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Buy HHC Vape in Kansas City

If you are looking to buy HHC vape pens in or around Kansas City with a variety of different strains, then The Hemp Haus is the store for you.  We carry a variety of different HHC strains for vape from the top HHC disposable vape pen Brands and manufacturers. Learn more about the brands and different strains available below.  Our Vape Pens are only for in-store purchase or pick-up, as these products are not allowed to be shipped.

Stardust Hemp HHC Vape Carts at The Hemp Haus

The folks at Stardust Hemp are committed to sourcing from only the finest growers and cultivars in the Pacific Northwest and Nevada. They know that cultivation is the art of understanding the relationship between hemp plants and their environment. That is why they locate specific strains from farms that utilize the best growing practices for each plant, whether it be indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse production.


Stardust produces C Cell vapes, an industry standard for refillable vape pens. Containing premium HHC distillate, these pens utilize superior technology that allows you to recharge and refill your vape battery. The ceramic coil ensures that you get the best potency and flavor from this great distillate. C Cell vapes prevent wasted oil, ensuring that you’ll get every last tasty drop of this product.


Stardust also includes 8% steam-derived hemp terpenes to further enhance your tastebuds, providing a boost of flavor and beneficial botanicals.

HHC Vape Strain Flavors

Ice Cream Cake

This Indica-dominant hybrid is a treat for the tastebuds. Filled with potent hemp-derived HHC distillate and beneficial terpenes, you’ll notice the tasty flavor of this strain right away. Made from a cross between two delicious strains, Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, Ice Cream Cake is a great strain to turn to when you’re looking for full-body relaxation.


When you take your first hit from the vape pen, you’ll notice sweet hints of vanilla and sugary almond dough. There are subtle fruit notes with a creamy flavor that lingers in the mouth. The smoke has an herbaceous quality, drawing forth hints of lavender and fresh green herbs.


While HHC distillate is hemp-derived, it is similar to THC (also known as Delta 9). You’ll notice that your body experiences a psychotropic effect as your mind unwinds and begins to see the world through a slightly different lens. This strain is great to enjoy in the evening when you feel ready to relax and get comfortable.


The flavorful vape is easy to use and allows you to take as few (or as many) hits as you need without committing to an entire joint or bowl. After a few hits, you’ll notice a buzz of energy wrapping around your body like a warm blanket, giving you ease and comfort that takes the edge off any long day.


Like any Indica-dominant strain, there are noticeable effects on the physical body, easing any tension and inviting you to become as cozy as possible.



If you’re ready for dessert, look no further than a tasty vape of Gelato. Also known as Gelato #33 and Larry Bird, this hybrid strain provides an incredibly balanced Sativa/Indica experience. This vape contains high-quality HHC to send your senses soaring and a blend of beneficial terpenes specific to the strain itself. Stardust goes above and beyond in their product quality, ensuring no other fillers or blenders are contained in this vape, and everything is 100% derived from hemp.


When you take your first hit of the Gelato HHC, you’ll notice an explosion of flavors. Derived from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie, this strain has an incredible linage of flavorful parent strains to draw upon. The flavors will spread across your tongue in a mix of blueberry and orange with notes of lavender and fresh herbs. The smoke has a sweet, sugary quality standard for the GSC lineage strains.


Once you have taken a few hits, you’ll start to feel the effects of this potent HHC distillate. As it begins to take effect, a wash of body sensations will ease your mind and melt your worries. The Sativa influence allows your mind to remain open and curious, focusing on inspired tasks and enabling you to engage in a thoughtful yet relaxed manner.


The high-quality HHC will have your body buzzing and your mind uplifted with positivity. So enjoy ay any time of the day or evening to elevate your mood and soothe your body blues.


Blue Dream

Get ready to drift away on a cloud! The Blue Dream HHC vape contains the sweet stuff you need to melt into a puddle while maintaining a curious and active mind. The added terpenes boost the flavor and beneficial botanicals to create a luscious flavor and superior product experience.


As a Sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream provides an uplifting, mood-elevating euphoria that can tickle your brain and expand your mind towards new thoughts and ideas. A cross between Blueberry and Haze, this strain is backed by a lineage of big flavor and potent cannabinoids.


When you taste your first hit off the Stardust HHC vape, you’ll notice a blast of blueberry notes that spread sweetly across your tongue. The sugary fruit flavor finishes with spicey and funky afternotes, a nod to the Haze parentage. The smoke from this strain will have hints of sweet berry, tantalizing your senses.


Get ready for a creative boost when you reach for the Blue Dream HHC vape pen. This strain contains Myrcene and Linalool, two fantastic terpenes for relaxation and mood elevation. Turn any mundane project into a creative endeavor when you enjoy a few hits off this tasty vape pen. Blue Dream can help motivate and inspire you to take action while letting you have a great time while you get to work.


If you like fruity strains that elevate your mood and get your energy popping, the Blue Dream has it all.


Northern Lights

This strain is a harmonious marriage between two distinct landrace cultivars. A link between Central Asia and the far East, Northern Lights blends heirloom varieties to create a smooth and soothing strain that is perfect to toke after the sun goes down. While it may not make you see beautiful colored lights shining across the sky, it can create a sense of blissful wonder that such an atmospheric phenomenon could impart.


This Indica-dominant strain contains the terpenes Myrcene, Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene. These flavorful botanical elements create a woodsy, earthy balance reminiscent of time spent in the forest. Combining their effects can impart relaxing mood elevation with just a touch of energetic uplift that Pinene can create.


Your first taste of Northern Lights will spread across your tongue with an earthy, pine-tinted flavor. A sweeter and spicier note follows as you exhale a lovely cloud reminiscent of dank ganja. This strain was created by crossing Afghani and Thai; two origin strains well known for being potent and pleasing.


This Indica-dominant strain is not the one to turn to if you want the motivation to get a lot of work done! Instead, this is a dreamy, relaxing strain that makes you want to kick back and see the world through a softer, more magical lens. Just like the lights in the arctic winter sky, this strain can help you transcend the mundane and embrace a more wondrous perspective on life.


Pineapple Express

Make way for the express train to flavor town! This strain was already well known to enthusiasts before the film bearing its name hit Hollywood. But once word got out, this strain became even more popular! And for a good reason.


Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant strain that is the offspring of two incredible strains, Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Hawaiian originates from the tropical land it is named for and is the reason for the fruity flavors in Pineapple Express. The HCC vape pen contains the exact terpenes found in Pineapple Express, lending a whole host of tantalizing flavors and botanical splendor.


When you take your first taste of Pineapple Express, you’ll notice the explosion of sweet tropical flavors that spread across your tongue. The aptly named strain provides an authentic pineapple flavor created by the terpenes Pinene and Limonene. The bright citrus notes give an uplifting quality, brightening your mood and inspiring your mind to explore compelling and curious ideas. Then, enjoy the sugary fruit flavors that perfectly meld with an earthy pine flavor.


This buzzy Sativa will have you ready to jet set to the closest vista to enjoy a sunset with friends or dance to your favorite local bands. Pineapple Express is perfect for all-day use allowing you to feel productive during daylight hours or ready to socialize once the sun goes down. This hemp-derived HCC vape pen will provide an uplifting and euphoric body high that will inspire adventures worthy of any blockbuster film.


Bubba Kush

If you’re in the mood for a body-melting good time, but you don’t want to get stuck in couch lock, this is the strain for you! Bubba Kush is just one of many strains in the Kush lineage, but make no mistake that it stands apart from the rest for good reasons. This strain is well known for being a classic Indica, meaning that it relaxes the body, but it doesn’t leave you in a sluggish puddle. This is an excellent option for folks who want to enjoy a great body high while still having the capacity to socialize or accomplish a few things around the house.


Being part of the Kush family, this strain has the classic hash flavors typical for the Afghani lineage. But the flavor profile does not stop there! You’ll notice that the terpenes in this strain impart a feast for your tastebuds, including notes of chocolate and coffee. A sweetness follows these robust flavors, leaving a pleasant taste in your mouth. The scent of the smoke blends these earthy notes with an additional layer of pepper, soil, and diesel.


The dominant terpenes in Bubba Kush are Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. Combined, they create this earthy and sweet combo that makes Bubba Kush so tasty and uplifting. Stardust can replicate these flavors by perfectly matching the naturally occurring terpenes found in Bubba Kush. The high-quality HHC distillate creates the basis for the soothing psychotropic effects of this vape pen, and the botanical terpenes do the rest.


Torch Vape Pen Flavors Available

Hemp should be fun! That is the driving principle behind the hemp product company Torch. The makers of this USB-C rechargeable vape pen believe that these smokeables should be accessible and hassle-free. Each 1.3ml HCC distillate pen is packed with flavor to impart a lively experience that makes you want to get up and go! They create premium products that are user-friendly and affordable.


Made with hemp and botanical-derived terpenes, Torch made these hard-hitting HCC vapes with your experience in mind. They know that the battery on disposable vapes won’t always last, so these pens are rechargeable, ensuring that you’ll get every last drop of this incredible HCC distillate. With tons of industry experience behind them, Torch began offering these vapes to create an accessible cannabis alternative to enjoy across the country.


Tropicanna Cookies

You will be begging for more when you get your hands on Tropicanna Cookies! This is a blend of two delicious strains, creating one master blend that is as uplifting as it is delicious. The botanical extracts that make this HCC vape pen are known for producing energized, positive perspectives with a mellow body high that can relax and soothe your senses.


The makers at Torch use pure HCC distillate and include the exact terpenes that make Tropicanna Cookies so delicious. On the first taste, you’ll notice the fresh sour orange citrus and pine flavor that comes from the terpene Pinene, but like many strains in the Girl Scout Cookie lineage, this vape will leave you with a tasty dessert aftertaste. The heavy citrus overtone, brought on by the terpene Limonene, brings a tropical quality to this strain as your mind and body tingles from the psychotropic effects of the HCC.


When you’re looking for a strain to unwind but give you a creative boost, Tropicanna Cookies is an excellent and flavorful option. A perfect choice for any time of the day or evening, reach for the Tropicanna Cookies to get the giggles and motivation flowing.


This Sativa-dominant strain is a lovely addition to any social event. Your friends will be delighted to partake in the sweet tropical flavors, making you feel like you’re partying on an island. This user-friendly vape pen is rechargeable and disposable, making it a convenient option for enjoying all the hemp-derived goodness that a botanically infused HCC distillate can offer.


Blue Dream

This rechargeable disposable vape pen has everything you need from a hybrid strain. By combining the powerhouse effects of Blueberry and Haze, this HCC pen will get the party started. You and your friends will enjoy the magic of a strain that brings dreams to life! Plus, it’s loaded with beneficial botanical terpenes to create an incredible flavor that hits hard every time.


Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant strain that unlocks uplifting, mood-boosting euphoria to make any social gathering feel like an adventure. If you’re enjoying it solo, get ready for new ideas and creative inspiration to strike, leading you towards a fun new way to spend the afternoon. Combining the lineage of two popular strains, Blue Dream is an energetic balance of body relaxation that leaves your mind ready to explore the outer reaches of possibility!


True to its Blueberry lineage, your fit hit off the Torch HHC disposable vape will explode in fruity blue flavors that spread in a sweet cloud across your tongue. The candy flavor melts into spicey and skunky afternotes, which is classic for strains in the Haze parentage. The smoke from Blue Dream will enliven your senses with aromas of sugary berry that make your mouth water!


Blue Dream HHC contains two fantastic terpenes, Myrene and Linalool, letting you drift into a relaxed yet euphoric state. Light up your days and enliven your nights with a tasty rechargeable vape pen that can elevate your mind and inspire a more creative mindset. Enjoy the way this buzzy, motivating strain can melt your worries and get you ready for an energetic liftoff!


Cherry Pie

There is nothing like the scent of a cherry pie just out of the oven. The rich aroma will make your mouth water and have you reaching for the whipped cream! The Cherry Pie HHC disposable vape pen tickles just the same fancy, making your mouth water for another taste of the sweet berry smoke.


This hybrid strain is Indica-dominant, making it the perfect strain to accompany your afternoon or evening activities (perhaps while eating delicious treats as well!). A cross between the famous Granddaddy Purple with Durban Poison, this strain has is known for its long-lasting effects that relax the body and uplift the mind. You’ll notice a pine-heavy skunk flavor from your first hit. However, soon a sweet and sour cherry flavor will unfurl over your tongue as the tension melts away from your body. Then, as you exhale, you’ll catch a note of toasted almond and spice.


Like any Indica-leaning strain, Cherry Pie can dissolve tension in the body and leave you feeling comfortably lazy and ready to chillax. The dominant terpene is Myrcene, known for its relaxing and sedating qualities. Linalool, Pinene, and Limonene are also present, bringing their own botanical boosts and flavors.


For the lovers of the Kush family, Cherry Pie (sometimes also called Cherry Kush) is a must-try. This disposable (and rechargeable!) HHC vape pen is a perfect accompaniment to keep on the go. Convenient to share at a social gathering or solo use at the end of a long day, you can enjoy the buzzy, body melt and feel your troubles drift away.


Cereal Runtz

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further! This strain packs a flavorful punch and takes the best of its two parent strains to bring you a sugary treat that has a beautiful finish. When you’re ready to relax but have a few more things on your list, this is the strain to reach for. Invoking the best of both an Indica and a Sativa, enjoy flavorful hits that provide a perfect state of relaxation while you stay motivated to finish your day.


Hailing from the tasty Runtz lineage, this strain is also crossed with Banana OG. When you take your first hit of the Cereal Runtz, you’ll get a flood of sweet candy with notes of banana. Runtz lineage strains are known for being smooth and creamy, which you’ll notice as you enjoy each hit of this disposable vape pen. The smoke will exude earthy funk and diesel, which are likely due to the presence of the terpene Linalool.


This sugary-smelling strain is your perfect choice when you want to catch a buzz but not sink into the couch. While this is an Indica-dominant hybrid, the Runtz lineage allows this strain to give you a boost of motivation and clear-headed focus. However, true to an Indica, your body tension will melt away as your senses are soothed by sweet sedation.


When you’re ready to unwind and put a silly smile on your face, Cereal Runtz is the perfect strain to unlock a state of blissful comfort.


Terp 8 Brand HHC Vape Strains

Get ready to taste a big flavor with a smooth finish! These half-gram HHC vape provide a perfect hit that is easy on your lungs while leaving you totally satisfied. Terp 8 is dedicated to providing premium HHC products that are easy to use, have a great pull, and, best of all, are full of flavor.


Each cartridge contains high-quality HHC distillate to provide a pleasant high that comes close to the potency of Delta 9-THC. They have painstakingly matched the terpenes of each strain to ensure that the flavors and effects are just right. You’ll get all of the skunky, funky flavors you love in a convenient vape pen that is legal in 38 states. Each of their four HHC disposable vape cartridges contains delicious botanical and hemp-derived terpenes to give you an herbal boost to elevate your experience further. You have got to give these a try!


Strawberry Shortcake

The closest you’ll come to tasting this delicious springtime dessert exists inside this disposable vape pen. Imagine mouth-watering strawberries in a perfect cloud on your tongue. Keep this convenient vape pen on hand whenever you want to boost your mood with a hit of this tasty and enlivening strain.


As a Sativa-dominant strain, Strawberry Shortcake can boost your mood and open your mind to endless and fun possibilities. This strain is an excellent option for socializing with friends as it gets the conversation and laughter flowing. When you take your first hit, you’ll notice the strong and hearty strawberry flavor immediately hits your tastebuds.


The strain was created by two strong parents, Juliet and Strawberry Diesel. These strains have a strong berry flavor, providing Strawberry Shortcake with a powerhouse punch of fruity goodness. Humulene is one of the dominant terpenes, providing a sweet and funky flavor that will tantalize your senses.


This strain is known for providing an uplifted, mood-boosting quality that is great for any time of the day or night. Your body will enjoy a release of tension and stress as your mind becomes curiously captivated by the world around you. Enjoy a boost of motivation to accomplish your daily tasks or save a hit for when your buddies come over for a game night! This sweet treat is perfect to pass around the table and let everyone get the giggles while loving a massive hit of that sweet berry flavor.


Pineapple Express

Fresh and fruity tropical flavors are waiting for you! Get ready to set sail for the islands with one of these amazing half-gram vape pens in your pocket. This popular fan-favorite tantalizes your tastebuds and melts your worries (while taking your mood sky high!).


This Sativa-dominant strain is the offspring of two cultivars known for flavor: Trainwreck and Hawaiian. These powerhouse cultivars are responsible for the tropical citrus and pine flavor that makes Pineapple Express such a popular choice. The dominant terpenes Myrcene, Terpinolene, Pinene, and Limonene blend perfectly to provide fresh and fruity flavors you’ll love.


The Pineapple Express disposable vape contains pure HHC distillate and added hemp and botanical-derived terpenes that perfectly match the strain’s flavor profile. You’ll enjoy the fruity notes that finish with an earthy pine flavor. When you take your first hit, you’ll be amazed by the bright pineapple flavor that infuses your senses with the feeling of warm sunlight and ocean breezes.


This Sativa is perfect for enjoying with friends to get the conversations buzzing and inspire adventure on the go. Pineapple Express is the perfect hit for any time of the day or night, giving you a boost of motivation to put towards the tasks of the day. You’ll feel a smile spread on your face with each juicy hit of this delicious HHC disposable vape. An uplifting body high will get your spirit bouncing and in the mood to get snacks (and maybe even watch the famous film that takes its name from this delicious strain!).


Grand Daddy Purps (GDP)

This is a power hitter in the lineage of juicy purple nugs you don’t want to miss. This HHC disposable vape gives you everything you want from Grand Daddy Purps, a strain that is as famous as it is potent! This convenient vape pen can fit in your purse or pocket to keep on hand for whenever you want to put a smile on your face.


From the first hit, you’ll feel the tension melt away from your body. As you exhale, you’ll taste a delicious blend of grapes and berries with a sweet candy finish lingering in your mouth. Grand Daddy Purps is a cross between Purple Irkle and Big Bud, making it a classic Indica-dominant power hitter. With this convenient HHC cartridge, you can get a blast of soul-soothing cannabinoids whenever the mood strikes you.


Terp 8’s premium HHC distillate is carefully paired with hemp and botanical-derived terpenes that match the classic flavors of Grand Daddy Purps perfectly. The dominant terpenes are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Linalool, Limonene, and Humulene, which all contribute to the expansive flavor profile of this popular purple bud.


Being an Indica-dominant strain makes this vape pen a great afternoon or evening treat to aid in more profound relaxation. Let these potent botanicals fill you with a euphoric buzz as your thoughts get dreamy and effortless. Grand Daddy Purps is one of the most popular Indica strains for allowing body tension and strain to release, leaving you blissed out and giggling at the world around you.


Pot of Gold

You don’t have to find the end of a rainbow to score these goods! Look no further than one of Terp 8’s half-gram HHC vape pens to find the Pot of Gold that is waiting for you. This strain will make you feel like you’ve just won the lottery with its tension-melting cannabinoid boost and botanically-infused flavors.


Coming from two very skunky, funky strains, Pot of Gold is comprised of Skunk1 and Hindu Kush. This Indica-dominant power hitter may make you think you’re headed straight to the couch (and trust that is a perfect place to enjoy a toke of this pen!), but there is a slight Sativa influence that makes itself known. While your body will enjoy a deep state of relaxation, your mind will feel open, inspired to explore whatever curious thoughts float by.


It’s Kush lineage highly influences the flavors of this strain. The dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Humulene, which create a peppery, spicy, and floral quality. A fruity quality to the smoke can be noted as well due to the presence of Myrcene. You will taste a bouquet of flavors that create the complex profile of this strain and make each hit more interesting than the last.


Grab this vape pen when you’re ready to unwind after a long day and want to stimulate exciting conversations with friends. The aptly named Pot of Gold has won multiple awards for providing a satisfying high that leads to blissed-out slumbers. This vape is sure to be the prize of any leprechaun!



With a dedication to sleek design and high potency extracts, C.R.E.A.M offers incredible quality for their HHC vape pens. This 1.4ml rechargeable vape is compact, but you’ll be amazed by how it packs in tons of flavor.


Don’t forget it at home! Enjoy this vape on the go as its small size fits easily into your pocket or purse. And if the batter starts to give out, don’t worry! A micro-USB charging port will ensure your vape is good to the last drop of the best extracts in the country.


C.R.E.A.M products use only the highest quality distillates and terpenes. All vape cartridges undergo rigorous COAS testing and heavy metal screening. You can trust that every constituent of this vape was made with your experience in mind. Enjoy sharing it with friends or bliss out for a solo smoke with one of the finest HHC pens on the market.


Blue Zkittlez

This strain is blue raspberry for days! The sweet berry flavor of Blue Zkittlez will have you licking your lips and asking for more. And with a heavy Indica influence, you’ll be tempted to find some tasty treats to go along it. Enjoy the feeling of your body melting into the soft surfaces of your pillows and let your mind be taken on a blissful ride into the wild blue yonder.


This strain can only be described as “positive vibes only.” You’ll feel your spirit lift and your mood brighten when you enjoy this rechargeable HHC vape pen. Using only the finest in botanical and hemp-derived terpenes, this strain uses pure flower power to produce a potent, playful high that you will love. A cross between Blue Diamond and Zkittlez, this strain brings the best of these two well-balanced strains to create one incredible experience.


The terpenes of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, and Humulene come together to produce incredible flavors that have lovely notes of fruit, spice, and floral herbs. When you take your first hit from this 1.4lm vape pen, you’ll notice the fragrant fruity candy flavors that delight your senses and ease your body into a state of deep relaxation.


Reach for Blue Zkittlez HHC vape when you are ready to end your day on a high note. This strain is best enjoyed in the evening, letting the sweet, zesty flavor enliven your senses as you drift into a state of perfect coziness.


King Louis XIII

Dip into the king’s hoard! This USB-C rechargeable vape is fit for a prince (or princess!), combining the majesty of two incredible strains that create one powerhouse pen. Hailing from the Kush lineage, the King Louis XIII vape bears the crown of its cannabinoid forebearers with regal pride. You’ll love how this strain makes you feel ready to take the throne.


Find yourself at your leisure with King Louis XII. Made from OG Kush and LA Confidential, this strain takes the best of its parentage to produce an experience fit for a king. From the first hit of this sleekly designed vape pen, you’ll get a rush of flavor. The earthy musk of the terpenes Caryophyllene and Myrcene provide the classic hashy Kush flavor. The terpene Limonene gives a bright pine and citrus note that balances the Kush’s spicey quality.


These flavors layer over each other to create a multi-faceted nuance that is complex and deeply satisfying. The pure HHC distillate is blended with high-quality terpenes, which perfectly match the strain, providing a delicious botanical boost. The earthy spice and lemon zest enliven your senses while opening you to a grounded, body melt that you expect in an Indica-dominant strain.


Reach for the King Louis XIII HHC vape when you’re ready to let the weight of the world drop and sink into a blissful state of relaxation. Afternoon or evening smoking is even better with this rare strain. Enjoy in the company of your kingdom for a richly rewarding good time.


Maui Wowie

Take a step back in time with one of the original heavy hitters strains of the 1970s. While some part of its origins may be a mystery, the full-bodied flavor of this playful Sativa comes at you front and center. The tropical flavors will infuse your senses with warm breezes that make you feel like you’re not far from the big island.


The dominant terpenes in this fun and fruit strain are Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. This accounts for the fresh pine and fruity flavor, with the Caryophyllene contributing a spicy black pepper kick that hits on the exhale. The sweetness of this strain makes it perfect for sharing with a friend, passing around at a party, or enjoying in a hammock in the sunshine on your own.


This Sativa originally hails from Hawaii, and you can feel the brightness with every hit. Your mood will bounce from the pure HHC distillate, and the citrusy beneficial botanicals can elevate your spirits. Crossed with Hawaiian and a mystery strain whose name is lost to time, you can feel the tropical vibes dancing across your skin and infusing your body with a buzzy delight.


Reach for this disposable, rechargeable vape when you want to access high-energy euphoria that feels great all day. Invoke the volcanic island that fills your heart with possibility as you enjoy big hits of this flavorful HHC vape pen. Suitable for day or night, this strain will get the party bouncing or make your afternoon to-do list feel like a tropical vacation.


Jack Herer

Pay homage to the famous cannabis rights activist Jack Herer with every hit off this rechargeable vape pen. When you enjoy the citrus spice of this strain, you can thank the “Emperor of Hemp” for his work towards legalization and for doing his part to normalize the wonderful world of cannabinoids.


This strain is a delightful Sativa that brings with it the buzzy, clear-headed focus needed to engage with your purpose and drive you towards action! Or it can just make an afternoon a little more fun. Either way, you will love how the cerebral effects of this strain. Crossed with Shiva Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights #5, this strain will make you feel social and creatively inspired.


The dominant terpenes are Terpinolene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Ocimene, Myrcene, and Limonene, which account for the dark pine and lemon notes that create a well-balanced flavor profile. The woodsy, spicy quality rounds out the brightness of the citrus notes providing an appealing flavor that will infuse your senses with the bouncy optimism to believe in the impossible.


This disposable vape pen is sleek and compact. Small enough to fit inside your pocket but engineered to produce satisfying hits full of flavor and effect. The pure HHC distillate is infused with botanical and hemp-derived terpenes that perfectly match the ones present in Jack Herer. You’ll enjoy the buzz that makes your body bounce and stirs your mind to explore new ideas. Enjoy every hit of this tasty, cheerful strain with friends while you relax into the effects of this premium HHC vape.


Wedding Cake

You don’t need to hear wedding bells to commit to this strain! Wedding Cake is quickly becoming one of the more popular Indica-dominant strains, winning awards across the globe and being touted as the hybrid of its generation. You don’t want to get cold feet over this rechargeable HHC vape! So open up and get ready to take a big bite of delicious flavors that uplift and recharge your love for life.


A few dominant terpenes create the sweet, flavorful taste of Wedding Cake: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, and Linalool. While Caryophyllene is responsible for the black pepper spice that underlies the sweet citrus notes created by Limonene. Together with Humulene and Linalool, which provide herbaceous, fruity, and floral flavors, the sweet cookie quality will delight your tastebuds.


And that is no surprise! The parent strains are well-known dessert strains that create this sweet powerhouse. Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies provide bodacious flavor profiles and a potent backbone that make Wedding Cake a heavy-hitting Indica. You’ll enjoy a sense of euphoric giddiness that is coupled with a profoundly relaxed body.


Open your mind with the brightness of these citrusy terpenes and let stress and tension melt with every hit. This compact vape pen is perfect for tucking into a pocket or purse whenever your need a tasty snack. Enjoy in the latter half of the day when you’re ready to unwind and drift into the holy matrimony of a perfectly balanced strain.