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THCO Flower

The Best THCO Flower Available Online

The difference between premium and low-quality THCO comes down to source material. As an ultra-powerful cannabinoid, THCO can produce mind-blowing effects, but the best experiences always start with high-grade plants.  

We source our THCO from grow houses that employ organic farming practices. Natural growing methods ensure that our final products are the highest-quality THCO flower available.

All our THCO flower comes from indoors or in light-assisted greenhouses. We do not carry outdoor-grown flower.

And, because we source from 17 different organic farms, we regularly have new THCO strains. Each strain of THCO flower is different and produces subtly varying sensations, effects, tastes, and smells.

If you’re ready to experience effects that can be three times as potent as Delta 9 THC, make sure your THCO resource is solid. Each batch of our THCO flower is third-party tested to ensure quality.

$149 THCO Flower Ounces

Even though we use only the highest quality flower, we’re able to price our THCO competitively because we buy directly from farmers.

By eliminating middlemen, we can pass the cost savings onto our customers. If you’re searching for an intense experience at a low price, look no further.

THCO Flower Pounds Bulk or Wholesale, Click Here

We’re more than a direct-to-consumer shop. If you’re interested in buying THCO flower in bulk, drop us a line.

We offer wholesale pricing on high-volume purchases of organic THCO flower. Contact us today to ask about pricing or learn more about our wholesaling.

The Strongest THCO Flower Available

If you’re looking for THCO, you’re probably in search of high-powered cannabis. Our offerings will not disappoint.

Our THCO flower is made through a solventless glazing process that binds THCO to hemp flower without harsh chemicals. The result is a powerful THCO flower with a flavor profile that hasn’t been corrupted by chemical additives.

Already one of the strongest cannabinoids in existence, THCO flower is even better when it uses natural raw material. Organic THCO flower simply delivers the strongest experience available today.



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