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Soft Gels

Don’t put anything but the best CBD oil that is doctor-formulated and backed by research in your body. Ananda Hemp CBD capsules offer daily support to your ECS. And if you’re looking for fast-acting CBD, Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD is scientifically proven to have higher absorption and potency.

Ananda Hemp

With the first Ph.D. in cannabinoid science at the lead, it’s no wonder Ananda Hemp is the number 1 research farm in the hemp industry. Dr. Capano actively oversees research in cannabis medicine. Is there any other way to take CBD softgels than with the confidence that they were formulated by a medical expert?

Puffin Hemp

It’s the only liposomal CBD that we’ve found that has a peer-evaluated medical study supporting its higher absorption claims. Puffin Hemp formulator, Dr. Emek Blair is a Caltech graduate and award-winning chemist. Call us snobs, but that’s how we like our CBD capsules—fromulated by experts.

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