Stardust Hempress 2 CBD Hemp Flower
Stardust Hempress 2 CBD Hemp Flower

Stardust Hempress 2 CBD Hemp Flower


Sativa: Earthy with notes of pine and citrus

Sometimes sequels are better. Like The Godfather Part II. Or Hempress 2 CBD hemp flower. Okay, the superior Godfather film is debatable, but more CBD in your hemp flower really isn’t up for debate; more is better, and Hempress 2 has a royal dose of CBD.

This coiffed little flower presents herself as a little hemp bonbon. These noble chunks of hemp are marbled with misty green, brown and deep pine, and glisten with sparkling resin and sticky trichomes.

Her terpene profile suggests pine and citrus, but her earthiness will hit your nose first, clean but with just a little skunk (she’s a hempress, not a saint).

Hempress 2 flavor is smooth and earthy with sweet notes of pine and citrus.

Her effects include an immediate inner calming, followed by alertness in the mind that sits on a soft throne of calm clarity. Try Hempress 2 and rule your day with balance and calm confidence.

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CBD.        .857%

CBDa   11.750%

CBCa.      .577%

CBC.       .065%

CBGa      .079%

THCA     .396%

Δ9 THC    .086%


3.5 g, 7 g, 28 g, 1 lb

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