes to cleaning your bong, there are two primary options. The simplest is to buy a dedicated bong cleaner. This solution is designed to get rid of mildew and bacteria. It will not leave harmful residue in your bong nor will it impact the flavor of your favorite bud.

If you want to skip the extra purchase, rubbing alcohol and rock salt will do the trick just fine. Start by disassembling your bong. Then, pour some isopropyl alcohol and rock salt into the mouthpiece.

The rock salt acts as a crude abrasive and will wash away any residue that’s accumulated on the sides of your bong. Shake your bong well to agitate the rock salt. After a few minutes, pour out the alcohol and rinse your piece with warm water and dish soap.

Can I Make My Own Gravity Bong?

Yes, you can technically make your own gravity bong. We briefly discussed this above but will go into greater length about it here.

A quick Google search of the phrase “how to make a gravity bong” will yield hundreds of results in a matter of seconds. Simply follow any one of these links and you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own waterfall or bucket bong.

With that said, no matter how much effort you put into your homemade plastic bong, it will still be nowhere near as good as a glass bong.

Think of all the terrible cautionary ads you’ve seen on television about the dangers of plastic bottle usage. These ads are simply warning against the use of disposable plastic bottles as drinking vessels! Now, imagine how many more dangerous chemicals are released when you apply heat to these plastics.

It’s important to know that inhaling plastics is extremely dangerous; it will also practically ruin the taste of your bud. Even if plastic itself does not burn or melt, heat will still release toxic chemicals from the material. These chemicals can do some serious damage to your lungs. Using water in the bong will help ease the irritation, but the long-term risks of taking in those chemicals are still high.

While you can certainly make your own bong, it’s not a great idea. Glass gravity bongs provide a much more enjoyable smoking experience and spare you from harmful chemicals. They are also extremely affordable and will last quite a long time as long as you take care of them.

Benefits of a Glass-on-Glass Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs don’t just look cool, they are also a great way of enjoying some premium bud.

The main benefit of glass gravity bongs is that they will give you a superior high. This is especially important if you have developed a healthy tolerance to your go-to flower. You also get to learn the basics of water pressure and lung capacity while you’re at it. Who said that smoking bud would never teach you anything?

Gravity bongs are also extremely efficient. Once you develop the perfect draw, they will provide you with a fast and easy way to get sky high. Unlike traditional bongs that require multiple hits, gravity bongs will force a whole bowl’s worth of smoke in one massive hit. For that reason, these big pipes have put down more than one experienced blazer.

Want to impress at the next get-together or smoking session? A glass gravity bong is a great way to do just that. These smoking devices are an excellent commodity for big parties and special events. They’re also great for those weekly smoking sessions with your buddies.

Get the Most Out of Your New Gravity Bong

As you can see, gravity bongs are a great way to change up your smoking experience. However, not all gravity bongs are created equal.

Homemade bongs can be dangerous and even ruin the flavor of your bud. Cheaply made glass bongs will not hold up with regular use, which means you’ll need to buy a replacement anyhow.

Personally, we recommend the glass-on-glass gravity bong by Chronic and Ash. This bong is made from high-strength borosilicate glass. The bong relies on gravity and water filtration to deliver massive yet incredibly smooth hits every time.

The Chronic and Ash bong looks great and will elevate your smoking experience! It pairs well with our Delta 8 THC Diesel Flower. No matter which flower you choose to pair with your new bong, our bud is grown to meet the highest standards.

The Hemp Haus is your go-to provider of top-quality bud and glass gravity bongs. Check out our selection today.

 Pre Order Proprietary Glass on Glass Gravity Bong

You won't find another Glass Gravity Bong on the market like what has been created.  Call for images and more information. 


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