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Monkey Brains

Monkey Brains - thehemphaus
Monkey Brains - thehemphaus
Monkey Brains - thehemphaus
Monkey Brains - thehemphaus
Monkey Brains - thehemphaus
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Monkey Brains Strain CBD Flower

Although it’s a new strain on the market, Monkey Brains CBD flower’s effectiveness is sure to make it a mainstay for years to come.

As a hybrid CBD strain, Monkey Brains contains traits of both sativa and indica plants. This helps it affect users both physically and mentally, bringing sweet relief and happy feelings with every toke.

Unlike some other CBD strains that bring quick relief then disappear, Monkey Brains sticks around. Just one session can soothe discomfort for three to four hours. Doubling the dosage leads to sleepy moods and a purely relaxed experience, making it a great option for users who want a strain that can help them get through the day and relax at night.

The Monkey Brains flower grows into dense, spade-shaped buds that resemble brussels sprouts heavily dusted with parmesan cheese. Each medium-sized nug is a bright forest green hue covered with crystallized white trichomes. The plant material is just slightly sticky when broken apart and releases a sweet, fruit-like aroma.

Monkey Brains was created by selectively breeding the finest examples of Purple Urkle, Headband, and Monkey Balls plants. Purple Urkle is a sleep-inducing strain that exemplifies California indica and gives Monkey Brains is calming power. The hybrid strain Headband is a fruity powerhouse that lends some of its mighty terpene profile to its daughter. And Monkey Balls is a sleepy citrus-flavored hybrid that is slightly more indica than the Monkey Brains strain.

If you’re in search of a perfect day or night option to relieve unwanted mental fog and relax the body, Monkey Brains is your best bet.

Craft Hemp Flower and Practices

What makes this strain especially beneficial is its status as a legitimate craft hemp flower. The craft hemp movement focuses on carefully producing small batches high-quality flower. Through organic farming practices, hand cultivation, and a close eye on genetics, craft hemp producers cultivate plants that are safe to smoke and eat without fear of unwanted metals or toxins.

Unlike industrial hemp practices, which seek to maximize plant production, craft hemp focuses on the quality of each plant. Instead of harvesting every plant that’s grown, craft growers hand select each bud, ensuring that plants with mold or disease are discarded and not added to the final product.

To quality as craft hemp, growers must follow strict organic farming practices. That means feeding plants a diet consisting of 100% organic plant food, keeping far away from any pesticides that aren’t 100% organic, and using only the highest quality soil.

Before each Monkey Brains batch is collected, it is grown to full maturity in a light-assisted greenhouse. Once the plants are ready for harvest, expert breeders hand select each flower, then slow cure them over 12-14 days to ensure the best possible product reaches consumers.

The result is premium hemp flower that is not only primed for human consumption, but also benefits the future of the industry. Craft growers focus on using the very best genetic specimens, which make great options for new breeding strains.

The careful eye for detail ensures that your Monkey Brains flower will not only deliver maximum effects, it will do so without any harmful chemicals. This ensure that the product is safe and effective.


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