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Stardust THCO Vape Cartridge


Stardust Hemp’s CCELL cartridges lead the industry in vaping experience. The ceramic coil technology is specially designed to deliver clean, flavorful, and intense user experiences. 


By using the CCELL technology, the carts heat up quickly, allowing for less wasted material. That’s a good thing because each cartridge is stocked to the brim with premium steam-extracted Delta 10 THC distillate and 7% organic hemp-derived terpenes. In non-technical terms, it’s completely organic hemp—no cuts, no fillers, no junk. Just the good stuff.


Stardust carts are premium products for serious users. The experience tastes better and hits smoother. 


It’s no surprise, given Stardust Hemp’s long-held views about the user experience. It relies on a rigid commitment to organic farming practices that produce the highest quality hemp flower. Whether it’s grown indoors or in greenhouses, their crops benefit from the best soil and attention. Each plant is allowed to develop to full maturity, then hand-trimmed and slow-cured over a long period to ensure the absolute highest quality final product. 


Every batch of its raw product is fully tested to ensure that it reports accurately levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. The company is steadfast in its commitment to continually update its Certificates of Analysis in order to provide consumers with up-to-date data that correctly reflects the specific makeup of their products. 


The Stardust company grows its hemp in a region of the Pacific Northwest known as the “Emerald Triangle.” The region is named after the lushness of its greenery, which stems from nutrient-rich soil. This soil, combined with its arid climate, creates a perfect environment for growing high-quality hemp plants. Even before hemp was legalized, cannabis flourished in this part of the world. 


With first-in-class technology and organic cannabis produced under the strictest, most beneficial conditions, Stardust Hemp’s THCO vapes deliver a standout experience for serious users who demand the highest levels of quality.



Gelato THCO Cartridge

Named after Italian ice cream and as perfectly balanced as a Roman arch, Gelato produces a smooth and friendly high that works for any time of day or night. A Gelato’s effects are intensely euphoric and social, bordering on giggly, with a calming body buzz that lasts about three hours. Boasting a ratio of 55% indica to 45% sativa, the strain produces a perfect mind-and-body combination that begins with a heady cerebral buzz and settles into total body relation. It’s a great option when you want to feel both relaxed and social at the same time. It’s no surprise this strain has an epic reputation among cannabis enthusiasts who seek the best of both worlds. 


The buds themselves mature into large, lumpy buds covered in a kaleidoscope of green, yellow, and sometimes purple swirls. Bright orange pistils run across the outside of the buds while white crystal trichomes frost each nug from leaf to stem. The Gelato strain has a creamy flavor of sweet blueberries and oranges that’s reminiscent of a hand-dipped sherbet. The powerful clementine scent hints at the powerful punch the bud delivers. 


Gelato is the product of breeding Sherbet with Thin Mints. It benefits from a powerful terpene profile that is triple dominated by high concentrations of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene. The unique combination creates its signature sweet and citrusy smells and helps it produce the high that energizes the mind while relaxing the body.  


Blue Dream THCO Cart


If you’re searching for a sativa-dominant strain that provides a balanced body high, don’t sleep on Blue Dream. 


With a 60:40 ratio of sativa to indica, this strain is a great way to perk up moods and calm down the body. But be warned: it hits hard. The high begins with an intense rush to the head. The energizing feeling lasts for a long while as the mellow body high begins to grow and spread from the base of the spine. Once completely in the throes of Blue Dream, users ride a wave of good feelings while never losing the mental clarity that comes from a sativa-forward experience. 


With a terpene profile fronted by the Myrcene, which is also found in hops and cloves, Blue Dream smells like a just-baked slice of warm blueberry pie and tastes like a spoonful of sweet, ripe berries. The flavor hits instantly and sits in the mouth long after the exhale, leaving a delicious after taste. Fans of great-tasting bud owe it to themselves to sample this one. 


Blue Dream was created by crossing the legendary sativa-heavy Haze strain with the delicious Blueberry varietal. Just like its parents, Blue Dream can lead to bouts of the munchies as its cerebral rush wears off. However, it won’t cause couchlock or lead to foggy brain. Instead, Blue Dream is a smooth and pleasant high that mixes peak stimulating mental sensations with a soothing body calm. 



Northern lights THCO Carts


In Danish, the word “hygge” refers to the specifically Nordic concept of feeling perfect contentment and coziness when snuggled up on a cold winter’s day. It doesn’t directly translate into English, but that idea is pretty close to how Northern Lights makes you feel. 


One of the most famous strains ever created, Northern Lights, is considered the ultimate expression of indica-heavy hybrids. It creates intense euphoric sensations and blissed-out feelings in the mind while sending feelings of pure relaxation to the muscles. A seductively powerful tranquility pervades the body as the mind is cleared of negative thoughts. Made of 90% indica genetics, Northern Lights flower is a powerful sedative experience that often leads gently into couchlock and a deep, regenerative sleep. At least that’s what it does on its own. 


The THCO version of Northern Lights adds a powerful sativa-like element to the intense body effects of the strain. A THCO Northern Lights cart doesn’t simply make your body feel like it’s turning into a puddle. It also invigorates the mind at the same time. The resulting high is both stimulating and relaxing, a combination that leads to pure enjoyment. 


The buds of Northern Lights evoke the dark sky phenomenon aurora borealis, thanks to the ribbons of green and purple coloring that run through the plant. Its thick and densely packed buds are naturally coated in trichomes that produce a sticky resin-y feel. Its piney and dank earthen aroma smells like you just stepped into a lush clearing in the Nordic woods. Taste-wise, Northern Lights is a surprising mix of sweet and spicy, with hints of berries, pepper, coffee, and vanilla. 


Pineapple Express Cartridge THCO


This chunky and stimulating bud is a tropical treat that combines the tastiness of two high-energy strains into a one delicious package. 


Perfect for a midday break, early evening socializing, or lazy weekend mornings, this Pineapple Express THCO vape lives up to its movie-backed fame. Just like the stoner action comedy that bears its name, Pineapple Express combines cheerful moods, energetic feelings, and more than a bit of giggly laughter. It’s a great strain to unlock creativity and keep your energy up midday. 


A 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid that can invigorate the mind without fatiguing the body, this strain might be called Pineapple Express, but its effects are anything but quick. The high hits hard, but not quickly. And it sticks around for a long time. There’s simply nothing “express” about it. 


The power of Pineapple Express comes from its rare genetics. It’s the child of two strains—Trainwreck and Hawaiian—that have themselves risen to popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Both 


The buds themselves are popcorn-shaped and pungent with the aroma of cedar and mangoes. Its taste, as you might expect, is dominated by tropical citrus notes. Some users say it tastes like pineapple, others put it closer to a mix of mangoes and bananas. 


Bubba Kush THC O Cart


With a strong flavor and even stronger effects, Bubba Kush THCO carts make the case that vintage strains still have a lot to offer users in the modern era. 


Created in the mid-1990s in New Orleans, Bubba Kush is a hybrid strain that’s 80% indica and 20% sativa. As a cross between the powerhouse indica OG Kush and an unknown strain, its genetic makeup helps explain how it secured long-standing regard among cannabis enthusiasts. 


Fans of intense indicas and those who prefer laid-back highs will find a lot to like in Bubba Kush’s combination of physical effects and positive vibes. From the emotion-lifting power of its sativa side to the muscle melting feeling of its indica genetics, Bubba Kush creates an atmospheric high that can feel like floating on a cloud. 


While its reputation may be of a sleepy, couchlock-inducing indica varietal, it’s important to stress that its high is clear-headed. The lack of mental fog makes Bubba Kush an ideal strain for enjoying low-key evenings. If you’re searching for a way to turn your day around after a rough time at work, the euphoric effects of Bubba Kush can help. The happy moods it creates can combat even the worst days. 


Bubba Kush smells like a combination of chocolate, coffee, and fruit. Its taste foregrounds the chocolate notes and adds spicier hints of burnt coffee on the exhale. 


This strain produces large and fluffy buds that are thoroughly frosted with white trichomes. The resin of its crystals makes it particularly sticky, which is easily felt by breaking up any nug. A close look can reveal hints of reddish-brown colors beneath its dark green outer layers. 



Ice Cream Cake THC-O Carts


An indica-dominant strain with a delicious confectionary taste meant for evening and night use, Ice Cream Cake is the perfect way to end a long day. 


This strain has quickly gained a dedicated following among indica enthusiasts for its spacey high and total body effects. Ice Cream Cake hits every facet of the body. You feel its tingly sensations reaching your head, eyes, skin, back, core, and limbs. The feeling has been described as a slow-moving lucid dream combined with a pleasant mood-lifting euphoria that makes every sensation feel great. 


Bred from monster strains Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake is a hybrid strain that registers 75% indica and 25% sativa. The combination of the relatively rare Gelato #33 and the crowd-pleasing Wedding Cake does more than create a creamy and cheesy taste. This bud takes the best aspects of its parents’ powers and ups the ante. Ice Cream Cake’s body high is a premium experience, while its euphoria is gentle but long lasting. 


This is the strain experienced users choose when they long for a relaxing escape from the everyday. It knocks you out in the best way. Whether you’re seeking sleepy sensations or long to simply zone out with a smile on your face, the Ice Cream Cake makes music sound better, movies feel funnier, and elevates the experience of doing nothing to an artistic level. 


The Ice Cream Cake strain grows well in Mediterranean climates, producing small, tightly packed buds that grow in egg-like shapes. Its leaves run a deep forest green, making the bright orange pistils stand out and seem ultra-vibrant. Each nug is coated with white trichomes that add a crystalline shine to the buds’ veneer and make it extremely sticky to the touch. 



Cream Disposable THCO Vape 1.4ml and 2.2ml


For convenience and accessibility, Cream THCO vapes cannot be beat. Unlike other vape pens that require a permanent base, Cream’s vapes are disposable. They’re easy to use and simple to operate. Without the need for excess hardware from third parties, Cream is able to custom build its vapes to perfectly suit its cannabis products. The disposable nature of the vapes means the designs can be slimmer and sleeker, making them both more portable and ergonomically enjoyable. If you’re searching for a simple vape that travels well and fits in your pocket, Cream is here for you. 


The vapes have two sizes of cartridges. At a lower price point, the 1.4 mL vape is an incredibly compact option, perfect for trying out new strains or sampling several varietals at once. The slightly larger 2.2 mL capacity disposable vape pen offers a larger tank at a more cost-effective price. With more juice, these vapes are great for heavy users, favorite strains, and tokers who want a long-lasting sleek option. 


Even better, both sizes are fully rechargeable. No matter if you choose the 1.4mL or the 2.2 mL option, the disposable vape pens charge easily, thanks to the addition of micro-USB outlets. This kind of universal charging option makes it a breeze to keep your vape functioning at home, at the office, or from the console of your car while on the go. 


While the hardware is top-notch, what differentiates Cream from its competitors is its commitment to high-quality vape juice. The company has rigorous testing standards that ensure every batch of e-liquid is free from all harmful chemicals, like heavy metals testing. Cream uses only the best terpenes and distillates available on the market to create a smooth and enjoyable vaping sensation that won’t hurt your lungs or cause long-term damage. Cream’s commitment to full panel quality assurance tests also guarantees the juice contains the exact amount of cannabinoids it claims, so you always know what you’re getting. 


If you’re searching for no-nonsense vapes that deliver premium experiences, Cream has you covered. Just toss one in your pocket or purse and you’re covered. 



Blue Zkittles Disposable THCO Vape 1.4 and 2.2ml


If you think the name “Zkittles” is hard to say now, just wait until you’re under its spell. 


Although it’s 70% indica, Blue Zkittles produces a high that begins like a sativa. When it first comes on, it produces giggly, cheerful moods and a jolt of energy. You’ll feel relaxed, but clear-headed and fully functional. However, as the slow building high continues, its effects begin to change. Your body tingles, and a deep relaxation radiates out from your core to your extremities. The more you inhale, the more sensations of couchlock set in and guide you slowly to a deep and restful sleep. A lighter dose will leave you relaxed and slow moving, but without the sensation of heavy limbs and eyelids. 


It's a great strain for end-of-the-night activities, like watching a movie or settling into bed with a good book. Users who are prone to the get the munchies may feel a bit hungry on Blue Zkittles. But what can you expect from a cross between the sleepy Blue Diamond strain and the hunger-inducing Zkittles?


The most prominent feature of the strain might be its smell. Blue Zkittles isn’t just a funny name. The plant actually smells like candy. With hints of citrus layered underneath a powerful sugary blueberry aroma, it smells exactly like ripping open a bag of Skittles. Its terpene profile is fronted by Myrcene and backed up by high levels of Pinene and Caryophyllene, which helps to explain its relaxing effects and delicious citrus flavor.  


The nugs of Blue Zkittles resemble chunky broccoli heads. They are densely packed and universally green with thick base stems. The buds themselves grow a medium size and can be shaped like oversized popcorn or torpedoes. 


King Louis XIII Disposable THCO Vape 1.4ml and 2.2ml


A noble hybrid strain descended from the royal line of OG Kush, King Louis XIII boasts a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio and an insanely high potency. 


Like the French monarch who took the throne at 9 years old and led his country to powerful military victories across Europe, the strain King Louis XIII comes on fast and strong. The effects are heavily indica, creating a powerfully relaxing body high and a serene mental experience. A perfect choice to use in the evening or before bedtime, King Louis XIII delivers the kind of high that indica enthusiasts crave. It’s extremely mellow and frosty without causing feelings of paranoia or headaches. If you’re searching for a relaxing strain to lift your mood and knock you out, King Louis XIII will give you the royal treatment. 


But be warned. King Louis is powerful. Even experience users marvel at the effects it creates. While a normal amount of Louis XIII can cause couchlock, taking too much can lead to time dilation that makes a few minutes feel like an hour. And, in addition to inspiring sleepy feelings, this strain causes the munchies in some users. 


King Louis is the result of breeding OG Kush with LA Confidential, two intense indica-leaning strains. Fans of OG Kush in particular will find a lot to like in King Louis XIII. In addition to its potency, the strain has a powerful odor that smells piney and musky. Its taste is both sweet and sour, with subtle hints of lime on the exhale. The buds are small, but tightly packed. They have a classic olive-green coloring and a liberal dusting of crystal trichomes. 


Maui Wowie Disposable THCO Vape 2.2ml and 1.4ml


One of the oldest and best-established sativa-dominant strains on the market, Maui Wowie feels like waking up the Hawaiian sun. 


This throwback strain first came on the market in the 1960s, straight from Maui. But although you might expect an island strain to produce a laid-back, mellow high, Maui Wowie is an invigorating good time. Perfect for a wake-and-bake session or as a midday break, Maui Wowie makes good use of its 80% sativa genetics. Often described as a “one-hit wonder” it doesn’t take much of this strain to get the high started. It begins with a light body buzz and a swift increase in mental energy. Suddenly, moods lift, and a mild euphoria sets in, inspiring feelings of confidence and optimism. The clear-headed high leaves you able to focus and happy to work or play. 


Maui Wowie is a great social strain that’s also delicious, making it a popular choice to pass around a party. The taste is reminiscent of fresh pineapple and woodsy pine, while its aroma smells like a combination of sweet citrus and lavender. The experience feels like take a big bite of a caffeinated pineapple upside down cake and then laughing about it. 


Created by crossing a strain called Hawaiian with an unknown sativa hybrid, Maui Wowie has been a staple of cannabis culture since it was first bred. It’s a consistent favorite among users who do creative work or enjoy daytime highs. 


The plant itself produces very large and fluffy buds. Its coloring is a traditional mix of light and dark greens, with orange and brown hairs clustering over the leaves. The trichomes that cover the buds are sticky and dense and give each nug the feeling of growing near the Pacific Ocean. 


Jack Herer Disposable THCO Vape 1.4 and 2.2 


Looking for a great way to wake yourself up? A cup of joe has nothing on a toke of Jack. 


Jack Herer, named after the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, is an ultra-energizing hybrid strain that produces a focused and happy high. Since its creation, “The Jack” has won nine Cannabis Cup awards and continues to be a favorite of users across the globe. 


The strain is made of a well-balanced 55:45 ratio of sativa to indica, but leans heavily toward its sativa side. The high comes on quickly, like a shot of espresso, banishing sluggish feelings and foul moods. Just one hit can help you feel more focused, more creative, and more socially talkative. As the high wears on, the physical effects become more noticeable, and waves of calm relaxation seem to wash over the body. 


Made by crossing the sativa strain Haze with a combination of two indicas (Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk), Jack Herer is truly one of a kind. The man it’s named after was a long-time American cannabis activist who worked hard to bring legalization to the U.S., and the strain does him proud by being staunchly original and a great example of premium bud. 


The Jack Herer strain smells of lemon and wood, with a bit of skunky earth underneath. The flavor is similarly citrus fronted with a bit of a musky aftertaste. Its unique taste and smell come from an offbeat terpene profile dominated by Terpinolene, which is also found in nutmeg, cumin, and apples.  


Wedding Cake Disposable THCO Vape 1.4 and 2.2ml 


Just like a solid marriage, Wedding Cake is well-balanced, tons of fun, and lasts a long time. 


If you’re searching for the perfect combination of the mood lifting powers of sativa strains and the body-tingling relaxation of indicas, say “I do” to this 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid strain. 


As a cross between the giggly and delicious Cherry Pie with the legendary strain Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake is both sweetly delicious and powerfully potent. Just a single hit can satisfy most users, thanks to its long-running effects. The high begins with a quick rush of cerebral energy and euphoric feelings. As the joyful feelings linger, physically relaxing sensations sneak in. 


Another one-hit wonder strain, Wedding Cake produces creeping effects. Its high gets stronger as time goes on. Even advanced users should be careful not to overdo it. 


The strain’s perfect blend of mental and physical effects makes it a good afternoon or evening strain that’s well suited to liven up a dinner party or get lost in a movie. While this strain has a few dessert-like properties (each hit delivers a slightly earthy taste on the inhale with a bit of creamy sweetness on the exhale) its name is better suited to the excitement of a wedding cake rather than its taste. The strain smells of sweet fruit. 


Wedding Cake produces impressive buds that are absolutely covered in trichome crystals. The nugs are large and sticky with a heart-like shape and subtle pink undertones beneath its deep green coloration. In Canada, the strain is known as Pink Cookies. 


Watermelon Zkittlez 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape


This 2.2ml cart creates a great-tasting indica-leaning high that creates relaxing vibes without smashing you over the head with couchlock. If you’re a fan of chilled vibes with a gentle head buzz that won’t send you straight to sleep, this strain won’t disappoint. 


Watermelon Zkittlez lives up to the hype. Not only does it actually taste like a sun-ripened watermelon, its 70/30 indica-sativa split makes for an incredibly enjoyable high. The sativa genetics keeps your head free of any fogginess and delivers gentle euphoria while the more powerful indica side helps you feel calm and laid back. Perfect for evening and after-work use, it can help you relax and enjoy dinner and a movie or a low-key night in with close friends and family. 


The strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Watermelon, which means it’s the grandchild of the hybrid legend Grape Ape and a great-grandchild of classic strains, such as Skunk #1 and Mendocino Purps. The robust lineage provides Watermen Zkittlez with a powerful terpene profile that’s led by Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene, which helps explains its pungent and fruity aroma and slight notes of sour citrus upon exhale. When vaped, the brightness of the Limonene is on full display, adding hints of lemon to the watermelon-flavored inhale. 


The plant itself is a gorgeous example of cannabis breeding. The buds of Watermelon Zkittles grow into dark green, spade-shaped nugs with bluish-purple undertones. Its nugs are dotted with a rich coating of small white crystal trichomes and gently covered by the occasional dark orange pistil. 



Banana Runtz 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape


At last, a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that delivers monster effects on both ends of the spectrum. 


Banana Runtz is a new strain, made by combining Zkittles and Gelato, that is a perfect 50-50 split of indica and sativa. Its high combines the best of both worlds by lifting spirits, energizing minds, and sending soothing feelings throughout the body. The effects begin in the body with gentle, tingly sensations. As the tingles give way to full-body relaxation, a surge of euphoric sensations jolts the mind into a focused and giggly mood. 


The amazing part of this strain is how both indica and sativa effects feel extremely powerful without being overwhelming. It’s the right strain for experienced users who value the “complete high” as well as newbies who want a balanced experience charged by rocket fuel. 


Banana Runtz takes its sugary and fruity flavor from its parents. The inhale tastes like sweet confectionary candy with hints of banana and sour citrus flavors. The exhale adds a bit more spice, but the aftertaste is pure deliciousness. The smell leans more toward a tropical citrus scent with just a touch of dank earthiness. 


The taste and smell are truly unlike any other strains. They come courtesy of a deep terpene profile, led by Geraniol (also found in rose oil and lemongrass) and backed up by common molecules like Pinene, Terpineol, and Caryophyllene. But it also includes high amounts of Carene (found in lemons, rosemary, and cedar wood) Bisabol, and Phellandrene (most commonly found in eucalyptus). 

Lemon Sour Diesel 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape

Mango Kush 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape

Berry Gelato 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape

Strawberry Banana 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape

Hawaiian Haze 2.2ml Disposable THCO Vape


Torch 2.2 ml Disposable THCO Vape, USBC Charger port


The THCO Torch Flow Diamond Disposable combines potency with pocket-sized convenience. 


Built specifically to power the potency of THCO, three times stronger than Delta 9 THC, this vape pen is everything the serious user requires, but without the fuss. 


Torch prides itself on creating high-powered vapes and juices that are simple, effective, and affordable. 


Its hardware is compact and efficient. The Torch Flower Diamond Disposable vape pen has a proprietary design built to accommodate industry-leading ceramic coil technology. 


The ceramic coil heats up quickly, allowing e-liquid to vaporize without burning. This delivers maximum taste and smoothness without needlessly wasting liquid or causing lung irritation. The device comes with a preheated coil button, to make perfect hits easier.  


Disposable vape pens mean extreme portability and convenience. Traditional vape pen rely on the user to carry a permanent base pen, which can have trouble accurately heating and fitting some e-liquid containers. Without the need for awkward hardware that sticks out of your pockets uncomfortably, Torch disposables can be more discrete and easier to carry. 


And, thanks to the cleverly designed inputs, each vape pen can charge easily with standard USBC chargers. 


Each disposable vape comes pre-packaged with 2.2mL of third party tested THCO juice. Torch’s commitment to quality not only ensures a premium experience, but guarantees the vapes you use are free of harsh chemical and have an accurate cannabinoid count. 


Simply scan the QR code on the label to learn about the specifics of your strain. Each batch of vape liquid is lab-tested, so it’s easy to see the molecular breakdown of your purchase. The third-party tests reveal the exact amount of active ingredients, like THCO, that power your experience, as well as other notable ingredients, such as terpenes, that contribute to the overall feel and effects of the vape. 



Angel’s Breath THCO Disposable Vape


Angel’s Breath is not just great. It’s heavenly. 


As a potent hybrid sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it delivers an invigorating, heady high that helps ramp up creativity and expand focus. It’s sativa to indica ratio is a solid 70:30, making its cerebral effects more than twice as potent as the physical sensations it produces. The combination makes it perfect as a late morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Although it’s a newer and less common strain, Angel’s Breath has already attracted the notice of sativa devotees who enjoy its head-tingling effects and body-melting feelings. 


The high induces euphoria and unlocks creativity. It begins by delivering a jolt of mental energy that keeps users focused and inspired for the duration of the experience. A few minutes into the high, body effects begin. Soothing and calming sensations begin in the core and slowly spread, causing muscle-tingling sensations that help users relax. 


Users are drawn to its delicious taste of mango. The full inhale is primarily fruity and sweet, but subtle garlic notes can be detected on the exhale. The plant itself produces medium-sized buds that are a brilliant bright green and covered with white crystal trichomes. 


Angle’s Breath is the result of combining Mango Haze, a perfectly balanced 50/50 split between indica and sativa, and the indica-heavy Afghan Haze. In fact, the strain can trace its lineage back to well-known strains like Northern Lights, Original Haze, Skunk #1. More specifically, its genes are 12.5% Northern Lights, 25% Skunk #1 and 50% Haze strains. 


Candyland THCO Disposable Vape 2.2ml


This hybrid strain is the perfect sativa-dominant option for users who love indicas. 


Named for its delicious taste of sugar and berries, Candyland is the product of combining the indica-dominant hybrid strain Grandaddy Purple with Platinum Cookies, a great tasting 50/50 hybrid. As its genes suggest, Candyland’s indica side is potent. However, they make up only 30% of the plant. 


The remaining 70% of Candyland is pure sativa. This gives the strain its energetic, focused core, and inspires the euphoric feelings it delivers. However, its physical effects are so powerful, the high has an overall indica feel. Fans of indica strains who need a cannabis option for daytime use or as a midday option will find a lot to like in Candyland. Not only does it provide the physical release that strains like Grandaddy Purple do so well, the accompanying clear-headed cerebral feelings deliver a spike of energy and good feelings that prevent the usual couchlock and zoned-out feelings. It’s clear that what Candyland’s indica genetics lack in number, they make up for in effect. 


Candyland’s high is also extremely social, making it a great choice to pass around among friends or to try before joining an event. Its strong sugary-sweet taste of berries doesn’t hurt, either. 


The buds of the Candyland plant are nothing short of gorgeous—a dark green riven with purple undertones and shot through with fiery bright orange pistils. The plants produce small, densely packed buds.

The dense layer of crystal trichomes on its outer layers catches light and gives the nugs a sparkling effect. 


Cereal Runtz Disposable THCO Vape 2.2 ML

With a rare genetic profile and a unique flavor, Cereal Runtz is a unique and powerful strain. 


With a name that sounds like a toddler’s madcap breakfast creation and a taste that’s somehow even crazier, Cereal Runtz hits hard and fast. 


As an indica-dominant hybrid, Cereal Runtz delivers heavy on seductive, serene sensations. The high starts low and builds inch by inch, sending you deeper and deeper into a pure laid-back state—and usually the couch. Fans of euphoric sensations will find a lot to enjoy from the heady buzz of Cereal Runtz, but its real star is its calming body effects. 


It’s the kind of strain that makes you happy and puts you to bed. This king of serene is a great way to end the day or to slowly transition from an after-dinner movie to the bedroom. Its mellow prerogative is a great way to prepare yourself for a restorative sleep session. 


A combination of Runtz and the Cereal Milk, this strain comes from a long line of extremely potent hybrid strains. Among its grandparents, it counts heavy hitters like the giggle-inducing Cherry Pie, the powerful sativa-dominant Snowman, and the legendary Cookies. Cereal Runtz is more straightforwardly indica feeling than any of its grandparents, but their influence can still be felt. The body-melting effects it delivers come side by side with giggly moods and an everything-is-okay vibe that pervades the mind until sleep sets in. 



Drama Queen Disposable THCO Vape 2.2 ML


This royal strain features creates deeply relaxing feelings and an intensely spaced-out vibe. It may be the perfect antidote to a day full of dealing with other people’s egos and stressful overreactions. 


Just one puff of Drama Queen leads to a happier place. An indica-forward hybrid strain, it foregrounds the relaxing effects. The muscle-soothing sensations hit the whole body at once, making you feel like every part of yourself just exhaled. If you’ve had a stressful day at work or just need a good three hours to unwind before bed, Drama Queen is here for you. 


The body high it delivers is enhanced by gentle euphoric feelings. Drama Queen’s head high is just buzzy enough to encourage happier moods without jolting you awake or sending your thoughts racing. This strain is tailor made for evenings when you want to toss on a movie or chill out to some great music and melt into the couch while your worries float away. 


Drama Queen takes is the product of Sunset Sherbet and Gelato #41, which means it’s the grandchild of Girl Scout Cookies and Thin Mint Cookies. It does that lineage proud by delivering sweet-tasting indica effects that keep you smiling until you fall asleep. 


Appearance-wise, Drama Queen is notable for its thick and tightly packed buds whose appearance ranges from a light green hue to a royal purple color. The plant produces large nugs that are covered with bright orange pistils and a rich coating of trichomes. The buds are incredibly sticky with resin. 



Gelato Disposable THC0 Vape 2.2ml

If you’re searching for a solid evening strain that delivers a clear-headed and social high, do yourself a favor and give this Gelato cart a try. 


Just like the rich Italian ice cream it named after, Gelato is a tasty treat that makes you feel better. With a well-balanced genetic profile that’s 55% indica and 45% sativa, the strain creates euphoric feelings and relaxing physical sensations in near equal measure. It’s a great strain to use during or before social occasions, thanks to the friendly vibe and easy laugh it inspires. 


The Gelato high hits both body and mind simultaneously, delivering a spike of radiant energy to the cerebellum just as it sends relaxing vibes to the muscles. The result is the best of both worlds. Users feel both energized and laid back. The effects last between two and three hours and tend to creep up slightly over the first hour until they reach a blissed-out climax. With those kinds of effects, it’s little wonder that Gelato has long been a favorite of social smokers and cannabis connoisseurs across the globe. 


Gelato has a rich and creamy taste with hints of citrus and berries. It’s most often compared to tangerines and blueberries. Its smell is more citrus, with a dominate note of oranges and a slight hint of sweetness. 


The Gelato buds tend to be big and airy. Their coloring ranges from a light yellow to standard green, but purplish undertones sometimes appear. Upon close inspection, it’s clear that small orange pistil run throughout the buds and that each nug is layered with a dusting of white trichomes. 


GG4 THC0 Disposable Vape 2.2ml


GG4 burst onto the scene in 2014, taking the cannabis world by storm. With incredible potency and immediate effects, GG4 has amassed a devoted following of users who swear by its effects. 


Also known as Gorilla Glue #4 or sometimes just “Glue,” GG4 is a hybrid strain that is 63% indica and 37% sativa. And just how great is it? As soon as it premiered on the world stage, it immediately won first place in the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup and the Michigan Cannabis Cup. GG4 followed up that impressive national streak by securing a top finish at the High Times Jamaican World Cup. In other words, the best judges simply couldn’t get enough. 


And no wonder. GG4 is simply an incredible indica-heavy strain. If you think you’ve hit the ceiling for body-relaxing effects, this strain could have you thinking twice. Its intensely serene and soothing sensations feel like visiting a spa. Users describe it as feeling like their body simply melts into the couch while their worries evaporate, leaving them relaxed and happy. If you’re ready for guaranteed bliss on demand, GG4 is the way to go. 


Made by crossing three heavy-hitting strains, GG4 represents the pinnacle of a specific kind of hybrid breeding. Although it’s the fourth strain produced in the lineage, it’s by far the most powerful and effective. As a combination of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, GG4 overshadows its parents by a wide margin. 


Marked by a pungent gas-like smell and a taste of funky dank chocolate, GG4 has a throwback feel to the days when bud tasted like bud. The plant itself produces large, airy buds that are coated in large white trichome crystals and covered with thin pistils.


Green Crack THCO Disposable Vape 2.2ml


Green Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid that perks you up without letting you down. 


One of the most potent sativa strains on the market, Green Crack is an invigorating experience. It’s a great day time strain, suitable to early morning, midday breaks, or afternoon slumps. It’s a sure-fire way to inject a bit of energy into your day and keep you buzzing, even when you feel down. 


The potent sativa effects start quickly. Positive feels come in like a jolt while your energy levels start to climb, and your mind finds its ability to focus. Yet, unlike some other sativa-heavy hybrids, Green Crack doesn’t send your thoughts racing or give you strung-out sensation. You feel fully in control, never like you’re riding a roller coaster. Some users claim Green Crack helps them accomplish household chores or finish busy work at the office. 


The exact origins of the Green Crack strain are unclear. It’s certainly descended from Skunk #1, but whether it’s an inbreeding of the plant or a mix between Skunk #1 and another unknown plant is up for debate. Stoner legends say it was cultivated in Athens, Ga., and named by rapper Snoop Dogg, but neither story is confirmed to be true. 


What we know for sure is that Green Crack has a bright and citrusy mango taste that leaves a dank and earthy taste in the mouth. It smells like wood and citrus and delivers a smooth smoke. The buds of the plant itself appear more indica than sativa, despite its genetics, reaching only a small size and growing very dense. Color-wise, Green Crack is a light shade of green with reddish brown pistils. Its leaves and stems are covered with milk-white trichomes that give the plant a shimmery appearance. 



Ice Cream Cake THCO Disposable Vape 2.2ml


A deliciously decadent indica-dominant strain, Ice Cream Cake is the perfect way to end the day on a high note. 


The intense body and mind effects it creates have made Ice Cream Cake a popular choice among fans of indica strains. It’s 25% sativa genetics give this strain a unique feeling. While the high primarily affects the body, it feels as it clears the mind at the same time, leaving you fully aware of just how terrific you feel. 


An Ice Cream Cake high begins in the body, usually with a tingling sensation at the base of the skull. From there, the sensation spreads down the back and up the head, with a warming shiver. As the soothing feelings reach your limbs, they start to feel warm and heavy. You may begin to move slower, as if you’re walking through warm water. But, unlike some knock-down, drag-out indica strains, Ice Cream Cake leaves your mind sharp. You feel happy, relaxed, and able to enjoy low-key social activities or a television binge without missing a beat. 


Ice Cream Cake is produced by combining Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake. This potent genetic material explains the sugary sweet and creamy taste with hints of vanilla and wet moss. 


This strain’s buds are smaller than average, but densely packed. They sport various shades of dark green with bright orangish-brown pistils. A dense layer of white trichomes dot the buds from stem to leave, giving it a sticky sensation and resiny feel. 


Mango THCO Disposable Vape 2.2ml


Mango is a 50-50 hybrid strain that’s more than the sum of its parts. 


It’s not just that Mango produces intense mental and physical sensations, it’s how these feelings manifest that makes it special. Mango’s unique combination of terpenes and genetics creates a high that’s both more powerful and less expected than what you’d normally expect from a 50-50 hybrid. 


The high begins in the body, cause muscle-melting feelings that reach from head to toe. The warm and tingly sensation continues as you fully relax and begin to feel yourself unwind. After about 10 minutes, the high changes as the cerebral sativa effects kick in. Your thoughts become happier, and your mood brightens. Your mind opens its creative vault. Suddenly, everything seems to be better. Music sounds sweeter, TV is funnier, and food tastes better. Perfect for evening and nighttime use, it’s the kind high that keeps users returning again and again. 


Mango’s effects are hard to duplicate, in part because no one knows exactly how it was created. It’s the offspring of breeding a strain called KC 33 with an unknown varietal commonly assumed to be an Afghani indica. 


Mango is named after its deliciously tropical fruit flavor, which sticks in the mouth after exhale to create an enjoyable aftertaste. Its scent is citrusy and dank and not too pungent. Mango’s buds are long and fluffy, and absolutely covered in tiny white trichomes, making its light green coloration seem a bit faded. A closer inspection reveals thin orange hairs that run throughout the buds and a sticky-to-the-touch resiny core. 


Tropicana Cookies THCO Disposable Vape 2.2ml


This giggly, energizing strain mixes a tasty flavor with a powerful head high that leads to happier moods, increased energy, and a laid-back attitude. 


As a hybrid strain that’s 70% sativa, Tropicana Cookies is the strain to reach for when you want a long-lasting and invigorating high. It begins with a head rush that lifts your mood and doesn’t let go for hours. A delicious day time strain, it’s a great option for wake-and-bake users, those who want a little extra pep in their step, or as a social lubricant before a party. The effects are mainly heady, but dip into physical sensations as well. Gentle waves of relaxes help to bring calming and soothing feelings to the muscles and ward off negative emotions. 


Tropicana Cookies takes its bright citrus flavor and potency from its parents. As a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, this is a strain that delivers exactly what you’d expect—extremely potent effects and big flavor. 


Tropicana Cookies has helped users unlock their creativity, finish up household chores, and lose themselves in wonder. If you’re searching for an eye-opening experience, forget the coffee and grab this strain. 


In addition to its sweet orange flavor, Tropicana Cookies is easily identifiable by a piney and earthen aroma that only hints at its fruity taste. The plant itself produces large, fluffy buds that are carpeted with crystal trichomes. But beneath that sugary blanket are green and purple hues that give Tropicana Cookies a gorgeous tint and hint at its exceptional potency.


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