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Delta 8 THC Pre Rolls - Cascade Pineapple Strain - Hybrid

cascade pineapple delta 8 thc pre roll hybrid strain - thehemphaus
Delta 8 THC Pre Rolls - Cascade Pineapple Strain - Hybrid - thehemphaus
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 - thehemphaus
Load image into Gallery viewer, Delta 8 THC Pre Rolls - Cascade Pineapple Strain - Hybrid
 - thehemphaus

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Delta 8 Pre Roll Cascade Pineapple Strain Sativa Hybrid

 The 'Cascade Pineapple' already gives you the clearest hint of what to expect smoking it - an intense, tropical flavor with pineapple undertone and exotic citrus aroma. 


Not a contestant for the strongest weed, but it is a preroll potent enough to keep your mind briefly before taking you to the state of blissed-out relaxation. Cascade pineapple strain provides a subtle, controlled uplifting high that keeps your mind sharp and your body relaxed, hinting at Sativa dominance


Though information on the origin and makeup of this strain is limited, it's blessed with 18% of CBDA and a very low THC. It makes it a perfect strain for our Delta 8 flower, especially if you want a pre roll suited explicitly for daytime use and get your creative thinking cap on.

Organic Indoor Grown Cultivated Hemp Flower 

Our Delta 8 pre roll Cascade Pineapple is all from indoor-grown or light-assisted hemp flowers, cultivated under the best of organic farming practices. That guarantees a contaminant-free bud that we carefully hand-trimmed before harvesting for aesthetics, but most importantly for more enjoyable smoking that's not harsh on your throat. 

 Slow Cured for Enhanced Potency

We then take it through a thorough 12 - 14 days slow cure to enhance the potency. The result is a zero biomass, 100% bud that we can't get enough of and are proud of. We melt our superior delta 8 distillate, extracted from CBD via a solvent-free method, kiefed intensely into the flower, and later pressurized to fuse perfectly. Our final product is a Delta 8 flower that is then neatly molded in a raw cone guaranteed to give you a non-intoxicating taste of heaven.

How do Delta 8 Prerolls make you feel, and the benefits?

Research into understanding how THC in marijuana interacts with your brain and its benefit led to discovering the body's endocannabinoid system. ECS is a network of naturally occurring neurotransmitters serving as regulators in the body, a concept known as responsible for homeostasis. 

 How you feel, think, and behave is linked to the brain cell communicating with different receptors in your body via cannabinoid neurotransmitters. Smoking delta 8 THC pre-rolls, like Delta 9, releases cannabinoids that engage the ECS like the natural endocannabinoids.

 A Calmer Functional High

These cognitive effects are from the affinity of Delta 8 THC to the CB1 receptors in the ECS - concentrated mainly in the brain. Compared with THC, which is chemically similar but has its double bond on the 9th carbon, the affinity with the CB1 receptor is weaker. That makes a world of difference and gives Delta 8 its reputation as the go-to cannabinoid for a calmer functional high with mellow deep body relaxation. 

 Continued Research on Delta 8 THC

As research continues on Delta 8 interaction with the other receptor, preliminary research and anecdotal evidence show it has another edge over the famous THC. It interacts indirectly with the CB2 receptors that are densely located in the immune and gastrointestinal systems. What that suggests and backed by studies is that THC Delta 8 has therapeutic and medicinal potential.

With terpenes and other cannabinoids present to give our prerolls the acclaimed entourage effect, the calming experience and health benefits are further enhanced. For Delta 8 THC Flower order here. 


What is Delta-8 THC?

Until recently, Delta-8 THC was one of the rarely talked about cannabinoids present in a cannabis plant. There is no prize for guessing it is closely related to Delta 9 THC, an infamous compound responsible for the euphoric, fuzzy feeling you get from consuming or ingesting marijuana. While THC - we are talking about the popular cousin here - is found in high proportion and banned by most regulators, Delta 8 is available in traceable quantities. 


Chemically, there's little difference between the two THCs, other than the double bond location. As the names imply, it is on the 9th carbon in Delta 9 while Delta-8 has it on the 8th carbon. With that, we know for sure that both bind with the CB1 receptor of the endocannabinoid system but differently. The bond is weaker in Delta 8, and the buzz is, therefore, less amplified. Though less is known about it, it engages CB2 receptors to give it some health benefits.  


Delta 8 so far is proving to be the quasi-legal alternative to Delta 9, which the 2018 Farm Bill made illegal. According to Federal law, a cannabis plant, considered hemp, is legal if it contains just 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Exempted from the bill are derivatives, extracts, and cannabinoids with no more than the legal percent of THC. Interpretation of the law makes Delta 8 legal at the federal level. However, a part of the law gives the States the freedom to regulate hemp in their jurisdictions. 

Does Cascade Pineapple Delta 8 get you high?


The experience you get using even marijuana tends to be different each time. It tends to be very intense for first-time users. The ' high ' varies from one individual to another, depending on the makeup, the strain's strength, and other factors. Generally, every regular cannabis user experiences a blissful emotional state accompanied by a relaxation effect.  

As a close relative of Delta 9, the primary active cannabinoid in marijuana, Delta 8 also gives nearly all these desirable effects. However, it is a gentler, less intense sibling. Your high depends on whether you are a first-timer or a regular Delta 8 infused pre roll user. 

Delta 8 is derived chiefly from CBD via different extraction methods, occurring naturally in trace amounts in cannabis plants. Therefore, saying it is a psychoactive version of CBD is not out of place. The best Delta 8 flower combines CBD bud's calm sense of calmness with the buzzed feeling of THC, resulting in a blissful, pleasant, relaxing euphoria. That is basically what you get from our best Delta 8 pre rolls. 


Delta 8 THC near me


At The Hemp Haus, we delight, not just in our pre-rolled joints but also in the top-of-the-shelf quality of our other products, including Delta 8 cartridges, gummies, and Moon Rocks. That's because we give significant consideration and efforts to research and grow hemp flowers locally, using 100% organic yet innovative farming. To maximize the pleasant high and benefit from the entourage effect, we infused Delta 8 extracted from pure, fresh CBD flowers. Employing a safe, efficient extraction method, we achieved this premium Delta 8 pre roll cascade pineapple. 


We understand you might want Delta 8 Sativa for a burst of energy. Or Delta 8 pre roll Indica for a more relaxed euphoria or something in between. No need to search for 

"Delta 8 THC near me", both our online store at or store in Kansas City, has an impressive collection of cannabis products. We are a one-stop Delta 8 shop that satisfies all your needs. 


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