Stardust Purple Punch CBD Hemp Flower
Stardust Purple Punch CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Purple Punch CBD Hemp Flower


Purple Punch

An indica hemp strain zenfully bursting with candy-flavored comfort

These purple and green sculpted buds are what dreams are made of … literally. This powerful CBD hemp flower will lure you past insomnia and pain to sleep with the delicious aroma and flavor of grape candy and berries.


Eye Appeal

You will not believe these beautiful, fat, green and purple-marbled marvels. Your soul will start to chill just looking at their mesmerizing flower color palette and trichome glow. Each one is like a miniature galaxy of hemp flower heaven. 



Thanks to a rich terpene profile, Purple Punch packs a sweet yet complex fragrance. Definitely sugary, but also a bit spicy. It’ll stir up memories of grape Kool-Aid, and … is that someone baking blueberry muffins or is that just my hemp flower? You’ll be closing your eyes and smiling before you even taste it. Speaking of tasting …



First you’ll inhale a mouthwatering splash of grape and berry that will transform to sour and citrus undertones. Exhaling will leave you with a dramatic finish of sugar-berries and sour Skittles. The Zen taste will turn your “omm” to “mmm”!



Who knew such relaxation tasted like candy? Purple Punch has a powerful relaxing effect that is great for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, paranoia, nausea and inflammation as well as just shedding off the stress of the day. After dinner or just before bed, Purple Punch is the perfect way to unwind your day. 


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Stardust Quality Control

Because the hemp industry is still coming online with industry-wide regulations, it’s very important to develop an eye for quality hemp flower. Many states have regulatory systems in place, but these are new, too, and vary from state to state—sometimes greatly. It falls to farmers, manufacturers, and sellers to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. 

At Stardust, it’s important for us to keep our quality control on point, so that you get the most out of your hemp flower experience. For us, that means following many core quality control practices.

  • Quality Starts at the Source. We hand-pick our hemp flower from expert cultivators. We embrace several grow methods (indoor, greenhouse, outdoor), but only from artisans and growers skilled in their method. 
  • Hand-trimmed. Always. Our hemp flowers are tightly hand-trimmed to preserve their densely packed, ripe trichomes.
  • Stardust CBD and CBG Flower Speaks for Its Quality. The aroma of our hemp flower tells the story of terpenes and cannabinoid potency. As do the colorful, dense, and beautifully shaped buds. 
  • A Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff is Key. Our staff is loaded with cannabis industry professionals. Between us we have decades of combined experience, each bringing specialization in our areas. We have an instructor from The Hemp Academy, a trained trimmer and budtender who has been licensed for Medical Marijuana, and master CBD distributors who have spent several years catering to the health-care industry. Their experience and expertise enables them to procure only the finest hemp flower.
  • A New COA Every 30 lbs. We keep the Certificates of Analysis up-to-date and available so that you can know exactly what is and what isn’t in your hemp flower.
  • A Clean Store. We keep our hemp flower room clean and climate-controlled. 

3.5 g, 7 g, 28 g, 1 lb

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