Feeling sleep-deprived? Whether you’re having trouble getting to sleep, getting a full eight, or if you suffer from a sleep disorder, CBD can offer some much-needed relief. Get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and re-regulate your natural sleep pattern with the help of these products.

    • Puffin Hemp 350 Liposomal


      Our next-generation liposomes, created through our CELLg8 technology, have been shown to dramatically increase the absorption of hemp actives into the blood – up to 20x higher than regular hemp and 10x higher than any other formula on the market.

    • Puffin Hemp 700 Liposomal


      There is only one CBD Liposomal that is the best, and you are looking at it. Our Puffin Hemp liposomal hemp has been proven to increase absorption in the blood by 17x more than conventional edibles, 4x more than traditional liposomal, and 3x more than smoking absorption in the lungs.

    • Puffin Hemp Liposomal Hemp Actives 1000


      For the real thing look no further. With Puffin Hemp the results cannot be contested. With their patent-pending process, Puffin Hemp produces more effective bioavailability of hemp actives, not only compared to smoking or edibles but it also significantly out-performs other knock-offs, so-called liposomal “nano” products flooding the markets. Developed by a doctor with lab-grade liposomes, there is no…

    • Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gels 30 Count Softgels


      Full Spectrum Gels 30 count. Each Ananda Hemp softgel is packed with 15mg of active cannabinoids totaling 450 mg in every bottle and can be sold and transported legally in all 50 states.

    • Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gels 60 Count Softgels


      Full Spectrum Gels 60 count. Each Ananda Hemp Softgel is packed with 15 mg of active cannabinoids totaling 900 mg in every bottle and can be sold and transported legally in all 50 states. A REAL Full Spectrum engages the Entourage Effect of all cannabinoids, consistently promoting homeostasis in your body. This means that Ananda Hemp enables a myriad…

    • KANA Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask


      Seen in New York Magazine, PopSugar, Nylon, The Cut, Shape & more. Kana Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask is a multipurpose sleep mask that combines CBD and innovative skincare from Korea. Organic full spectrum hemp is combined with 28 active botanicals to naturally heal and hydrate skin. The many benefits include skin plumping with hyaluronic acid and a-bisabolol, reduction in…

    • Kana Purple Rice CBD (Hemp Phytocannabinoid) Sleeping Mask 50 mg


      Seen in New York Magazine, PopSugar, Nylon, The Cut, Shape & more. Purple rice used to be reserved for emperors, but it’s no longer just for royalty! Kana’s antioxidant-rich Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask can be yours. Purple rice extract promotes hyaluronic acid increase in the structure of the skin, which gives the appearance of plumper skin, with increased firmness…

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