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THCO Pre Rolls

Pre-rolled THCO Joints

You’ve probably heard about, or even tried, delta 9 THC and some of the other newly harnessed cannabinoids that have been making their way into the market in recent years. However, it is unlikely that any of them offer an experience like THCO

This potent new cannabinoid offers many of the same effects as delta 9 THC. The difference is that it's totally legal in far more states, and it’s a whole lot stronger. That’s right: THCO has been estimated to be about three times the strength of delta 9 THC. 

The Hemp Haus has created their own THCO-infused flower using the highest quality hemp flower and a proprietary, solvent-free glazing process. To make enjoying this premium flower as convenient as possible, we’ve created these THCO pre rolls.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the time-honored tradition of smoking your cannabinoids in a joint, but you’re not the kind of person who can properly roll one, then these THCO pre rolls are perfect for you. They are premade, perfectly rolled joints that you can bust out and light up at your leisure. You won’t be wasting any time (or rolling papers) trying to roll up yourself, and you won’t be wasting any precious THCO flower by trying to get it burning right. 

The THCO flower in The Hemp Haus pre rolls is made from light-assisted greenhouse or indoor hemp flower that has been cured to perfection. Every pre roll burns evenly with no canoeing. We use absolutely NO outdoor flower in our products.

Only the Best THCO Pre Rolls

Joints look simple, but if you’ve ever attempted to roll one up yourself, you know that a lot actually goes into them. You want your flower ground down perfectly so that it’s not chunky enough to cause an uneven burn and not so fine that it torches in two hits. These THCO pre rolls from The Hemp Haus are ground to the perfect size and hand-filled so you can enjoy optimal smoke without doing any of the work. 

We use only the highest quality, slow-cured flower in our THCO pre rolls, so every perfect hit will be filled with terpene-packed flavor and plenty of potent cannabinoids.

Infused Indoor Prerolls

Just like with delta 8 flower, THCO flower can’t simply be grown; it must be created by taking a premium hemp flower and infusing it with concentrated THCO. While this process does not make an inherently dangerous product, there are some companies out there that use harmful solvents as part of the infusion process. You should always consider your source when seeking out any product containing a newly harnessed cannabinoid. 

The Hemp Haus creates their THCO flower with NO harmful solvents. We use a proprietary, solvent-free glazing process to infuse the cannabinoid with the hemp flower. This way, you never have to worry about ingesting dangerous chemicals when you are enjoying our THCO pre rolls. 

We only grow in the best conditions for the greatest potency and the highest number of terpenes possible. That means your solvent-free THCO flower is also super strong and incredibly flavorful.

Wholesale and Bulk Available

If you’re a business owner looking to offer THCO pre rolls to your customers, then The Hemp Haus is happy to offer wholesale discounts that can help you save money and keep your prices low. Our THCO flower is premium quality and made with a proprietary, solvent-free glazing process to ensure the safety of your customers. Reach out to us today to learn more about our options and pricing.



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