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Sour Diesel CBD Flower Indoor

CBD Flower Sour Diesel Strain - thehemphaus
jar of sour diesel cbd flower - thehemphaus
Sour Diesel CBD Flower Indoor - thehemphaus
cbd flower certificate of analysis, sour diesel hemp flower - thehemphaus
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Load image into Gallery viewer, jar of sour diesel cbd flower
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sour Diesel CBD Flower Indoor
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 CBD Flower

Indoor Grown Hemp Flower

The uplifting and motivating CBD hemp effects of Sour Diesel can pull you out of a down day and shift you into creative, productive gear. Initially, you might think Sour Diesel CBD nugs are a bit underwhelming. But we lovingly think of these tight, mild-mannered green nugs as the Clark Kent to the hero you’re going to experience once you smell, taste, and feel the effects of this amazing CBD hemp flower. It’s true, this strange and dynamic CBD dry herb is not for everyone. But connoisseurs think of it as essential, and it all begins with it’s oddly compelling aroma. Imagine a skunkiness punctuated with gas and sour citrus. It’s this peculiar and arresting combo of characteristics that inspired the name and continues through the flavor. The taste is pungent, funky, and tangy with bursts of gasoline, leaving sweet and sour citrus on your palate.  

Sativa-Dominant Strain Flower

Sour Diesel CBD is a Sativa-dominant strain that is well-loved. A hybrid of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, this popular CBD flower is a go-to.  If you want to relax and access your creative side, this is the strain for you.

20% CBD and CBG Equals High Potency

The dense green buds release a skunky, sour, and tangy aroma when broken up. When smoked, the kerosine flavor is released with a taste of sour citrus. The CBD flower buds are coated with beneficial trichomes and interlaced with bright orange pistils. At 20% CBD and CBG, this strain has a high potency that is both pungent and delicious.

Organic CBD Flower

Farmers cultivate Sour Diesel with organic growing practices. Utilizing light-assisted greenhouses ensures the maximum growing potential for the hemp plants. Once the buds are ready for harvest, they are slow-cured for 12-14 days to ensure freshness and superior smoking quality. The buds are carefully hand-trimmed and ready to smoke or process into other products.

The finished product is a skunky, sour, and highly potent CBD bud. Smoking Sour Diesel provides therapeutic benefits and an alert, attentive mind state that makes it great for daytime use.

Sour Diesel Hemp Flower Effects 

If you have a low-tolerance to cannabis in general, or if you’re new to hemp flower, you should be aware that Sour Diesel brings some high-powered sativa effects. If you’re set on being productive and creative, and not bogged down by symptoms of pain, anxiety, or depression, this hemp CBD may be the hero strain you’ve been waiting for

From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle in northern California and Oregon to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you — Stardust Hemp sources only the finest legal hemp flower, whether for our raw hemp buds or our outstanding hemp flower prerolls that have received rave reviews.

Origin of Sour Diesel Strain

The Sour Diesel originated in New York City in the 1990s. Many other strains followed that tried to imitate the famous flower, but the original strain maintains its reputation as potent, skunky, and stress-melting. The smell of Sour Diesel is notoriously powerful, so be careful if discretion is necessary for the state where you live.

Sour Diesel CBD Flower is an excellent choice for CBD users who want the benefits of relaxation, pain relief, and insomnia support. Enjoy the added benefit of an activated, open, and creative mind as you feel your stress melt away.

How to tell Legal Hemp flower from Illegal Cannabis Buds

If the flower buds are high quality, a CBD flower should be indistinguishable from a cannabis flower by appearance and scent. A common misconception is that hemp and cannabis are different plants entirely. They are actually both classified as cannabis Sativa. That's right: hemp and cannabis are the same plants!

The Big Difference

Here is a big difference: if the plant produces buds that contain over .3% THC, they become classified as cannabis. If the plant produces less than .3% THC, they are hemp. Hemp and cannabis plants also have different levels of cannabinoids (for example, cannabis is THC-dominant and hemp is CBD-dominant).

If they are properly grown, Hemp CBD flowers will smell and taste like cannabis. Growers who utilize the best possible growing conditions and cultivation methods produce superior quality hemp flowers. The Sour Diesel CBD found in our shop, The Hemp Haus, is indistinguishable from Sour Diesel cannabis based on smell, appearance, and taste. It does not, however, contain levels of THC over .3%.

How much THC can be in Legal Hemp Flower?

There is less than .3% Delta 9 THC (the THC found in cannabis) present in CBD flowers. .3% is the legal limit imposed by the Federal Government, which defines hemp plants as having less than .3% naturally occurring THC.

There are other cannabinoids present in hemp flowers, such as THCA, which is the precursor to THC. THCA converts to THC when exposed to heat (such as when smoking). THCA is not included in the .3% rule.

How to Smoke Hemp Flower

CBD flowers can be consumed just like any other smokable herb. If you prefer smoking joints, the flowers can be broken up and added to an herbal smoking blend or enjoyed on their own. You can smoke hemp buds in a pipe or bong if you prefer glass.

Many users also enjoy mixing CBD buds with cannabis. When you combine the two, you achieve "The Entourage Effect." By combining multiple cannabinoid sources, your body can better access the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. This can enhance the health benefits you may receive from ingesting hemp or cannabis.

The Entourage Effect suggests that ingesting multiple cannabinoids together is more impactful on our Endocannabinoid system than taking an isolate alone. Simply put, you receive higher benefits by combining CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

For folks who experience anxiety or paranoia when ingesting cannabis, sprinkling hemp buds overtop your cannabis can help mitigate some unwanted side effects. CBD and THC work well in tandem, providing you the maximum benefit of both. CBD can help relieve anxiety while also preventing the "munchies" and the sense of deep sedation that can sometimes accompany a cannabis high.

Try Our Pre Rolls — Available in CBD and CBG Strains Now! 

We make them with the same high-quality, hand-trimmed flower (no biomass, no trim, no shake).

Sour Diesel Terpene Profile Includes:

Pinene Myrcene
Ocimene Camphene
Humulene Limonene
Linalool Bisabolol
Terpinolene Phellandrene
Caryophyllene Carene

Stardust Company Overview

At Stardust Hemp, we know that quality starts at the source and ends with an experienced, knowledgeable staff that would never dream of offering their customers a product they would not have in their personal stash. We have no middlemen here. We visit farms and talk with cultivators, and we hand select the flower that ends up on our shelves. Only high-quality, hand-trimmed hemp flower will pass here—no biomass, no broad leaf—just the preservation of densely packed, ripe trichomes. We achieve this by continuously sourcing from 17 different farms that have organic farming practices. Our cultivators can be found anywhere from the Emerald Triangle to the Nevada mountains. We source from experts at indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation. Because we don’t use a middleman, we can offer lower prices for a grade A product. Up-to-date COAs are always on hand in our clean, climate-controlled facility.


It’s a personal choice how much of a hemp CBD flower a person consumes. Hemp product effects will vary from individual to individual. Raw flower is smokeable or can be vaped. You can also use it to make edibles. In each instance, the time to onset and duration of effects are different. When inhaling CBD herb, the effects are immediate and might last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. When consuming edibles, it could take up to 2 hours to feel effects, but will last for hours longer. Our go-to motto is “Start low and go slow,” until you know your speed. 

If you want to discuss CBD flower, or any other hemp product, for your specific needs, reach out anytime. Our staff is highly educated in hemp and is here to support you so you can find the product that is right for you. 

Where to Buy CBD Flower?

Sour Diesel is a classic strain that has not waned in popularity since it was introduced in the 1990s. The Sour Diesel CBD flowers include the best qualities of the original strain with added benefits of CBD.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal to produce and sell in the USA. Our hemp products are sourced from 17 different farms, all with organic farming practices. We also require 3rd party testing to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and display accurate cannabinoid concentrations.

You can visit us online to peruse our diverse inventory of CBD and Delta 8 products. We strive to continually source the most exciting and innovative products available on the market. Make a purchase at our website at

For folks local to Kansas City, Missouri, please stop by our shop. We have a fully-stocked inventory of products and friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to help you. Bring your questions and curiosity! We are happy to make sure that you find what you need and that you're satisfied with the products you choose.

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